Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Running in Munster...First Post

This is the first post of the 'Running in Munster' website or blog. The idea behind this blog is to compliment the existing ' Running in Cork ' blog. From time to time on the Cork blog, I provide information about races outside of Cork. Going forward, my idea to to put more detailed information about races, in Munster but outside of Cork, up on this site and I will then link to the information here from the Cork site.
If you live in Munster and outside of Cork, I hope you'll find this website useful. While it's not my intention to go into the same level of detail as I do about the Cork races, I'll try and provide you with a brief outline of what is going on in your county.

Please note that there are many excellent websites within the Munster area and they do a very good job of promoting their own races. I have no intention of replicating what those clubs are doing already. As I said earlier, I just want to give a brief outline of what is happening and maybe persuade a few runners to do a race outside their 'usual' area. Munster isn't so big that a race in an adjoining county is that far away!!

Race Organisers....if you would like to publicise your race, why not send me some details like flyers, times, routes and so on. If your club does not have a website, you can send your race details and results on to me and I can put them up here on this website. My e-mail address is shown on the right hand side of this page.

Your's in Running

John Desmond

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