Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Waterford...Fri 13th June...Ras Na Rinne 6 mile race

The 16th Annual 'Mooneys Bar' Rás Na Rinne 6 mile race will be held in Ring, just South of Dungarvan in West Waterford on Friday, the 13th of June. The race starts at 8 PM. Entries at Halla Phobal Na Rinne. Entry fee €8. Changing in Halla Phobal Na Rinne. Teas, sandwiches and presentation of prizes at Mooneys Bar.

The turnoff for Ring / Rinne is a few kms South of Dungarvan.

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JD said...

A lovely evening for a road race weather was ideal no wind and cool conditions,i was atempting a third Persoanl best in a week over 4 miles 5 miles and a 6 mile distance,i thought to myself warming up before the race im really going to enjoy this one lovely scenery here in Ring ideal conditions for a race untill i met a few lads from Midelton Ac who had asked me have you done this race before which i replied no they carried on to mention well its not really a road race in fact its more of a beach race roughly about 5 miles of it and believe us this is going to be one of the hardest and toughest race's you will do for a long time you will be running on seaweed and big stones and you will be dragging your feet out of the sand as it is like quick sand in parts of the beach and by god were'nt they correct this has to go down as the course from hell it started off on the road and lasted for roughly three quater's of a mile before we turned right to enter the beach where we had to cross a small stream by jumping on rocks to get across it then we had to run for roughly 2.5 miles on huge stones and seaweed there was no escaping them they were everywhere coming back was not have as bad as we ran on the sand back on the other side of the beach untill we arrived back to the road and onto the finnish where that was mostly uphill all the way,believe me the BHAA 4 mile beach race in redbarn was heaven compared to this im sure alot of people had close calls during this run i know i had you could have easily twisted your angle here at times but thats part and parcel of running this race im sure all knew the risk but it was a challenge for these people,In the end i got my PB so no complaints from me.Afterwards in mooney's bar we had lovely chicken and sausages and sanwiches we were spoiled but didnt we deserve it after that.On a encouraging
note 4 or 5 cork runners attended this race in Ring,Results will be available on the west waterford ac site in the next day or two.

John Dunphy
Rising Sun Ac