Thursday, June 19, 2008

Waterford...Sun 22nd June 2008 - Crucháun Sunrise Challenge

This is a charity event in aid of the Niall Mellon Township Trust fund. Here is some more info on the event as supplied by James Veale of West Waterford AC...
The Cruchan event is only a walk for a local charity that we have each year. We drive from the town to the foot of the mouintain and walk the mile or so to the summit to watch the sun rise. After we come down, some of us run the 7 miles back to Dungarvan. So its not a race as such, just a local charity walk but of course everyone is more than welcome to come along. Whether it would be worth losing a nights sleep for is another mather!! .........James Veale

Here is the information from their website...
The 4th Annual Crucháun Sunrise Challenge will leave Minnie's, Abbeyside at 4 AM on Sunday morning June 22nd. Entry 20 Euro,including full Irish breakfast on return from challenge. All proceeds this year will be donated to Niall Mellon Township Trust fund. Can you boast of having done the challenge!!

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