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Waterford...Results of the Butlerstown 10k road race - Fri 24th Apr 2009

Looks like conditions were a bit wet for this race even though it was a lovely dry evening here next door in Cork. Despite the weather it still attracted in the region of 300 runners, a huge turnout. No doubt the proximity of Waterford city helped swell the numbers.

The results are now available HERE.
Race Report by Donal O'Donoughue......
For this race, parking was an issue. There were some spaces available in the Holy Cross Inn car park, and some more in the GAA grounds. Each of these venues had there usual users, and in any case were both full when I arrived a full 30 mins before the race. This led to people parking on both sides of the N25, at a time when Waterford's Friday evening rush hour had not really ended.
The sign-on was at the Butlerstown GAA clubhouse. The queue was out the door and well into the car park - in the rain! But it didn't seem to dampen spirits.
There were 313 runners on Friday - almost 100 more than for the Marine Climb 6.
The course is three and a bit laps of a somewhat square two-mile circuit, with a half-mile on each side of the square.
The race start was a few 100m up the side road between the Holy Cross Inn and the GAA pitch, at a wide point outside some private houses. Ordinarily, two cars could pass on this entire road, but because many people had also parked on one side of this road, it was a heavily congested start.
The route runs back towards the Holy Cross Inn, taking a left onto the N25, heading up a gentle slope to the N25/Butlerstown Roundabout, and going left again. One meets a second roundabout, and you go left again. Here it begins to get steep for a short distance, and then another left, bringing you back over the start line. Basically, it's an anti-clockwise course on what would appear on the Maps to be a square course. However, only the western section appeared visually straight.
There were large bright mile marker signs at each mile.
One of the race organizers led the runners in his car, giving a running commentary, and updates on the Waterford-Limerick match, and asking slower runners to give way to the race leaders. I myself was lapped by Sandis Bralitis, on my second lap.
The finish was on the grass inside the GAA grounds, alongside the pitch. There was particular traffic congestion outside the GAA pitch itself at the finish.
I think more consideration/planning should be given to parking, and perhaps closing the entire road outside the GAA club? Traffic eastbound on the N25 was closed for the first, but not the second or third laps. The N25 section was probably the poorest road surface. The other roads were in good condition.
Many people were damp, but certainly not down-hearted at the end.
I must note that some hardworking person stayed up very late to put together the results, and to post on the West Waterford AC site.
For comparison, I would rate this course as hillier than the CorkBHAA UCC 10k race, as borne out by the finish times.
Men’s winner - Sandis Bralitis, West Waterford AC, 31:49 -- 2:23 ahead of 2nd place!
Ladies winner - Pauline Lambe, Tullamore Harriers 36:10
The next race in the Ger Wyley Summer Series is: Waterford to Tramore 7.5 on Saturday 9th May at 19:30.Note: this will be a point-to-point You need to make your own arrangements to back.
There is also an article just posted on the West Waterford AC site:
Breakdown of Entries was as follows:-
3 J/F 34 S/F 27 F/35 14 F/40 11 F/45 4 F/50 2 F/55
1 J/M 108 S/M 38 M/40 32 M/45 22 M/50 12 M/55 3 M/60 1 M/65
Donal O'Donoughue

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