Friday, May 15, 2009

Races in Munster...Sun 17th May 2009

There are 3 events in Munster on Sunday, the 17th of May.

Cork.......The Rising Sun Straight Mile near Ballinhassig to the south-west of the Cork City. See the Running in Cork blog for more information.

Kerry.....There is a charity 10k in Killarney. More details later in another post.

Waterford.......The main event is of course the John Treacy 10 Mile Classic road race in Villierstown, West Waterford. You can enter on the day and the cost is €20.
This is a brand new road race so many people may be wondering what the route will be like.
The map on the race website shows the route below...

In fairness, looking at the Ordnance Survey map of the area, the route is nowhere as hilly as that map would suggest. When you see brown like that on a map, it would suggest that the route is going over a mountain!

I have put the route on MapMyRun and the profile of the route shown below gives a more accurate picture.

The first mile is slightly uphill and that's probably no bad thing. It allows people to get into the race proper and stop them from starting too fast. Once you reach the crest of the hill around 2 miles, it's downhill then with some pretty flat running for a while.
Once you get to around 6.5 miles, the route begins to climb with the only really serious section just before the 8 mile mark. After that, it's more or less downhill into Villierstown.
Overall, it looks like it's going to be a nice route. There are a few drags but hopefully, nothing too serious.
For more information, have a look at the Race Website.
Weather's looks as if there will be a low pressure system over the country on Sunday. Met Eireann predict....."Sunday will bring further outbreaks of rain, with some locally heavy or thundery downpours. Fresh to strong southeast winds will veer southwest and moderate. "
In other words, it might be dry or we might get soaked! As long as it's not persistent, it should be fine.

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