Thursday, May 13, 2010

Waterford - Preview of the John Treacy 10 Mile Classic...Sun 16th May 2010

Waterford.......The main event this weekend in Munster is of course the John Treacy 10 Mile Classic road race in Villierstown, West Waterford. You can enter on the day and the cost is €20. Note that there are some traffic restrictions near the village on the day so follow the stewards instructions.

This is the 2nd year of this road race and it looks likely to attract a large turnout following the success of the event last year.

Note that the race starts at 1pm

The map below shows the route...
The race starts in the village and heads East for the first 2 miles. There is a very gradual climb and nothing too bad to worry about. After that, you join a larger road and a lot of the running here is downhill and fast until you turn off left just after the 3 mile mark. 

From here till about mile 6, you are on nice quiet country roads with nothing too much in the way of climbs. After mile 6, you run over Dromana bridge which must be one of the strangest bridges in the country!

From this low point, there is a bit of work to do with some small climbs over the next 2 miles until you reach the 8 mile mark. Here you hit a steep section and you're bound to lose time here. Soon the gradient eases off and the climb becomes somewhat easier. 

After the hill, there is plenty of fast running and you run downhill towards Villierstown. You take a left in the village around the back of the town before heading for the finish. Please note that the finish line is just around the last corner so don't expect to see it way off in the distance as you finish.

More info on the official race website

Overall.......a nice 10 mile race run on scenic quiet country roads in West Waterford. The entry fee is modest....especially when compared to the commercial races......and is well organised. 

Definitely one to do.........John Desmond

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