Monday, June 13, 2011

Kerry...Breakdown of Kerry Athletic Clubs by size

At the end of May, Athletics Ireland released their current membership details based on the numbers in individual clubs. While it's interesting in itself, it's only when you extract some of the data and graph it that it becomes clearer.

Basically, I took the figures for each club and removed all of the juveniles so that I was left with adults only...i.e. those that are most likely to be taking part in some sort of road race or similar event. Now while some clubs are more track and field orientated, the majority are involved in some sort of running. These are the 10 largest clubs...

Based on the number of adult members, Gneeveguilla AC with 113 are by far the largest club in the Kingdom. While the village of Gneeveguilla itself is very small, no doubt the marority of it's members are from the catchment area of the town of Killarney where the club has a very active Fit4Life programme.

Most of the remaining clubs are from the North Kerry region within the catchments areas of towns like Tralee and Castleisland.

The numbers in south Kerry in contrast are very low but perhaps reflect the lower population density there?

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