Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Kerry...Results of the RunKerryRun 5k race - Sat 20th Aug 2011

It seems there was a bit of a problem with this race in Killarney as it was started in the wrong spot and ended up 300 metres too long. So, if you set a 5k personal best time then well done!! ;o)

A total of 63 runners took part. The results can be seen HERE

A selection of photos can be seen HERE


Tessa Dennison said...

Thanks for the link, many thanks to all the runners who entered on the day and managed the extra 300m!

Anonymous said...

what a farce of a race an extra 300m, no markers along the course either mile or km. and no one knowing were the start line or finish line were

Anonymous said...

Pity it was over the distance by that 300m for those of us who were watching their times and did not find out until the finish. Also a drop of water at the finish line would have been nice.