Saturday, May 16, 2015

Kerry...Results of the Lakes of Killarney Marathon - Sat 16th May 2015

The annual Lakes of Killarney Marathon & Half-Marathon was held on Saturday the 16th of May in Killarney National Park. The numbers were down a bit this year in the half dropping from 199 down to 149...a 25% drop. The numbers for the full remained much the same...88 this year compared to 84 last year. The chart below shows the numbers...

It's a bit suprising that it has never really grown in numbers? It's a lovely spot for a half and a full and the time I did it as a pacer for the full, it seemed well organised. The only thing is that  it's a low key event so maybe the organisers want to keep it like that?

The drop in number in the half this year may well be due to the Castleisland 10 mile being on the same weekend.

1    Fozzy FORRISTAL All Ages  (1)    Male  (1)    02:58:51
2    Denis KEANE All Ages  (2)    Male  (2)    03:02:20
3    John P FOLEY All Ages  (3)    Male  (3)    03:03:44
25    Dolores DUFFY All Ages  (1)    Female  (1)    03:39:09
27    Annie LARDNER All Ages  (2)    Female  (2)    03:41:15
32    Mandy PRENDERGAST COOKE All Ages  (3)    Female  (3)    03:45:25

1    Tony HARTY 01:19:15    Male  (1)
2    Christopher MURNANE 01:21:05 Male  (2)
3    Martin CROWLEY 01:23:55    01:23:40 Male  (3)
17    Lisa GRIFFIN 01:34:26    01:34:10 Female  (1)
21    Sinead O CONNOR 01:36:48    Female  (2)
23    Colette O' DONOGHUE 01:37:17    Female  (3)

The full results can be seen HERE


Anonymous said...

This is without fail one of the best marathons in the year. A no fuss, low key event but with an atmosphere second to none, and set in a location that even tops Dingle for scenery. Its my second year running this, and I'm already looking forward to next year. Fair enough, the Garmins don't really work here due to the tree coverage, but you know something, its nice to be forced to run on against your own "feeling" pace. As main article says, Castleisland probably took numbers this year, but this should be a much bigger event given the overall setup.

Randall said...

Really enjoyed this - very interesting course, with amazing scenery. I seem to be one of the few who's Garmin worked perfectly throughout the whole thing. Wrote a race report here: