Saturday, May 16, 2015

Reminder...Casteisland 10 mile & 5k in Kerry - Sun 17th May 2015

Just a reminder that you can still enter the Castleisland 10 mile and 5k race on the morning of the race.

This race is organised by An Ríocht Athletic Club, one of the major clubs in Kerry.

You can enter and find a lot more info on the race website...

It's worth mentioning also that money raised from the road race will be used for maintenance of the outdoor track in Castleisland. It is the ONLY 400 metre track in Kerry and is used by athletes from clubs in Kerry and west Limerick. If children are going to be involved in the sport then they need access to proper local facilities like this. Perhaps for that reason alone, this race is worth supporting.

Previews....A preview of the 10 mile course can be seen HERE  ....and the 5 km course HERE

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