Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Notice...Castleisland 10 mile race & 5k run in Co,Kerry - Sun 22nd Apr 2018

The annual 10 mile road race & 5km run in Castleisland, Co.Kerry is coming up on Sunday the 22nd of April 2018...

The 10 mile race costs €21.40 while the 5k race costs €11.40. You can enter online HERE

Please note that the race starts at 10am.

Considering its location, it is sure to attract a lot of runners from Kerry, west Limerick and the general west Munster region. Castleisland is only a short distance from Killarney and Tralee and the race should be of particular interest to runners there.

This race is organised by An Ríocht Athletic Club, one of the major clubs in the county.

You can enter and find a lot more info on the race website... http://castleisland10mile.wordpress.com/

It's worth mentioning also that money raised from the road race will be used for maintenance of the outdoor track in Castleisland. It is the ONLY 400 metre track in Kerry and is used by athletes from clubs in Kerry and west Limerick. If children are going to be involved in the sport then they need access to proper local facilities like this. Perhaps for that reason alone, this race is worth supporting.

Previews....A preview of the new 10 mile course is up on the race website. The 5 km course is HERE


Anonymous said...

I wonder what was suddenly wrong with the course they have always used for the 10 Miler. It was a fabulous route and many will miss it. It will be hard for them to replace it with an equally good one

John Desmond said...

I had a good look at the course and it should be faster. The old course took in a gradual climb to the north of the town where as the new course is pretty flat.

Anonymous said...

This new course is looking boring in comparison to the original course as the fall away down from the higher ground provided wonderful views of the lovely Kerry Mountains which made the climb worthwhile

Anonymous said...

I prefer a boring course everyday of the week for a better time.
I don't think many people have time to be looking around them in a road race.....take up hiking if it's lovely views you want

Anonymous said...

Last comment here is seemingly from one who has never done long distance runnung outside of an urban setting. Granted in urban areas one will keep their nose to the grindstone working out a better time. I got my Half Marathon PB in Bandon some years back whilst enjoying my surroundings

John Desmond said...

Bandon was a tough course so getting your PB there was well earned. I liked that route...nice quiet country roads...even if it was a bit hilly! :o)

Everyone has different tastes. Some like a nice scenic course, some just care about their finish times. It's a bit like comparing the Cork and Clonakilty marathons. They are both marathons but they are completely different. It depends on what a person wants from the event.

Anonymous said...

One would say that 90% of long distance races in Ireland are ran outside urban areas, not many concrete jungle road races in Ireland.
One who is their to race, Get a good time, try and compete will not have time to be looking around. One would be looking at the next turn in the road or the next junction, as well as tracking a group of runners in front of you.
In other words if one puts scenery as an important issue for them to judge a road race course, then they are coming at it from the mind set of someone who just wants to run. But when one is competing all they want is a fast flat course. I'm sure when the top Irish HM & marathon runners are competing they couldn't care less what the scenery is.
As one might say horses for courses.
I know a number of people who wouldn't run the dingle marathon because they couldn't get a good time on that course. So they pick a faster course and train for that ( longford ) ....but one who doesn't care about a flat course and wants to take in the views will more than likely run Dingle instead of Longford. I would run longford and go for a Sunday drive to take in the views around Dingle ☺

Anonymous said...

Hi, I ran this race today for the first time so can't comment on the previous route. All I can say is, I would much rather run on quieter roads and if that means a few hills, what harm. Personally, I found the long l, straight stretches on the side of main roads boring and would have preferred some variety. Probably won't be back as a result.

Anonymous said...

I also ran this, I loved it!
Extremely quick course, if you want a PB this is the course. I'll be back and also well done to the hosting club. The parking, number pick up, showers,close to start area, food after and the stewarding was outstanding on the day. Great value for €20. Most 10 mile races are charging €30/35 and don't even come close to this well ran event. See you next year and I have 3 extra coming with me already