Thursday, September 25, 2014

Medical Plan now required for all AAI approved races...

For those members of athletic clubs who are involved in organising road races...."Going forward Athletics Ireland will require a Medical Plan to accompany a Permit Application."

The relevant form can be seen on the Munster Athletics website.


Paudie said...

Nice call by the AAI. More paperwork but worth it for a safer race.
Now as a huge amount of races do not have a AAI permit and this will mean nothing to them. Maybe its about time the AAI put a proper fixture list up on there main web page given all the races they have been granted permits. The current listing is rubbish.
Surely once a permit is granted it’s just a case of updating a database. An athlete can easily see what races to attend to avail of the better conditions.
Just a though.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately I feel this will only stand to reduce the amount of permitted races and not do anything to increase the quality. As it stands today a permit seems to mean very very little. As someone that is involved in a lot of races I have come across lots of permitted events which are badly run and quite frankly dangerous. I have been at numerous permitted events where very young kids have participated when the rules clearly state 10k and up must be over 18.
There does not appear to be any accountability or follow up on events that are issued permits and it comes across as more of a money making exercise.
Compare the AAI system to triathlon Ireland and they are worlds apart. If you attend a TI sanctioned event you know it is going to be good quality. Organisers are held accountable to what they state on a permit application. They also have the added bonus of being able to award National Series status to the really good ones.