Munster Mountain Running Association.......The MMRA are the Munster branch of the Irish Mountain Running Association. Traditionally, they have organised races which go up and down mountains and hill but recently, they have organised various trail races in woods to broaden the appeal of their events.

For insurance reasons, you must be a registered MMRA/IMRA member to take part in events. This costs €10 for the year.

You can register for the MMRA / IMRA online and bring a print off confirmation to sign up for membership but the MMRA prefer if you just turn up with the filled out paper form.

Races are just pay on the day in Munster, no pre registration required. Pre-entry is required only for the big events like Ballyhoura and Loop de Loop.

A list of MMRA events can be seen further down this page.

For more information on the IMRA, go to their website...

2017 Munster Trail League...

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