Monday, September 7, 2020

Results & Photos of the 2020 Kerry Way Ultra


The big running event this weekend in Munster was the annual Kerry Way Ultra. Contestants started the 200km course on Friday morning at 6am on the 4th of September and finished on the Saturday.

Most of the course is off road or on quiet country roads and it looks as if they got some nice weather for this years event for a change.

With most running events cancelled due to the COVID restrictions, this is one that could go ahead due to nature of the race. There are no issues with social distancing as most of the contestants end up being kms apart!

First woman home... Aoife Mundow completed the 200km course in 25h 26m. Photo: Valerie O'Sullivan

A total of 77 men and 4 women completed the 200km Ultra course.

Top 4...

Kerry Way Ultra Female
    118        Mundow, Aoife    25:26:49    Finish
    52        Enright, Sarah    29:35:49    Finish
    174        McNamee, Julie    33:08:03    Finish
    33        Costa, Jennifer    37:32:02    Finish

Kerry Way Ultra Male
    20        Byrne, Gavin    23:37:17    Finish
    94        Lane, Keith    24:01:18    Finish
    16        Buckley, Brian    24:32:13    Finish
    43        Delille, Remi    24:32:13    Finish

Full results

46 contestants had to retire which gives an indication of just how daunting a course this is.

1) Valerie O'Sullivan as always took to the hills to get some stunning shots.