Monday, June 29, 2015

Kerry...Results of the Kilmoyley Tody Towns 5k - 28th June 2015

A total of 189 people turned out for this 5k & 10k fun run organised by Kilmoyley Tidy Towns (26 in the 10k & 163 in the 5k).

The full results can be seen HERE

Results & photos of the Waterford Viking Marathon - Sat 27th June 2015

A total of 1887 people took part in the Waterford Viking Marathon event this year...390 in the full marathon, 624 in the half-marathon and 624 in the 6.5 mile Quarter Marathon. That represents a 3% increase in total numbers compared to 2014.

 As you can see from the chart above, the event is now beginning to mature with the numbers settling down. 2015 is almost identical to 2014 and it's very likely that 2016 will be pretty similar again.

The marathon this year however wasn't without incident with some of the lead runners going the wrong way early on die to a lack of proper stewarding. This follows on from 2013 when the course was too long due to road works and 2014 when the marathon course was short.

1 Tom HOGAN    Ireland    Sliabh Buidhe Rovers    M    MS    141    (2:33:12)
2 Paul LYNCH    Ireland        M    MS    299    (2:36:05) 
3 Alain MCLAREN    Switzerland    Stade Genève    M    MS    242    (2:37:45) 
4 Brian MURPHY    Ireland        M    M40    162    (2:40:33)
5 Trevor SWIFT    Ireland    Waterford AC    M    MS    409    (2:51:51)
1 Pauline CURLEY    Ireland    Tullarmore Harriers    F    F45    438    (2:52:35)
2 Sally FORRISTAL    Ireland    St Joseph's    F    FS    115    (3:14:15)
3 Sandra LYNCH    Ireland    Kilcoole AC    F    F35    411    (3:23:29)
4 Colette O' DONOGHUE    Ireland    Watergrasshill AC    F    FS    203    (3:27:20)
5 Caroline KELLY    Ireland    Marathon Club Ireland    F    F45    117    (3:28:37)

1 Freddy KERON SITTUK    Ireland    Raheny Shamrock    M    MS    1990    (1:10:45)    
2 David MANSFIELD    Ireland        M    MS    1777    (1:10:53)
3 Keith RUSSELL        Reading Roadrunners    M    MS    41    (1:15:17) 
1 Ann Marie HOLLAND    Ireland    Youghal AC    F    F35    1721    (1:23:42) 
2 Tara MALONE    United Kingdom    Enniskillen Running Club    F    F35    1309    (1:28:19)    
3 Anna DORIS    Ireland    Midleton    F    F45    1656    (1:29:50)

The full results can be seen HERE

1) The organisers have a gallery of photos from Garrett Fitzgerald Photography HERE

1) Waterford in your Pocket have a video of the start HERE

Kerry...Results of the Killarney Lions Club 10k - Sat 27th June 2015

A total of 56 runners turned out for this 10k race in Killarney on what was was a very busy weekend of races in Kerry. This compares to 62 for the 10k last year.

Last year, a 5k was held as well and that got 52 runners which brought the total to 114. This year, there was a 5k parkrun on at the same time so a separate 5k race probably wasn't an option.

1    Arthur Fitzgerald (50)    00:36:28    Senior  (1)    Male  (1)
2    Rob Purcell (3)    00:36:59    Ages 45 -49  (1)    Male  (2)
3    Ronald Eager (45)    00:37:57    Ages 40 -44  (1)    Male  (3)
11    Niamh Clifford (109)    00:43:05    Senior Women  (1)    Female  (1)
12    Caroline Murphy (43)    00:43:20    Ages 50 - 54  (1)    Female  (2)
15    Elaine O Keeffe (10)    00:44:59    Ages 40 -44  (1)    Female  (3)

The full results can be found HERE

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Kerry...Results of the Camp 10 mile trail race - Sat 27th June 2015

62 runners turned out for this 10 trail race in Co.Kerry.

1    Derek GRIFFIN (52)    01:05:13    Senior  (1)    Male  (1)
2    Mike Sheehy (62)    01:11:05    Senior  (2)    Male  (2)
3    Rob WILLIAMS (23)    01:11:51    Senior  (3)    Male  (3)
17    Ita KIRWAN (26)    01:28:08    Ages 40-49  (1)    Female  (1)
20    Liz Leonard (54)    01:30:18    Ages 50+  (1)    Female  (2)
23    Bridget Moore (55)    01:31:54    Senior  (1)    Female  (3)

The full results can be seen HERE

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Tipperary...Results of the Champion Kiely 5k, Ballyneale - Fri 26th June 2015

160 runners turned out for the annual Champion Kiely 5km road race in Ballyneale, Tipperary on Friday 26th June 2015.

1    KENNETH RODGERS       15:04        15:03    ST.JOHNS A C     SM    155
2    WILLIAM MAUNSELL       15:10        15:10    CLONMEL AC    SM    84
3    NIALL MCCORMACK       15:11        15:12    CLONMEL AC    SM    85
33    AINE ROCHE       19:20        19:19    CLONMEL AC    SW    129
36    KATE NOLAN       19:44        19:37    FOCUS ON FITNESS    SW    121
47    PHIL RYAN       20:43        20:39    BALLYNONTY A C    SW    247

The full results can be seen HERE

Tipperary...Results of the MMRA Tountinna Trail Race - Wed 24th June 2015

This was part of the ongoing Wednesday evening series of races organised by the Munster Mountain Running Association.

The results can be seen HERE

1) The organisers have 42 photos HERE

Clare...Results of the Exclusive Series 5k, Craggaunowen Park - Wed 18th June 2015

139 runners turned out for the 2nd race in the Exclusive Run Series in Craggaunowen Park in Co.Clare on Wed 18th June 2015.

1 Martin Glynn        Ennis Track    M40    17:30
2 Ciaran Bouse        Eagle AC    MO    18:00
3 Dave Murphy        watergrasshill    MO    18:45
17 Miriam DARCY            FO    22:02
19 Maeve Flannery            FO    22:21
27  Lorraine O CONNOR            FO    23:43

The full results can be seen HERE

Notice...Dromcollogher 4 mile road race, Limerick - Mon 7th July 2015

The Dromcollogher Carnival 4 mile road race is coming up on Monday evening, the 6th of July at 8pm...

As a race, it may not be as high profile as say those located closer to say Limerick or Cork City but it is an event with a lot of character and a long history. The race was originally started back in the time of the original running boom in the late 70's and early 80's by Christy Brosnan and Joe Quaid of North Cork AC. The original idea was for it to be part of the Dromcollogher Carnival which has been going since the 1940's and for the race to take place on Monday evening, a tradition that survives to this day.

In it's heyday, the race used to attract some of the top runners from all over Munster even though the prizes were always modest in comparison to other races at the time. On one occasion, Liam O'Brien from Cork won the race the day after winning the National 3000m steeplechase title! The triangle shaped course started and finished in the main square of the town much to the delight of the crowds. This did however mean that the race was in fact 'slightly' longer than the advertised 4 miles ;o)

One of the other unusual features of the race at the time was that the winner received a small porcelain figurine. One of the biggest employers at that time in the town was Irish Dresden, a German company which made high quality collectable porcelain items in the town which employed over 60 people, a huge number in what was and still is a rural area.

West Limerick AC are helping out with the organisation of the race and they are putting up a cup in memory of Christy Brosnan who unfortunately has now passed away. This replaces the old cup which was named after Marky O'Shea who used to run in the local races of the late 70's and early 80's barefoot, a long time before minimalist running and Vibram Five Fingers became all the rage ;o)

Getting there.....Dromcollogher is located to the west of Charleville near the Limerick - Cork border. If you are coming from say Limerick city then the easiest way is probably to head south towards Cork and turn off at Charleville and follow the directions for Newtownshandrum, Milford and Dromcollogher. If you are travelling north from Cork then turn off at Buttevant and go via Liscarroll.

As you enter the town from the east then you should see that the road forks into two where the central square is. Take the right here, drive a few hundred metres on what is a very straight road and you will pass the start line just opposite a service station. The GAA hall where the entries will be taken is just beyond this on the left.

Course Preview.......A full preview of the course with maps, directions, photos, etc can be seen HERE

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Kerry...Results of the Tralee Summer Solstice 10k - Sun 21st June 2015

There was a slight drop in numbers this year for the Summer Solstice 10k race in Tralee with 122 taking part, down 13% on the 140 of 2015.

1 Michael O REGAN 33:47    Senior  (1)    Male  (1)
2 Joe O'CONNOR 34:23    Senior  (2)    Male  (2)
3 Derek GRIFFIN  34:46    Senior  (3)    Male  (3)
8 Sharon CAHILL  41:14    Ages 50-59  (1)    Female  (1)
15 Catherine O'SULLIVAN  44:20    Senior  (1)    Female  (2)
20 Anne KELLIHER 46:31    Ages 40-49  (1)    Female  (3)

The full results can be seen HERE

Clare...Results of the Shannon Airport 5k Night Run - Fri 19th June 2015

There was a huge turnout for this 5k race on the runway of Shannon Airport with 1620 people taking part.

1    James LIDDANE 16:00    All Ages  (1)    Male  (1)
2    Keith Lynch 16:29    All Ages  (2)    Male  (2)
3    Brian LAWLOR 16:45    All Ages  (3)    Male  (3)
17    Cushla HEHIR 17:58    All Ages  (1)    Female  (1)
21    Sorcha NIC DHOMHNAILL 18:21    All Ages  (2)    Female  (2)
28    Ide NIC DHOMHNAILL 18:49    All Ages  (3)    Female  (3)

The full results can be seen HERE

1) Munster Images has a gallery of photos HERE

Waterford...Results of the Dromana 5 mile road race - Fri 19th June 2015

A total of 158 runners turned out for this 5 mile road race in Dromana in West Waterford, down just one on the 159 of 2014.

Men’s Results
Brian Murphy Carrick AC 26.26
Danny Smith Ballynonty AC 27.24
John Leahy West Waterford AC 28.20
Team...West Waterford AC...Mossie Keogh 7th, Tom Leahy 9th, Michael Dunford 13th

Ladies Results
Corinna Walsh West Waterford AC 31.43
Sandra Prendergast West Waterford AC 33.29
Diana Chizhikova West Waterford AC 36.39
Team...West Waterford AC...Brigid Coffey 6th, Andrea Gaffney 8th, Catriona Kiely 9th

The full results can be seen HERE

1) West Waterford AC have a gallery of photos HERE

Tipperary...Results of the Dave Fogarty 4 mile road race, Thurles - Thurs 18th June 2015

A total of 146 runners turned out for the Dave Fogarty 4 mile road race in Thurles on Thurs 18th June 2015.

20:52 Darren Dunne
22:07 Noel Marum
22:10 Liam Shanahan
23:07 Siobhan Doherty First Lady
23:37 Margaret Danagher
25:25 Aine Roche

The full results can be seen HERE

Clare...Results of the Kildysart NS 5k - Tues 23rd June 2015

1    0:17:50    JOHN KEOGH,     Kilmihil    M
2    0:17:56    JIMMY DOWNES,     Kilmurry Ibrickane/North ClareM
3    0:19:29    AL MEANEY,     St Marys AC    M
6    0:20:38    RITA KIERCE,     St Marys AC    F
14    0:23:57    OLIVIA GARRY,     Kildysart    F
18    0:24:40    CATHERINE PENDER,     St Marys AC    F 

The full results can be seen HERE

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Limerick...Results of the Bilboa 10k race - Fri 19th June 2015

A total of 117 runners turned out for this years Bilboa 10K road race in East Limerick,  a drop of 11% on the figure for 2014.   
1    DAVID RYAN       33:17    CLONMEL AC    M40    25
2    DECLAN MOORE       33:31    BILBOA A.C    SM    37
3    JULIO CESAR       34:13    KILMURRAY ILBRIKANE    SM    105
35    DEIRDRE FINN       43:32    DERG AC    W45    62
40    COLLETTE O TOOLE       44:33    CAPPAMORE    SW    87
41    FIONA RYAN       44:34    CAPPAMORE    SW    89

The full results can be seen HERE

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Clare...Results of the St.Flannans NS 4 mile - Fri 19th June 2015

St Flannan's National School Inagh, Co Clare
4 Mile Road Race Friday 19 June 2015. 7:00 pm

1    0:24:47    SHARON RYNNE,     Kilmurry Ibrickane/North ClareF
3    0:29:23    EIBHLIN CLEARY,     East Cork AC    F
10    0:31:21    ANNE REIDY WALSH,     Tulla M & T    F
2    0:26:43    RAY HYNES,     Ennistymon    M
4    0:29:58    STEPHEN TOOMEY,     Inagh    M
5    0:30:17    SEAN RYNNE,     Inagh    Junior Men

The full results can be seen HERE

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Tipperary...Results of the Nenagh Eire Og 5k & 10k - Sun 14th June 2015

94 runners took part in the Negh Eire Óg 10k run while  53 ran in the 5k.

1st Man 1 AARON QUIGLEY 36:32
2nd Man 2 DAVID SHEEHAN 36:40
3rd Man 3 PETER MADDEN 37:22
1st Woman 5 MARGARET DANAHER 38:29
2nd Woman 9 MARY GAVIN 40:52
3rd Woman 20 SERENA MOLONEY 45:15

The full results can be seen HERE

Notice...Rathmore 4 mile road race, Kerry - Sun 12th July 2015

Rathmore Ladies GAA are holding a 4 mile run/walk on Sunday the 12th of July at 1pm. Organised in association with Gneeveguilla AC, it will start and finish at Rathmore GAA grounds which are to the south-west of Rathmore in Co.Kerry.

 Located on the Cork-Kerry border, this 4 mile race should be of interest to runners from both counties.

Preview...... Maps and directions can be found HERE

Notice...Coillte 10k road race, Dundrum, Tipperary - Wed 1st July 2015

This popular 10k race in coming up in the village of Dundrum, Co.Tipperary on Wednesday the 1st of July 2015. In terms of fast 10k courses, this must surely be one of the fastest in Munster if not the country.

Dundrum is a small village just 9 miles or so west of Cashel in the south of Tipperary...

Organised by Dundrum Athletic Club, this race is noted for being a flat fast course. As well of there being no hills, the course consists of multiple long straight sections rather than the more usual twists and turns. I've previewed many courses on this site but this one is really fast.

Entries......The entry fee is €15 and you can pre-enter online at Precision Timing. You can also enter on the night.

The map below shows where everything is. For spectators...note the points A, B and C. If you move between these points which are just over 100m apart you can see the athletes at approx. 0.25miles , 2.4miles, 3.2miles and again at 5.4miles.

Course Preview......The 10k course is essentially two laps of a 5k loop. A full preview of the course with maps, description, photos, etc can be seen HERE

Many races have different traditions. Some give out t-shirts, some mugs. In the case of the Coillte 10k, they give out a quality embroidered hand towel given to every finisher. and they have been doing this for over 20 years. Even on years where they had run out of towels on the night, they hand delivered them to these people in the following weeks.

The Tim Crowe Trophy is presented on the night to the first Tipperary Athlete in honour of his 24 national titles won in the early 1900s, who was from the village of Dundrum.

Useful links...
Enter online @

Updates on club Facebook page

and on the club Twitter page

Course Record Holders
Senior Men Daniel Gidumbanda Tanzania 1997 29:45,
O/40 Men Gerard Mullane Limerick 1996 32:41,
O/45 Men Eugene Moynihan Marian 2004 34:24,
O/50 Men Myles McHugh Clonmel 1996 35:18,
O/55 Men John Joe Harty Thurles Crokes 2005 37:58,
O/60 Men Billy O’Neill St. Abbans  2008 40:36,
Junior Men 5k Jason Fahy Olympic Harriers 2004 15:20,

Senior Women Rosemary Ryan Bilboa 2003 34:28,
O/35 Women Angela Mc Cann Clonmel 2008 39:08,
O/40 Women Mary Sheehan Grange 2003 39:24,
O/45 Women Martina Ryan Thurles Crokes 2014 42:55,
O/50 Women Rita Kierce St. Marys Clare 2012 42:29,
Junior Women 5k Siobhan O'Doherty Clodagh Harriers 2001 19:08,

Wheelchair Jerry Forde Blarney 2003 42:38.

5 Fastest Times

29:45 Daniel Gidumbanda  Tanzania 1997
30:51 Pat Bryne Tinryland 2002
30:58 Tom Carey Limerick A.C. 2006
31:21 Tommy Evans Gowran 2009
31:22 Seamus Power Kilmurray Ibrickane 2010

34:28 Rosemary Ryan Bilboa 2003
34:43 Siobhan O’Doherty Borrisokane 2010
34:54 Rosemary Ryan Bilboa 2011
35:07 Siobhan O’Doherty Borrisokane 2012
35:14 Siobhan O’Doherty Borrisokane 2014

List of Previous Winners
1986 John O'Halloran Tipp Town, Kathleen Maher Ballytrasna,
1987 John Fitzgerald Clonmel, Mary Lonergan Reenavana,
1988 Toddy Finn Raheny Shamrocks, Kay O'Sullivan Upperchurch,
1989 Bernard Feery Clonmel, Martina Dorney Thurles Crokes,
1990 Robert Costello Limerick, Kay O'Sullivan Upperchurch,
1991 Michael Hassett Thurles Crokes, Mary Sheehan East Cork,
1992 Robert Costello Limerick, Mary Sheehan East Cork,
1993 Michael Hassett St. Catherines, Mary Sheehan East Cork,
1994 Michael Hassett St. Catherines, Gaile Culleton Thurles Crokes,
1995 Michael Hassett St. Catherines, Marcella Moloney Tullamore Harriers,
1996 Michael Hassett St. Catherines, Siobhan McCormack Emerald A.C.,
1997 Daniel Gidumbanda Tanzania, Mary Sheehan Grange Fermoy,
1998 Michae1 Hassett St. Catherines, Mary Sheehan East Cork,
1999 Colm Burke St. Abbans, Mary Sheehan Grange Fermoy,
2000 William Harty K.C.K., Mary Sheehan Grange Fermoy,
2001 Robert Wade Waterford A.C., Mary Sheehan Grange Fermoy,
2002 Pat Byrne Tinryland, Mary Sheehan Grange Fermoy,
2003 Tom Carey Limerick A.C., Rosemary Ryan Bilboa,
2004 Mick Kelly Gowran A.C., Siobhan O'Doherty Borrisokane,
2005 Sandis Bralitis Ballynonty A.C., Siobhan O'Doherty Borrisokane,
2006 Tom Carey Limerick A.C., Rosemary Ryan Bilboa,
2007 Dermot Kearns West Limerick, Madeline Dorney Thurles Crokes,
2008 Jason Fahey Olympic Harriers, Rosemary Ryan Bilboa,
2009 Tommy Evans Gowran, Siobhan O'Doherty Borrisokane,
2010 Seamus Power Kilmurray Ibrickane, Siobhan O’Doherty Borrisokane,
2011 Kenneth Rogers St John’s, Rosemary Ryan Bilboa,
2012 Michael Shannon Kilnaboy, Siobhan O’Doherty Borrisokane,
2013 Chris Bracken Thurles Crokes, Siobhan O’Doherty Borrisokane.
2014 Kevin Moore Dundrum, Siobhan O’Doherty Borrisokane.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Notice...Killarney 10 mile race, Kerry - Sat 26th Sept 2015

One quick look at the race calendar shows a multitude of races with many being held for many different reasons. This one however is special. The objective of this race is to raise funds for a new athletics track in Killarney.

At the moment, the only athletics track in Kerry is the full size 400m track at the grounds of An Ríocht AC in Castleisland. It's an excellent facility and is used for all the major track & field competitions in Kerry.

It is however a 15 mile trip from Killarney. The distance in itself isn't an issue when it's for the likes of say an occasional competition but driving children there back and forth twice a week is another issue. What is required is a local facility in Killarney that is easy for people in the town and surrounding area to access.

What is proposed is the development of a 200m micro track and a floodlit all weather pitch area which will be situated on grounds leased from the St. Brendan's Trust (St. Brendan's College Killarney).

The track will have 4 lanes and have a tartan surface. While it will be measured correctly...i.e. 200m in lane 1, the track will not be a standard 200m track like say the indoor track in Athlone IT. The gradient from lane 1 to 4 will be much reduced as the track will also be used by athletes with special needs. In terms of training however it is excellent for juveniles and adults.

One special feature will be the straight section that you can see at the top. This is about 120m long and will be properly measured, marked and certified. This will facilitate all sprint events such as say the 100m, womens 100m hurdles and mens 110m hurdles. They also have plans for a long jump area as well as a facilities for pole vault, high jump, shot putt and a throwing cage.

The initiative is being supported by three local clubs as well...Spa Muckross AC, Gneeveguilla AC and Kenmare AC...

One might ask why didn't they opt for a full size 400m track but the amount of land required and the costs involved would be in a completely different league. This new facility will suit the training needs of most of the local athletes be they seniors or juveniles.

As a project, I don't see why it couldn't be replicated elsewhere around the country? It is something a lot of other athletic clubs might consider.

So, back to the race! :o)

It is on Saturday the 26th of September with a 9am start.

The entry fee is €25 plus 1.50 process online.
For that there is the race, a medal, a dry fit top, chip timing and the usual prizes including spots.

The course takes in a loop to the north-west of the town as well as inside the park itself.

For more info and to enter, go to the race website...

From the organisers.....
KILLARNEY'S first micro-athletic running track is poised to become a reality. The facility, which will feature four lanes and an astro-turf football pitch, is to be built in the grounds of St Brendan's College. A special fundraising 10-mile road race around Killarney town is to take place on Saturday, September 26, and is expected to attract a host of elite athletes.

"People of all abilities, elite and recreational athletes, joggers and walkers are invited," said Jerh Griffin of the organising committee. "We are excited at the prospect of this race being an annual event to support the students and the community in this race as they jointly seek to create a mini style university approach to physical education in a sustainable way," added Jerh. 

Monday, June 15, 2015

Kerry...Killarney Music Festival Charity 10k - Sat 27th June 2015

This 10k which is organised by Killarney Lions Club is coming up in Killarney, Co.Kerry on Saturday, the 27th of June 2015.

Race HQ is the Castlerosse Hotel which is just outside Killarney on the Killorglin road. Registrations at the hotel from 8:00 am. All proceeds in aid of the Kerry Spina Bifida & Hydrocephalus Association.

Categories: There are various entry categories with prizes for 1, 2 & 3rd in each.

Senior Men   
Senior Ladies
Veteran Men (Over 40)
Master Ladies (Over 35
Junior Ladies (Under 19)
Junior Men (Under 19)

Chip Timing will be in use.

Refreshments: There will be refreshments & prize giving after the event in the Castlerosse Hotel.

Entries.......You can enter on the morning of the race or you can pre-enter. For more and to pre-enter, visit the Killarney Lions website..

It's an out and back 10km route...

Preview.......This really is a nice course. To see a full preview of the 10k course, click HERE