Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Notice: MMRA Knockmealdown Mtn Half-Marathon - Sat 14th Mar 2020

The info for this event is up on the IMRA website HERE

A calendar of MMRA events in 2020 can be found HERE

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Notice : Tom Walsh 10k race in Caherconlish, Limerick - Sun 19th Jan 2020

The annual Tom Walsh 10k race is coming up in Caherconlish to the south-east of Limerick City on Sunday the 19th of January 2020 at 12:30pm.

From the organisers...This is an Athletics Ireland event. We have chip timing, full changing facilities and a great spread of food afterwards in the Millennium Centre Caherconlish. 

Pacers for 40, 45, 50, 55 & 60 mins.

Entry Fee : Runners €15, Walkers for the 5 mile €5, Family for the walk €10

You can enter online HERE

The map below shows the race route to the south-east of Caherconlish.

The first two miles of the 10k course is on the R513 road which may have some traffic. After that at about 2.3 miles, runners turn off to the left and onto quiet country roads for the rest of the race.

The profile above shows the humps and bumps out on the course. There is a slight pull around the 5 mile mark but this is followed by a downhill finish.

Course video below gives a feel for what the 10k looks like...

Thursday, January 2, 2020

Kerry: Results of the Beaufort 5k & 10k - Wed 1st Jan 2020

The annual Beaufort 5k & 10k attracted a field of 239 runners this year. There was 106 finishers in the 5k and 133 in the 10k.

Results of both races below...

10km results...
Posn    Time    ID    Name    Category    CLUB
1    0:31:57    140    CONOR O MAHONY    M SEN    AN RIOCHT
2    0:33:56    193    DEREK GRIFFIN    M SEN    0
3    0:34:54    123    SHANE SIMCOX    M O45    MALLOW AC
4    0:35:25    115    CHRISTIAN HOLMES    M O45    WHARTDALE HARRIERS
5    0:35:39    176    SIMON MANGAN    M SEN    RIOCHT AC
6    0:35:47    181    ANTHONY O SHEA    M SEN    0
7    0:36:16    153    NIALL THOMPSON    M O40    0
8    0:36:19    194    TIM LONG    M O35    AN RIOCHT
9    0:36:31    125    JOHN CRONIN    M SEN    0
10    0:36:38    179    STEPHEN MOORE    M O45    AN RIOCHT
11    0:37:27    113    CHRIS GRAYSON    M O45    KERRY CHRUSADERS
12    0:38:11    182    JOHN CAHILL    M O45    RIOCHT AC
13    0:38:26    163    NIAMH O MAHONY    F JUN    AN RIOCHT
14    0:38:29    148    PADRAIG SHEEHAN    M O50    MILLSTREET AC
15    0:38:31    137    SEAN CAHILLANE    M O45    LOVE 2 RUN RUNNING CLUB
16    0:38:33    139    SEAMUS MURPHY    M O50    GNEEVEGUILLA
17    0:38:34    124    TONY HARTY    M O40    KILLARNEY VALLEY AC
18    0:38:54    138    KEVIN GRIFFIN    M O55    RIOCHT AC
19    0:39:00    105    ROLAND EAGER    M O45    SOTL
20    0:39:01    159    DANNY MURPHY    M O35    AN RIOCHT
21    0:39:06    129    RACHEL STOKES    F O35    KERRY CRUSADERS LISTOWEL
22    0:39:45    143    RORY PRENDERGAST    M O40    0
23    0:40:15    118    FRAN MCELLIGOTT    M O45    TRALEE TRIATHLON CLUB
24    0:41:11    155    CAITRIONA BARRY    F O45    FFMV
25    0:41:17    157    NICK DARMODY    M O45    MALLOW AC
26    0:41:31    183    ROSS CULLEN    M SEN    0
27    0:41:37    147    CHARLES KELLEHER    M O40    0
28    0:41:41    136    VERONICA COLLERAN    F O50    ENNIS TRACK
29    0:42:12    130    CORMAC O SHEA    M O50    SOTL
30    0:42:34    132    SHARON CAHILL    F O55    AN RIOCHT

Clare: Results of the Miltown Malbay GAA 5k - Wed 1st Jan 2020

The Maggie Cullen & Miltown Malbay GAA 5k Road Race in Miltown Malbay Co Clare Wednesday 1 January 2020.

Provisional Results for All Competitors in finish order.    Race    Race
    1    0:19:33    JOHN O MALLEY,     Kilmurry Ibrickane/North ClareM    29    1
    2    0:20:42    DAVID CORRY,     St Marys AC    M    27    2
    3    0:20:44    MEBRAHTU SBHATU,     Miltown Malbay    M    26    3
    4    0:21:16    DECLAN RYNNE,     Miltown Malbay    M    57    4
    5    0:21:39    TOM MACKEY,     Kilmurry Ibrickane/North Clare    M    66    5
    6    0:21:53    GAVIN TWOMEY,     Kilmurry Ibrickane/North Clare    M    69    6
    7    0:21:59    TONY CARROLL,     Kilmurry Ibrickane/North Clare    M    42    7
    8    0:21:59    JAMES DOWNES,     Kilmurry Ibrickane/North Clare    M    44    8
    9    0:22:17    TOM O CONNELL,     Kilmurry Ibrickane/North Clare    M    37    9
    10    0:22:35    FRAN CAHILL,     Miltown Malbay    M    1    10
    11    0:22:53    STEVEN MURPHY,     Kilmurry Ibrickane/North Clare    M    122    11
    12    0:23:24    PAT MURRAY,     Miltown Malbay    M    99    12
    13    0:23:30    ANDREW O CONNOR,     Kilmurry Ibrickane/North Clare    M    35    13
    14    0:23:49    NIALL TWOMEY,     Kilmurry Ibrickane/North Clare    M    70    14
    15    0:23:56    FIDELMA FARRELL,     Kilmurry Ibrickane/North Clare    F    36    15
    16    0:24:06    MICHAEL HEHIR,     Miltown Malbay    M    104    16
    17    0:24:29    CONOR NEYLON,     Kilmurry Ibrickane/North Clare    M    18    17
    18    0:24:48    MICHEAL TWOMEY,     Kilmurry Ibrickane/North Clare    M    72    18
    19    0:25:11    SUE GARRAHY,     Kilmurry Ibrickane/North Clare    F    148    19
    20    0:25:23    MACKEY O CONNOR,     Kilmurry Ibrickane/North Clare    M    53    20
    21    0:25:24    MARTIN CAHILL,     Kilmurry Ibrickane/North Clare    M    96    21
    22    0:25:37    ELLA CARROLL,     Kilmurry Ibrickane/North Clare    F    41    22
    23    0:25:59    MARIE NEYLON,     Kilmurry Ibrickane/North Clare    F    17    23
    24    0:26:43    CLIVE BOYD,     Miltown Malbay    M    73    24
    25    0:26:52    IDE O CONNOR,     Kilmurry Ibrickane/North Clare    F    38    25

Clare: Results of the Maigh NS 5k & 10k - Sun 29th Dec 2019

Maigh National School 5k & 10k Fun Run/Walk in Moy, Lahinch, Co Clare Sunday 29 December 2019.

    1    0:21:01    JACK RUSH,     Kilmurry Ibrickane/North ClareM 5k    10    1
    2    0:22:56    GAVIN TWOMEY,     Kilmurry Ibrickane/North ClareM 5k    653    2
    3    0:23:46    JAMES DOWNES,     Kilmurry Ibrickane/North ClareM 5k    27    3
    4    0:23:58    TONY CARROLL,     Kilmurry Ibrickane/North Clare    M 5k    24    4
    5    0:24:40    PAT MURRAY,     Miltown Malbay    M 5k    51    5
    6    0:25:45    MICHEAL TWOMEY,     Kilmurry Ibrickane/North Clare    M 5k    650    6
    7    0:25:55    BRENDAN HAYES,     Maigh    M 5k    55    7
    8    0:26:05    FIONN RUSH,     Kilmurry Ibrickane/North Clare    M 5k    11    8
    9    0:26:16    NIALL TWOMEY,     Kilmurry Ibrickane/North Clare    M 5k    652    9
    10    0:26:21    AINE SHANNON,     Kilmurry Ibrickane/North ClareF 5k    75    10

Friday, December 27, 2019

Clare: Results of the Miltown Malbay Ladies GAA 5k Santa Run - Thurs 26th Dec 2019

Kilmurry Ibrickane North Clare & Miltown Malbay Ladies GAA  5k Santa Run/walk in Miltown Malbay Co Clare Thursday 26 December 2019.

Provisional Results for All Competitors in finish order.    Race    Race
    1    0:17:49    JAMES HAYES,     KIB/NC  And Cork    M    135    1
    2    0:18:04    THOMAS GARRAHY,     Kilmurry Ibrickane/North ClareM    51    2
    3    0:18:17    BARBARA CLEARY,     Donore Harriers    F    103    3
    4    0:18:34    GORDAN KELLY,     Miltown Malbay    M    474    4
    5    0:19:18    CAOILFHIONN O DEA,     Kilmurry Ibrickane/North Clare    M    74    5
    6    0:19:32    JOHN O DONOGHUE,     Ennis Track AC    M    79    6
    7    0:19:39    SEAN O CONNELL,     Miltown Malbay    M    38    7
    8    0:19:42    SHARON RYNNE,     Kilmurry Ibrickane/North ClareF    134    8
    9    0:19:43    JOHN O MALLEY,     Kilmurry Ibrickane/North Clare    M    108    9
    10    0:19:54    DIARMUID WHELAN,     Miltown Malbay    M    127    10
    11    0:20:02    LIAM SHANNON,     Kilmurry Ibrickane/North Clare    M    8    11
    12    0:20:21    DANNY HOWARD,     Miltown Malbay    M    67    12
    13    0:20:25    MICHEAL KEANE,     Tubber    M    101    13
    14    0:20:44    NOREEN MACKEY,     Kilmurry Ibrickane/North Clare    F    286    14
    15    0:21:28    DECLAN RYNNE,     Miltown Malbay    M    458    15
    16    0:21:56    SEAN NEYLON,     Kilmurry Ibrickane/North Clare    M    44    16
    17    0:22:03    CATHAL EARLY,     Miltown Malbay    M    461    17
    18    0:22:27    AILBHE MURRAY,     Kilmurry Ibrickane/North Clare    F    59    18
    19    0:22:27    TOM MACKEY,     Kilmurry Ibrickane/North Clare    M    288    19
    20    0:22:30    MAEBH HARRISON,     Miltown Malbay    F    41    20

Tipperary: Results of the Clonmel 4 mile - Thurs 26th Dec 2019

There was another big turnout for this years MSD 4 mile race in Clonmel on St.Stephen's Day with 453 runners taking part.  The race attracted a high quality field with the first 40 running faster than 6-minute miles.

The race was won by Sean Tobin of Clonmel AC in a time of 17m 46s, a new national record for a 4 mile road race.

1     Sean Tobin     Clonmel AC         17:45     SM     206     Course Record
2     Thomas Hayes     KCH         19:05     SM     251    
3     Kevin Moore     Dundrum AC         19:37     SM     177    
27     Siobhan O Doherty     Borrisokane AC         23:10     F35     162    
34     Dymphna Ryan     Dundrum AC         23:25     F35     132    
37     Angela McCann     Clonmel AC         23:33     F45     350

Full results

1) John D Kelly has a gallery of photos HERE

Monday, December 23, 2019

Race calendar updated with events over Christmas...

No matter where you live, there are plenty of events to choose from over the Christmas period. I have been updating the calendar with all the various races and runs and you can see the calendar HERE

I'll be adding more as I come across them. If any race organisers have races and events they want listed then send me the details via this survey form.

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Notice: Jolly Jaunt in Dungarvan, Waterford - Thurs 26th Dec 2019

This charity 2 mile and 5 mile charity run is coming up in Dungarvan on the 26th of December 2019 at 2:30pm.

The entry fee is a donation.

The event HQ is at the Dungarvan GAA grounds on the western side of the town.

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Notice: Clonmel 4 mile road race in Tipperary - Thurs 26th Dec 2019

The big race in Tipperary over the Christmas period is the annual 4 mile race in Clonmel on Thursday the 26th of December 2019.

From the organisers Clonmel AC...MSD 4 Mile – St Stephen’s Day, 12 Noon

This very popular race takes place again on St Stephen’s Day, the 31st promotion of this event. The Club is very grateful to MSD for sponsoring this year’s event. The Club started promoting this event in 1989 to encourage people to participate in the Sport over the festive season. As such we have seen it grown in stature over the years and it is now firmly established in the athletics calendar, as it caters for all levels of fitness. 

Race Registration will be taken on the day at Colaiste Cheitinn, the Mall from 10am onwards. The entry fee is 10 Euros. The route is relatively flat and is noted for fast times.

This year there will be Prizes for the following categories, Men: 1st 5 Men, 1st 2 0/40, 0/45, 0/50, 1st 0/55, 0/60, 0/65, 0/70 and 0/75 plus 1st 2 Junior Men. The list of Prizes for the Ladies is as follows: the 1st 5 Senior Ladies, 1st 2 0/35, 0/40, 0/45, 1st 0/50 0/55 and 0/60 plus 1st 2 Junior Ladies.

There will also be some great Spot Prizes for down the field finishers to be won, so come along and participate in a great Sporting event. This is an ideal event to raise funds for local charities.

There will also be Post Race Refreshments in the Colaiste Cheitinn, the mall afterwards as well as the Presentation of the Prize Awards.

There will also be Post Race Refreshments in the Vocational School. This year’s event will be Chip timed by Premier Timing Systems. This event has an Athletics Ireland Race Permit.

The entry Fee is 10 Euros. Enquiries to Niall at 086 1660888.

Maps and directions HERE


Saturday, December 7, 2019

Results of the Waterford Half-Marathon - Sat 7th Dec 2019

Just over 2,000 runners turned out for this years Waterford Half-Marathon on Saturday the 7th of December 2019. From what I hear, the modified course was a bit on the hilly side.

1 Derese Yared     3027     1:04:13 4:54/M     Carrick Aces A.C.    
2 Clohisey Mick 3022     1:05:23 4:59/M     Raheny Shamrock A.C.    
3 Keogh Eric     3020     1:07:48 5:11/M     Donore Harriers
35 Fitzgerald     Ruth     3024     1:20:00 6:06/M     Waterford A.C.    
50 Kehoe Fiona     3006     1:21:38 6:14/M     Kilmore A.C.    
60 Carthy Jackie 3029     1:22:58 6:20/M     Kilmore A.C.

Full results

1) Kieran Laffan has some photos HERE
2) Waterford AC have some presentation photos HERE 

Monday, December 2, 2019

Kerry: Results of the Run Rudolph 5k in Castleisland - Sun 1st Dec 2019

Place     Bib     First name     Last name     Gender     Time     Category
1     572     Conor     O'Mahony     Male     15:41     Senior Men
2     619     Derek     Griffin     Male     16:15     Senior Men
3     646     Tommy     O Brien     Male     16:22     Men 40
4     645     Tim     O Connor     Male     16:28     Men 40
5     579     Darragh     Oleary     Male     17:06     Junior Boys
6     656     John     Heaphy     Male     17:17     Senior Men
7     566     Luke     O Callaghan     Male     17:30     Junior Boys
8     526     Oisin     Murray     Male     17:36     Junior Boys
8     668     Arthur     Fitzgerald     Male     17:36     Senior Men
10     657     Seamus     Hickey     Male     18:06     Senior Men
11     616     Carol     Finn     Female     18:21     Senior Women
12     622     Niamh     O Mahony     Female     18:22     junior girls
13     615     Nick     Hogan     Male     18:27     Senior Men
14     586     Kevin     Griffin     Male     18:51     Men 50
14     609     Martin     Liston     Male     18:51     Senior Men
16     663     Garrett     Scollard     Male     19:03     Men 40
17     655     Daire Doyle     O Brien     Female     19:15     Junior Boys
18     667     Alan     Regan     Male     19:27     Senior Men
19     517     John     Culloty     Male     19:29     Men 40
20     578     John     Oleary     Male     19:39     Men 40
21     514     Sean     O Sullivan     Male     19:42     Men 40
22     647     Finbar     Corcoran     Male     19:50     Senior Men
23     580     Sean     Oleary     Male     20:01     Junior Boys
24     549     James     Clifford     Male     20:11     Junior Boys
25     582     Gabriele     Gambino     Male     20:14     Junior Boys
26     577     Sharon     Cahill     Female     20:16     Women 50
27     672     Mike     Reidy     Male     20:20     Senior Men
28     525     Darragh     Cahill     Male     20:21     boys u16
29     605     Caroline     Murphy     Female     20:41     Women 50
30     570     Alan     Burton     Male     20:47     Senior Men

Saturday, November 30, 2019



Some weeks ago we were made aware of the commencement of road works on the Lacken Road at mile 7 of our half marathon route. We have been engaged with Waterford City & County Council since and although the road is closed to the public our plan had still been that the route could be run as normal. Unfortunately now due to circumstances outside of our control this is not possible. Following meetings with An Garda Siochana and Waterford City & County Council they have supported us in devising an alternative route. We understand this is short notice but we were however conscious we wanted to avoid a postponement or cancellation of the event especially for the many participants travelling from outside the county. Our sincere thanks to the team that have helped us find a solution. We will now continue to work with An Garda Siochana and Waterford City & County Council to make the necessary adjustments to our health and safety plan.

Link to the route:

High level route description as follows:
Starting at the back of WIT Arena (close to our regular starting point)
Turning left down Oliver’s Hill and left on to the Western Link road
The next 6 miles remain unchanged from previous years
After completing the 1.5 mile out and back section on the Western Link road we turn left onto the Old Kilmeadan Road
Turning right into the IDA industrial estate after 1.3 miles
Exiting the industrial estate after 1.7 miles onto the cork road and turning down witches lane
Entering Ballybeg drive towards the Waterford City Fire Station
Turing right on to Kilbarry Road towards the outer ring road
Turning right on to the Outer Ring Road for 1.4 miles
Turning left at the Butlerstown Roundabout towards Kilmeadan for 1.1 miles
Turning on to Tramore Crossroad and continuing on to the Old Kilmeadan road back towards WIT Arena for the remaining 2.6 miles
Race packs and transfers
An post received all race packs this week and they now should have started to arrive. If you have not received your race pack before next Wednesday 27th please let us know. If you transferred your number after Monday the 25th the pack will already have been sent to you so you must make arrangements to get the pack to the new participant. Transfers will remain open until Tuesday 3rd. After this giving your number to someone else is strictly prohibited.

Waterford AC Half Marathon Organising Committee

Monday, November 25, 2019

Notice: Run Rudolph Run 5k in Castleisland, Kerry - Sun 1st Dec 2019

This Christmas 5 km race is coming up in Castleisland, Co.Kerry on Sunday the 1st of December 2019 at 11am.

The event is organised by An Ríocht AC and registration is at their clubhouse at the track in Castleisland.

More info about the location of the track and the race route can be seen HERE

From the organisers.... Run Rudolph Run 5k
This year the Run Rudolph Run 5k will be held on Sunday December 1st and we are hoping it will be bigger and better than ever. This is going to be a fantastically Christmassy, family orientated, fun event not focusing on the competitive element at all. 

Adult registration on the day €15. Children €5.


Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Waterford: Results of the Old Parish Turkey Trot - Sun 17th Nov 2019

There was a turnout of 124 runners for this years Old Parish Turkey Trot 5 mile near Dungarvan in West Waterford.

1ST MAN Raivis Zakis West Waterford A.C. 27.07.
2ND MAN Anthony Flynn    West Waterford A.C. 27.48
3RD MAN John O'Rourke    Ferrybank A.C.   27.53
1ST LADY Kealy Tideswell    West Waterford A.C. 34.12
2ND LADY Phyllis Flynn Stragglers A.C.    34.42
3RD LADY Stephanie Johnson Ind 35.13

The full results are HERE

a) West Waterford AC have a gallery HERE

Top 3 women in the 2019 Old Parish race (L-R) ... Phyllis Flynn (2nd), Stephanie Johnson (3rd) & Kealy Tideswell (1st)

Friday, November 15, 2019

Notice: Old Parish Turkey Trot 5 mile in Waterford - Sun 17th Nov 2019

This 5 mile race near Dungarvan in W Waterford is coming up on Sun 17th Nov 2019...

From the organisers.... On Sunday November 17th the 10th Annual Paddy Joe Curran Old Parish Turkey Trot 5 mile run and 4 mile walk will take place at the Marine Bar, Pulla, Dungarvan. The 4 mile walk will begin at 11 am, while the 5 mile run will get under way at 12 noon. Entry fee 8 euro/donation.

The walk will commence at 11am.

More info on the West Waterford AC website

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Training Programmes for the 2020 Dungarvan 10 mile...

Every year, I put together training programmes for groups of people training for the John Treacy 10 mile road race in Dungarvan.

If anyone is interested in following a programme tailored especially for a 10 mile race then here are the details...

a) Choice of 3 programmes based on training 3, 4 or 5 days a week.

b) Aimed at club & non-club runners who are targeting finish times between 65 and 95 mins.

c) The training programme is sent out by email every two weeks. There is email support if you have any questions about training or if you want to tweak the programme to suit your own schedule.

The programme starts on Monday the 18th of November and the cost is €30.

If you are interested then email johndesmondrunning AT gmail DOT com and outline how many days a week you want to train, your target time and some of your recent race times... 5k, 10mile, half-marathon.

Saturday, November 9, 2019

Clare: Sixmilebridge Marathon event cancelled

Every year in November, a race series is held in the village in Sixmilebridge. Co Clare and it usually consists of a half-marathon, a full marathon and an ultra marathon. It consisted of multiple loops on a one-mile circuit in the village.

Perhaps it's just a sign of the times but it has been cancelled this year due to lack of interest.

On the 1st of November, the organisers said it was 'filling up fast'?!?! Then on the 5th, it was announced that they might have to cancel it. And finally on the 9th of November, it was cancelled.

It had been due to take place on the 17th of November.

From the BMOH Facebook page....

1 Nov... Registration is filling up fast, every year we have let’s request from people looking for a place, we are limited to 200 participant, please book early to avoid disappointment....

5 Nov... Hi Everyone, Registration numbers are well down this year, if numbers do not significantly increase before Friday November 8th, We will unfortunately need to CANCEL this years event which we do not want to do, so if you are planning to run but have not registered yet , please do so before Friday. Thanks BMOH AC Committee

9 Nov 2019.... 2019 Bridge Loops CANCELLED. we are disappointed to inform all Athletes who have registered that this years event is cancelled due to low numbers. Apart from turning it into a loss making event for the Club, we also felt the low numbers would take from the atmosphere that is always created around the course when we have 200 people running. The Club will look to host some form of running event in 2020 to help bring top class runners back into our village. Again, we are very sorry to share this unfortunate news this evening. BMOH AC Commitee

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Notice: Clonmel 4k Series - Every Wed 30th Oct to 27th Nov 2019

Clonmel AC are organising a series of 4 km races every Wednesday evening from the 30th of October to the 27th of November 2019.

Some notes from Clonmel AC....O'Reilly Total Health Pharmacy 4K Series
This popular series of races gets underway at 7pm, outside the Brothers of Charity carpark, Race Headquarters, St Patrick’s Road, Silversprings, Clonmel. The dates of this year’s races are Wednesday 30th October 6th, 13th, 20th and 27th of November. 

The Club is very grateful to Barry Horgan for such generous sponsorship. This series of races caters for all levels of fitness and an ideal opportunity to keep fit and stay fit until the end of November. The entry fee for each race is 4 Euros and there will be a special prize for all participants that compete in three out of the first four races. There will also be an opportunity to win among the prizes each night, a very generous hamper, well worth entering for alone.

We have three rules that have to be strictly adhered to: 

Rule One: No High Viz, No Run, a bright yellow top is not a High Viz. 
Rule Two: Obey the stewards at all times, they are there for your safety as well as everyone else and they give of their time voluntarily. 
Rule Three: No Headphones.

Registration will take place at the Brothers of Charity carpark on St Patrick’s Road from 6.15pm onwards and we are indeed very grateful to the Brothers of Charity for the use of their carpark. We advise people to come early and enter as we are expecting a big entry. We will also have a special Hamper prize raffled off from all the race numbers handed in at the finish each night, so make sure to hand back you race number to give yourself a chance of winning this wonderful prize.

For further enquiries please contact Niall at 086 1660888.

Also go to

Preview...Directions, preview, maps, etc of the course can be seen HERE

Sunday, November 3, 2019

Sports First Aid Course in Limerick City - Sat 16th Nov 2019

This Sports First Aid course is coming up in the South Court Hotel in Limerick City on Saturday the 16th of November 2019.

The course runs from 9:30am to 4:30pm, costs €45 and is organised by Limerick Sports Partnership.

More info HERE