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Tipperary...Results & photos of the Cahir Run4Fun 4 mile road race - Wed 27th Apr 2016

From Clonmel AC...The 4th promotion of the Morrison BMW sponsored Cahir RUN4Fun 4 mile road race, promoted by Clonmel Athletic Club, took place last night in ideal running conditions with 365 athletes competing. This year's race nominated Charity was the Cahir Day Care Centre.

The race started outside Morrison BMW showrooms and Nigel O Flaherty (Clonmel AC) was the first man home.

1    O Flaherty Nigel      21:49    Clonmel AC    SM
2    McNamara Emmet      21:51    Unattached    SM
3    Lees Kieran      22:05    Mooreabbey Milers    SM
The Master awards winners for the Men were Kenny Curran (Ballynonty AC) who was 1st over 40 in 22 mins 32 secs with Dermot Hayes (Dundrum AC) 2nd in 22 mins 33 secs.

The Women's race was also very competitive with victory going to Clare Annan of Clonmel AC in 24 mins 3 secs.

9    Annan Claire      24:03    Clonmel AC    SW
20    Roche Aine      25:16    Clonmel AC    SW
24    Grogan Linda       25:32    Dundrum AC     SW
The Master Women's awards were won by Yvonne O Connor (Clonmel AC) 1st over 35 in 26 mins 17 secs with Suzanne Shine (Clonmel AC) 2nd over 35 in 26 min 34 secs.

The full results can be seen HERE

At the Presentation of the Prizes, Nicola Maunsell Vice Chairperson of Clonmel AC thanked the Garda, Civil Defence and the many stewards who ensured the whole event was a great success. Gary Morrison of Morrison BMW Cahir also thanked the many people who helped in any way to make the event such a success and in particular all his staff for all their hard work over the past couple of days. He was also delighted to have the Cahir Day Care Centre as the chosen Charity this year.

Then we had the Special draw where for every 12 athletes that crossed the finishing line one of them received a voucher and this was done by having Pre selected finishing positions drawn while the race was in progress. So the prizes were evenly distributed throughout the whole race and everyone had an equal chance of winning. This is the only event in Ireland that distributes the prizes in this way and the prizes varied from 100 Euros to 20 Euros.

The Lucky winners were as follows: Sammy Fogarty 11th, Brian O Gorman 19th, Emmet Prendergast 33rd, Barry Kent 48th, Vincent McHugh 55th, Thomas Hartigan 70th, Pat Hackett 77th, John Roche 85th, David Falvey 100th, Benny Walsh 105th, Mary Pyke 126th, Francis Murray 129th, Seamus Dorney 145th, Michelle Nugent 159th, Carol Tobin 169th, Marie O Reilly 185th, Deborah Ryan 198th, Julie White 213rd, Olive Gleeson 221st, Anne White 237th, Sarah Twomey 250th, Marie White 258th, Martina Butler 273rd, Sheila Slattery 285th, Glenda Myles 293rd, Karen O Brien 305th, Helen Cahill 317th, Marian O Mahoney 312nd, Patrick Peters 327th, Julie Tideswell 330th, Kathleen Meehan 334th, Sean English 346th, Deirdre Ui Shuilleabháin 351st and Rosie O Leary 353rd. Any prizes that were not collected were donated to the chosen charity.

1) Cahir News has a large gallery HERE

Waterford...Photos of the Angela Burns Memorial 10k - Sun 24th Apr 2016

No results were recorded for this 10k, just for the first two men and women.

Men's Race winner (sponsored by Clonmel Oil) - Brian Murphy (32:51), second place - Aaron Donnelly (36:55)
Women's Race winner (sponsored by Qualitile) - Elaine O' Donovan (40:37), second place - Aisling Ferguson 42:16).

1) Ferrybank GAA Hurling & Football Club have several groups of photos...#1...#2...#3...#4...
2) The organisers have a gallery HERE

Kerry...Results of the Asdee Half-Marathon & 10k - Sat 30th Apr 2016

The number for this event were very small with just 25 in the half-marathon and 27 in the 10k.

Asdee GAA Half Marathon & 10K 2016 - RESULTS
Half Marathon:
1 Sean O’Sullivan                  1:17:42
2 Patrick O’Connor               1:18:10 
3 Billy O’Brien                       1:21:38 
4 Robert Whyte                     1:24:56
5 Seamus Murphy                1:26:35
6 Jason Gavin                         1:27:08
7 Joe Walsh                            1:28:03
8 Anthony Kennedy             1:36:00
9 Annameria Costello            1:36:00  1st Female
10 Stephen Griffin                1:41:10
11 Susanne Nealon               1:42:28  2nd Female
12 James Pierce                    1:44:27
13 Seamus Falvey                 1:46:42
14 Niall Culhane                   1:48:28
15 Anthony O’Sullivan         1:53:18
16 Billy Walsh                       1:53:44
17 Les Galvin                         1:53:44
18 Donie Sullivan                  1:53:46
19 Pat Sheehy                       1:55:12
20 James Tobin                     1:58:00
21 Joe Sheehan                     2:02:22
22 Ivan Tydings                    2:07:10
23 Marion McElligott            2:07:56  3rd Female
24 Bridget Kissane               2:08:13
25 Stephen Dever                 2:26:41

1 Donal O’Callaghan             34:33 
2 David Power                       35:56 
3 Tommy O’Brien                  36:22
4 Donnochadh Griffin           40:11
5 Shay McCourt                     42:06
6 Sharon Cahill                      42:35  1st Female
7 Selena Nolan Culligan       42:54  2nd Female

8 Ollie O’Sullivan                   45:33
9 Nora Barry                          45:50 3rd Female
10 Elaine O’Keeffe                46:40
11 Padraig Buckley               48:29
12 Liz Heaslip                        48:38
13 Jerry Lynch                      49:13
14 Fintan Kiely                      53:51
15 Catherine O’Sullivan       54:03
16 Eilin Loibhead                  55:25
17 Fiona Enright                   57:07
18 Kevin Lynch                     1:02:08
19 Helen Sheehan                1:04:24
20 Catherine Byrne              1:08:08
21 Ann White                        1:08:34
22 Ena McEvoy                     1:09:22
23 Michelle Sheehy              1:09:22
24 Aisling Stack                     1:12:56
25 Mari O’Connor                 1:12:56
26 Paula Galvin                     1:20:01
27 Norita Moloney                1:20:01

Athletics Ireland announce club transfer list

Athletics Ireland have just announced the latest batch of club transfers for April 2016.

You can view it HERE

It includes adults and juveniles from all over the country. It's suprising just how many names are on the list although the mass exodus from Ballina AC to Moy Valley AC accounts for a large part of it.

At the end of December 2015, Ballina AC in Mayo had 577 members...300 juveniles and 277 they are a big club. Nearly 130 have now transferred to Moy Valley AC.

In Munster, the four that stand out are...

a) Waterford AC gaining 15 overall.

b) Midleton AC losing 11 overall with 6 going to Aghada AC which is a new club to the south.

c) North Cork AC gaining 11 overall.

d) Leevale AC gaining 13 overall.

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Kerry...Results of the Dingle Running & Fitness Festival - Fri 22nd to Sun 24th Apr 2016

This was the inaugural year of the Dingle Running & Fitness Festival and the numbers seemed to have been pretty good. There were 164 in the 5k race on Friday the 22nd, 194 in the 10k on Saturday the 23rd and 73 in the 10 mile race on Sunday the 24th.

All three routes were reported to be very hilly but the event as a whole was well organised.

The only real let down was the the quality of the results. They are in a database format and it's impossible to browse through the results to see if you recognise anyone. It's also impossible to link directly to the individual races. It's fine to link to the chip timing website for recent results but if you want to find old results, it' will be like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Looking through the results, it's not even possible to sort the results into the top women.

Probably the worst chip timing website I've seen to date.

You can look for the results here...

Kerry...Results of the Jack & Jill Run up the Hill 10k - Sat 23rd Apr 2016

This challenging 10k charity run was held in Kenmare, Co.Kerry on Sat 23rd Apr 2016. The numbers taking part were very small.

Kerry...Sat 23rd (3pm)...Jack & Jill Run up the Hill Charity 10k fun run/walk...Kenmare...

1.175 Tony Harty 37.47
2.159 Douglas Graham 44.03
3.277 Mary O Shea 45.11
4.180 Peter O Shea 45.25
5.177 Tom Johnson 46.21
6.59 Mark Riordan 47.09
7 241 Ger Morgan 47.25
8.369 Denis Naughton 47.31
9.294.Bobby Tangney 47.50
10.190 Ashley Mc Carthy 50.14
11. 176 Rosie Healy Rae 51.21

12. 174 Ita Kirwin 51.27
13.283 Kieran O Connor 52.43
14.58 Alfred Hensel 53.10
15.182.Liza Stapelbroek 53.11
16.183.Gobnait Ni Mhuimhneachan 53.34
17.223 Zak O Shea 54.09
18.104.Donna Harrington 54.21
19.11.Joan Wallis 56.27
20.234.Carol Hurley 56.39
21.203. Ian Sheehy 57.02
22.28.Mary Falvey 57.05
23.144. Pat Twomey 57.10
24 145.Shane Twomey 57.31
25.153 James Tobin 57.35

1) There are a small number of photos HERE

Limerick...Finish line video of the Joanne McMahon Thanksgiving Charity 10k & 5k walk in Castlemahon

Finish line video of the Joanne McMahon Thanksgiving Charity 10k & 5k walk in Castlemahon nr Newcastle West. Organised in association with West Limerick AC. Sun 17th Apr 2016.

Between the two distances there was over 1500 participants , roughly 800 for 10km/run/walk and 700 for 5km.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Kerry...Results of the MMRA Mangerton Trail Race - Sun 24th Apr 2016

Results of MMRA - Mangenton on 24 April 2016:

1 2001 Tom Blackburn M50 0:57:55
2 2026 Henry Browne M 0:59:26
3 2527 James Pittam M 0:59:56
4 2531 Jordan Richards M 1:00:20
5 1056 Conor Murphy M40 1:01:00
6 2007 Mark Horvarth M40 1:01:53
7 2032 Edward Casey M 1:02:15
8 2534 Stephen Mangan M 1:02:50
9 2028 Joe O'Leary M40 1:03:05 9
10 2034 Keith Ryan M50 1:03:09
11 2085 Enda Fitzmaurice M 1:04:26
12 2033 Ger Griffin M50 1:04:42
13 2139 Sean O Lionard M50 1:04:42
14 1051 Rob McEvoy M 1:04:52
15 2526 Brian Corbet M50 1:05:52
16 182 Micheal Mc Sweeney M40 1:06:04
17 2134 Richard Murray M40 1:06:54
18 2031 Linda O Connor F 1:07:53
19 60 Kieran Lynch M40 1:08:26
20 2533 Ben Geary M40 1:08:34
21 2535 Sebastien Wojs M 1:08:53
22 2013 David Bossonet M40 1:09:09
23 2503 Michael O Mulla M40 1:09:20
24 2095 Mary Louise Ryan F 1:10:11
25 2044 Michael Halahan M50 1:10:13
26 2121 Raymond Walsh M40 1:10:36
27 2035 Gary Healy M40 1:10:43
28 2055 Robbie Williams M 1:10:47
29 2046 BarryWilliams M50 1:12:24
30 2027 Willie O Donoghue M50 1:12:56
31 2076 Jeremy Kelleher M40 1:13:26
32 2504 Patrick Moynihan M40 1:13:27
33 2118 Robert Cunningham M 1:14:20
34 2525 Micheal O Donoghue M60 1:14:58
35 2091 John O Donovan M50 1:15:10
36 2005 Ewan Cunningham J 1:15:45
37 2510 Richard Forrest M40 1:16:11
38 2524 Anthony Russel M60 1:16:23
39 2017 Ide D Kelleher F40 1:16:52
40 2094 Michael Kilkelly M40 1:16:53
41 2059 Derek Whelan M 1:17:34
42 481 Marie O Shea F 1:18:17
43 2528 Damien Courtney M40 1:18:19
44 2530 Niall O'Rahilly Drew M 1:19:24
45 2018 Matthew Branch M40 1:19:57
46 844 Tina Reed F50 1:21:58
47 1052 Evin Allen M 1:22:43
48 429 Barry McCarthy M40 1:24:05
49 2514 Denis Carroll M50 1:24:10
50 2074 Liam O Buachalla M50 1:25:15
51 2522 Pat Cleary M60 1:26:26
52 2096 Fiona Roberts F40 1:26:29
53 2126 Jerry Twohig M60 1:26:39
54 2532 Kerana McCarthy F 1:29:20
55 2523 Liam Ellis Roberts M 1:30:10
56 1274 Dusan Vucen M 1:30:29
57 2109 Ita Kirwan F40 1:35:15
58 2056 Tommy Sheehan M60 1:36:20
59 2064 Debbie McCarthy F40 1:36:23
60 2052 Mary Cotter F50 1:45:36
61 2536 Michelle O Grady F 1:45:45
62 2003 Patricia Ryan F 1:46:15
63 2116 David Kiely M50 1:47:53
64 372 Honor Hayes F 1:51:50 

1) The IMRA have a gallery up on their website HERE

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Kerry...Photos of the Knocknagoshel 5k fun run/walk - Sat 23rd Apr 2016

About 100 adults and children turned out for this 5k fun run in Knocknagoshel in Kerry. Photos of the event can be seen HERE

Tipperary...Results of the Faugheen 5k - Fri 22nd Apr 2016

This was the fifth running of this particular race and numbers were down somewhat this year. A total of 130 runners took part, down 20% from the 162 of 2015.

1 0:15:45 SHEIL, Niall St Killians Senior Men 05:04.1
2 0:15:49 MOORE, Kevin Dundrum Senior Men 05:05.3 
3 0:15:56 MURPHY, Damien West Waterford Senior Men 05:07.6
26 0:18:13 MALONE, Sylvia Waterford AC Ladies Over 40 05:51.7
30 0:18:42 HORE, Anna Leigh Kilmore ac Senior Ladies 06:01.0
32 0:19:01 DULLAGHAN, Suzanne Waterford AC Ladies Over 40 06:07.1 

The full results can be seen HERE

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Waterford...Results of the Butlerstown 4 mile road race - Fri 15th Apr 2016

The Butlerstown 4 mile road race near Waterford City was held on Friday the 15th of April and attracted a large field of 316 runners. This was 2nd race of 11 in the Ger Wyley Sports/SKINS Summer Series.



Men’s Results
1. Trevor Power Waterford AC 20.46
2. Niall Sheil St Killians AC 21.10
3. Eoin Lyons Waterford Tri 21.53
4. John Hayden Waterford Tri 22.41
1st O/40 Des Colbert Waterford AC 23.10
1st O/45 P.J. Guinan Waterford AC 23.28
1st O/50 Ray Hahesy West Waterford AC 24.11
1st O/55 Walter Keane Waterford AC 24.21
1st.O/60  Sylvie O'Mahony Youghal AC 29.05
1st Junior Evan O'Connell IND 29.44

Ladies Results
1. Jackie Carty Kilmore AC 23.54
2. Sylvia Malone IND 24.39
3. Anna Leigh Hore Kilmore AC 24.53
4. Sally Forrestal St.Josephs AC 24.59
1st O/35 Joan Mahony Waterford AC 26.13
1st O/40 Adele Walsh St Senans AC 25.10
1st O/45 Diane Behan Waterford AC 28.46
1st O/50 Gabrielle Blair Waterford AC 29.41
1st O/60 Mary Francis Waterford AC 37.43
1st Junior Orla Queally Ferrybank AC 27.07 

The full results can be seen HERE

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Tipperary...Race notice for the Cahir Run4Fun 4 mile road race - Wed 27th Apr 2016

This 4 mile road race is coming up in Cahir, South Tipperary on Wednesday, the 27th Apr 2016...

With it being so close to the M8 motorway, it should attract runners from a wide catchment area.

Directions...Cahir is located in the south of Tipperary, just off the M8 motorway from Cork to Dublin...

If you are coming from the motorway, follow all the signs for Cahir. This will take you into the centre of the town and this T-junction shown below. Cahir Castle is about 300m to your left but you need to turn right here and drive up the hill. The start line is outside Morrisons Garage which you will see on the left.

Course......The 4 mile race takes in a loop to the south and west of the town...

Race HQ is Morrisons Garage with the race starting and finishing just outside.

You can see a full preview of the course with photos here...

From Clonmel AC...RUN4FUN 4 Mile Road race in aid of Cahir Day Care Centre

This event promoted by Clonmel Athletic Club and sponsored by Morrison BMW Cahir takes place on Wednesday next, April 27th, at 7.30pm. Last year’s event was a brilliant success with 366 athletes competing. This event over 4 miles caters for all levels of ability from Walkers to joggers to athletes. For every participant there will be a donation made the Cahir Day Care Centre in their fundraising for a new minibus, so the more participants the more funds this worthy cause will benefit from.

The race will start on the Clogheen road outside Morrison BMW Garage and the athletes will proceed out the Clogheen road turning right before Cahir Golf Club. From here they will proceed for about 2k to the Mitchelstown Road where they will turn right and head for Cahir with the race finishing outside Morrison BMW premises.

There will be Cash Prizes for the following categories:
1st 2 Senior Men, 1st 2 Master Men 0/40 and over.
1st 2 Senior Women, 1st 2 Master Women 0/35 and over.

There will also be a lot of Cash Prizes allocated in an Open Draw on finishing positions during the race. This type of competition will see prizes allocated to athletes right down throughout the race. Among these prizes there will be a prize of €100 as well as many other Cash Prizes. One prize per athlete.

The Entry fee will be €10 and entries will be taken on the night at Morrison BMW, Cahir from 6pm onwards. This race has an Athletic Ireland Permit. There will also be Post race refreshments. This event will be chip timed by Premier Timing Systems. This event is also part of the very successful South Tipp Physio 500K team Challenge.

For further Enquiries please contact Niall O Sullivan at 086 1660888.

Tipperary...Results of the Clonmel AC 6km race - Wed 20th Apr 2016

The 4th and final race in the Morrison BMW Cahir sponsored 6k series was held in Clonmel, Tipperary on Wednesday the 20th of April 2016. A total of 260 runners took part on what was a lovely sunny evening.

1    Jimmy Boland      20:45    Fantastic Five    385
2    Emmet Mc Namara      20:58    The Speed Merchants    380
3    Colm Ryan      21:14    Individual    379
23    Linda Grogan      24:16    O Gormans Bakery    226
25    Aine Roche      24:22    O Gormans Bakery    223
34    Phil Ryan      24:40    Individual    377

The full results can be seen HERE

1) Tipperary Photos have a nice colourful gallery HERE

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Notice...The Brendan Kinane 5k, Dundrum, Tipperary - Wed 4th May 2016

Following the sudden death of club member Brendan Kinane in Dec 2015, the members of Dundrum AC in Tipperary have organised a 5km road race in his honour. It starts at 8pm on Wednesday the 4th of May 2016.

In terms of 5k courses, this is one of the fastest in Tipperary and Munster.

 The current course record of 15:20 (Coillte 5k for juniors) is held by Jason Fahy. Prizes for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 1st in the Over Categories for both Males and Females. The entry fee on the night is €10 and there is chip timing.

The village of Dundrum is located about 9 miles to the NW of Cashel.

Course Preview.......You can find a full preview of the course with maps and photos HERE

From Dundrum AC....The race is in memory of a great club mate of ours and athlete that is fondly remembered by everyone for many clubs throughout Tipperary.

The following words are from our Chairman John Moore shortly after Brendan’s passing.
On Wednesday 16th December 2015 the sudden death of Brendan Kinane stunned everyone that knew him. I first met Brendan in 2006 after he had returned from Japan where he had spent over a decade working in the Horse racing scene.

I remember seeing him at our annual summer road race in Dundrum which he was taking part in. Word had it that this lightly built lad was training with some of his Ballydoyle colleagues in Clonmel. Not long after he had joined our athletic club in Dundrum.

Brendan brought great enthusiasm to the club and quickly immersed himself in all club activities. His responsible work in the world famous Ballydoyle racehorse training facility where one wrong move could cost millions of euros meant he was meticulous in whatever he did.

He quickly immersed himself in the training sessions with the club. He took one of our younger athletes the then sixteen year old Kevin Moore under his wing and they had many training sessions together. He organised training sessions with his great friend Michael Ryan along the roads around Cashel for the club athletes based in that area. His outgoing personality meant he built up a great relationship with athletes from all clubs.

Road running was his favourite discipline and he took great pride especially this year when he beat some established performers in the over fifty category. But above all Brendan's great legacy in the few short years we new him was what he contributed to the club. His work in laying out cross country and road race courses for competition when the club hosted races was a huge help to the club. He was also available whenever asked to assist at our twice weekly juvenile training sessions. He was the driving force along with Michael Ryan to honour the people with a presentation who kept the clubs annual summer road race going every year for the past thirty years last July. He took on the role of club PRO and only filed his last report on the County Senior and Junior Cross Country on the eve of his death.

His popularity was there to be seen at the removal of his remains to Knockavilla Church and burial the following day in Ardmayle Cemetery where his work colleagues from the horse racing family, athletic community, neighbours and friends were in attendance. The funeral cortege was met with a guard of honour on arrival to Knockavilla church organised by Dundrum Athletic Club and joined by other athletic clubs from the county,the local Knockavilla Kickams GAA club and the Dundrum Badminton Club where Brendan was also a member.

Sincere sympathy from Dundrum Athletic Club and all other athletic clubs in the County also from Tipperary Athletics County Board to Brendan's wife Ruth daughter Ava mother Rose sister Ann her husband John and the extended Kinane and Stapleton families. Thanks for the memories Brendan may you rest in peace.

Kerry...Results & Photos of the Castleisland 10 mile and 5km road race - Sun 17th Apr 2016

2016 saw a welcome jump in numbers in both the 10 mile and 5km road race. A total of 193 turned out for the 10 mile race which is up 51% on last year. The 5k race saw a 21% increase in numbers with 236 taking part.

RUN KINGDOM COME 10 Mile.....Top 5 men and women
1 Tim O Connor (1580) 00:53:45 Ages 40 - 49 Male
2 Donal O Callaghan (1570) 00:55:05 Senior Male
3 Niall Shanahan (1673) 00:56:00 Senior Male
4 Sean O'Sullivan (1586) 00:56:27 Senior Male
5 Michael Harrington (1645) 00:57:06 Ages 40 - 49 Male
18 Deirdre NAGLE (1237) 01:05:08 Senior Female (1)
23 Sharon Cahill (1573) 01:07:11 Ages 50 - 59 Female (2)
26 Catriona Barry (1564) 01:07:47 Ages 40 - 49 Female (3)
41 O'shea MARY (1210) 01:12:44 Senior Female (4)
49 Elaine O Keeffe (1631) 01:14:50 Ages 40 - 49 Female (5)

RUN KINGDOM COME 5km.....Top 5 men and women
1 Michael O'REGAN (1523) 00:15:57 Senior (1) Male (1)
3 Paudie O Keeffe (1375) 00:18:15 Ages 40 - 49 (1) Male (2)
4 Kevin MCCARTHY (1541) 00:18:41 Senior (2) Male (3)
5 John Mc Gillycuddy (1412) 00:18:43 Senior (3) Male (4)
6 Robert Purcell (1413) 00:18:57 Ages 40 - 49 (2) Male (5)
2 Martina Kiely (1414) 00:18:02 Senior (1) Female (1)
7 Niamh O'Sullivan (1397) 00:19:00 Ages 50 - 59 (1) Female (2)
14 Catherine O SULLIVAN (1207) 00:21:12 Senior (2) Female (3)
16 Mary O'Connor (1441) 00:21:18 Ages 40 - 49 (1) Female (4)
29 Liz Heaslip (1363) 00:22:53 Ages 50 - 59 (2) Female (5)

The full results can be seen HERE

1) Peter Murphy has a large gallery of photos HERE

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Kerry...Results of the MCI Marathon & Half-Marathon in Listowel - Sat 2nd Apr 2016

A total of 108 runners took part in this MCI event in Listowel...37 in the Half-Marathon and 71 in the full marathon.

The results can be seen HERE

Limerick...Results of the Ballysteen 10k - Sat 16th Apr 2016

A total of 63 people took part in this race in Ballysteen in Co.Limerick...27 in the 10k and 36 in the 5k.

Race Position    Name    Race No    Time    Club/Address
1    Carmody, Michael    309    33.07    An Bru AC
2    Cremin, JJ    266    37.36    An Bru AC
3    Hayes, Don    312    39.32    0
4    Burke, John    270    41.43    0
5    Culligan, Selenia    275    42.41    Fergus AC
6    Cremin, Michael    265    43.00    An Bru AC
7    Sheedy, Bryan    311    43.11    0
8    Culligan, Anthony    274    44.23    Fergus AC
9    O'Connell, Pat    313    45.45    0
10    McNamara, Gerard    281    46.26    0
11    Quirke, Seamus    278    46.33    0
12    Dennigan, Tom    272    47.29    0
13    Lawlor, Dympna    273    47.5    West Limerick
14    Mulcahy, Niamh    315    48.15    West Limerick

15    Fitzgerald, Seamus    277    48.17    0
16    McCarty, Michael    271    48.32    West Limerick
17    Neville, Pakie    331    49.15    0
18    Clancy, Brian    276    49.36    0
19    Sheehy, Pat    290    50.37    0
20    Sheehy, Niall    310    50.40    0
21    O'Regan, Jeni    267    51.10    West Limerick
22    Carrig, Olivia    316    52.52    0
23    Lenihan, Kevin    284    55.31    0
24    Stokes, AnneMarie    285    55.31    0
25    Sheehy, Edel    269    56.19    0
26    Hartigan, John    268    56.20    0
27    Leahy, Noelle    314    57.05    West Limerick

5k Result           
Race Position    Name    Race No    Time
1    Ryan, Anthony    287    21.15
2    Ranahan, Mark    279    21.27
3    Murphy, Padraic    327    23.27
4    O'Brien, Emmet    334    24.38
5    Vial, Emily    339    26.28
6    Heelan, Mike    333    28.02
7    Moroney, Caroline    286    31.5
8    Foley, Tara    288    33.32

9    Stokes, Breda    283    34.35
10    Shanahan, Theresa    337    37.04
11    Shanahan, Ciara    338    37.04
12    Dunne, Johnny    292    40.50
13    Magner, Eimear    289    43.28
14    Ranahan, Mary    332    43.28
15    Maune, Diane    319    44.28
16    Fitzgerald, Evelyn    318    44.28
17    Fitrzgerald, Anna    317    44.28
18    Costelloe, Evan    295    47.59
19    Mulcahy, Maeve    330    47.59
20    James Daly    298    46.30
21    Meehan, Lisa    336    46.30
22    Gammell, Brian    299    46.30
23    Mulcahy, Deirdre    328    48.00
24    Mulcahy, Fionn    329    48.00
24    Shanahan, Rosie    296    50.34
25    Shanahan, Lilly    297    50.34
26    Costelloe, Rachel    294    50.34
27    Maune, Emma    321    51.33
28    Maune, Jack    320    51.33
29    Maune, Sarah    322    51.33
30    Costelloe, Siobhan    293    51.56
31    Anglim, Biddy    335    54.36
32    O'Shaughnessy, Kathleen    323   
33    O'Shaughnessy, Conor    324   
34    McGrath, Mary    282   
35    Condon, Oonagh    325   
36    Condon, Paddy    326

Tipperary...Results & photos of the County Road Championships - Sun 17th Apr 2016

The Tipperary County Road Championships were held in the village of Dundrum on Sunday the 17th of April 2016. A total of 92 club runners took part with 33 in the women's race and 48 in the men's. A further 11 juniors also took part.

The full results can be seen HERE

1) Tipperary Athletics have a small gallery HERE

Clare...Results of the Cooraclare 10k - Sun 17th Apr 2016

A small crowd of just 68 people took part in the the Flan Mc Mahon Memorial 10k Road Race in Cooraclare , Co Clare on Sunday 17 April 2016.

1 40:02    DERMOT GALVIN,     St Johns AC    M 
2 40:40    JAMES FLANAGAN,     Kilmurry Ibrickane/North Clare M
3 44:16    RONAN DONNELLAN,     Kilmurry Ibrickane/North Clare Junior Men
7 48:19    MARIAN DOWNES,     Kilmihil    F
8 49:05    MAIREAD KELLY,     Westport AC    F 
9 49:08    MAURA FALSEY,     Kilmurry Ibrickane/North Clare F 

The full results can be seen HERE

Monday, April 18, 2016

Tipperary...Results of the Clonmel AC 6km race - Wed 13th Apr 2016

From Clonmel AC........Race 3 report and all the winners - Great racing in Race 3 of the Morrison BMW Cahir sponsored 6k series
Race 3 of the Morrison BMW Cahir sponsored 6k road race series took place in very good weather conditions tonight and it was brilliant to see 318 athletes compete, a record entry for race 3 of this series. 

We had fantastic entries for this series of races, the Practise race had 254 athletes competing, race 1 had 334 athletes competing, Race 2 had 336 athletes competing and 318 athletes tonight, brilliant and thanks to everyone who made this series of races such a success. Once again the Club is indebted to Morrison BMW Cahir for their very generous sponsorship. 

Competition was very keen throughout all the Divisions and the majority of the final placings were only decided tonight. Indeed great credit must go to all the team Captains for encouraging all their teams to compete and it was just brilliant. In the race itself Emmet McNamara of the Speed Merchants ran very well when winning in 21 mins 7 secs with Kenny Curran 2nd in 21 mins 45 secs and Bernard Feery (South Tipp Physio) 3rd in 21 mins 56 secs. The top three women were Claire Annan (Fantastic Five)1st in 22 mins 36 secs, 2nd Aine Roche (O Gorman’s Bakery) 24 misn 24 sec and 3rd Siobhan McHugh (MSD Team 1) 3rd in 24 mins 47 secs.
1 Emmet Mc Namara    The Speed Merchants      21:07   
2 Kenny Curran    Individual      21:45   
3 Bernard Feery    South Tipp Physio      21:56   
6 Claire Annan    Fantastic Five      22:36     
31 Aine Roche    O Gormans Bakery      24:24   
38 Siobhan McHugh    MSD Team 1      24:47    

The full results can be found on the Clonmel AC website HERE

Limerick...Results of the UL Rowing Club 5k - Thurs 14th Apr 2016

The result of the 10th and final race in the series can be seen HERE

Clare...Results of the Kilnaboy 10 mile road race - Sun 10th Apr 2016

A large crowd of 422 runners turned out for this years Kilnaboy 10 mile road race. As can be seen from the chart below, it's a drop on last years numbers but still a very good turnout for a 10 mile race in Co.Clare.

This is very much in line with the other races in the Run Clare series which were down this year.

One thing that the chart doesn't show is how much the race has changed in the last two years. Prior to 2015, the race attracted a lot more of the faster runners. For example in 2011, 37 out of 195 ran sub 65 mins....about 19%.

In the last two years, it has become more of a mass participation event with larger numbers but with a lot of the faster runners missing. In 2016, just 8 out of 422 runners broke 65 mins....just 2%.

There is nothing right or wrong about this, it is what it is. Larger numbers mean that the host club earns more money which in turn helps fund its activities. As you can see from the chart about, the race has a long history and would have been considered in the past to be one of the serious 10 mile road races in Munster along with Dungarvan, Ballycotton and Mallow. That's no longer the case.

2  LARRY     ARTHUR     58.38     M40     DERG AC
3 WILLIE     DEVITT     60.21     MO     Kilmurry Ibrickane
17 DEE     GRADY     66.42     FS     ATHENRY AC
37 MARY     CAHILL     70.42     F35     ENNIS TRACK

Full results

1) John O'Neill has a gallery HERE

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Limerick...Results of the Jacinta O'Brien Plassey 10k - Sun 10th Apr 2016

The numbers for this race were well down this year with just 100 taking part. The wet weather obviously had an impact but I'm not sure if it would explain such a big drop.

Matt    Horrigan    Male    0:33:21
Niall    Shanahan    Male    0:33:22
Dermot    Hayes    Male    0:37:12
Annamaria    Costello    Female    0:42:14
Catriona    Dowling    Female    0:43:14
Rachel    Clancy    Female    0:43:33

The full results can be seen HERE

1) ILoveLimerick has an album HERE

Tipperary...Results of the Thurles Squash Club 5k - Sun 10th Apr 2016

64 people took part in the Thurles Squash Club 5K on Sun 10th Apr 2016.
Position    Athlete's Name    Club / Location    Time    Gender
1 Mick Traynor    Raheny Shamrocks A C        17:04    Male
2 John Fitzgibbon    Thurles Crokes A C        17:11    Male
3 William Stephens    Killenaule        17:46    Male
5 Margaret  Danagher    Templemore A C        19:36    Female
11 Phil Ryan    Ballynonty A C        21:13    Female
12 Sandra Fitzpartick    Ballyroan A C        21:40    Female 

The fill results can be seen HERE

Saturday, April 16, 2016



An Evening with Frank Greally and Jerry Kiernan With the Olympics Games in Rio only months away, Galway sports fans will have the chance to spend an entertaining evening in the company of two of the legendary figures of Irish athletics in the Raheen Woods Hotel in Athenry on Wednesday the 20th of April next at 08:00pm. Runners of all levels will have something to look forward on what promises to be a great night.

This FREE event is hosted by Athenry AC to mark the occasion of the launch on the Athenry AC Half-Marathon which takes place on the 25th of June next in Monivea.

Editor of Irish Runner magazine since 1981, Frank Greally is a familiar figure to runners all over the country. A Mayo man by birth, Frank has lived a full life since the days he graced the roads around Ballyhaunis as a young man with his prodigious athletic talent. Frank broke the Irish junior 10,000m record in August 1970 in a time of 30:17, a record that stands to this day. He translated his outrageous talent for athletics into a scholarship at East Tennessee State University where he ran with ‘The Irish Brigade’ which included Neil Cusack, Ray McBride, Kevin Breen and the Leddy brothers, PJ and Eddie. Frank will be signing copies of his new book ‘Running Full Circle’ on the night.

Jerry Kiernan will also be a familiar figure to sports fans all over the country through his running, coaching and media work. As a young man in Listowel, Co. Kerry Jerry had three stated ambitions.

He aspired to being a teacher, he wanted to run a mile in less than four minutes and he wanted to be an Olympian. Remarkably, he has achieved all three of those ambitions during a long and successful career in sport. Amongst his many other achievements, he can count Irish records over both 3,000m and 2-miles, and a 9th place finish in the Olympic marathon in Los Angeles in 1984. Jerry currently coaches a number of the best distance runners in the country.

Athenry Athletics Club invites all sports fans to join these two legendary figures and many other guests in conversation at the Raheen Woods on the evening of March 20th at 08:00pm for an entertaining evening of athletics memories and more. More information on facebook at

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Notice...Joanne Mcmahon Thanksgiving Fundraiser Run & Walk, Castlemahon Co.Limerick - Sun 17th Apr 2016

This 10km run will be held in Castlemahon to the SE of Newcastle West in Co.Limerick on Sunday the 17th of April 2016. All proceeds go to the St James Hospital Burns Unit.

From the organisers....The Joanne Mcmahon thanksgiving fundraiser, in aid of the St James hospital Burns unit, takes place on Sunday 17th April 2016 from Castlemahon Community hall. The fundraiser takes place in the form of a 90k/40k cycle, 10k run and 5k fun walk. All support is much appreciated. While registering is Free of charge, we hope that all will contribute generously on the day with their valuable contributions and sponsorship cards:

Entries HERE

If you are unable to make this brilliant event, and want to contribute to the cause, click on the following link to donate now online:

Thanking you in advance...Joanne & the fundraising committee

Preview......You can find a preview of the course with maps and photos HERE

Background story...Irish Examiner 5th Dec 2015

Waterford...Results & photos of the Ballinroad 5k race - Fri 8th Apr 2016

The first race of 11 in the Ger Wyley Sport / SKINS Summer Series kicked off on Friday evening the 8th of April 2016 with the Ballinroad 5k in Dungarvan. A total of 320 runners took part in this race and that represents a welcome 15.5% increase on the 2015 numbers. A whopping 133 of the total came from the host club West Waterford AC.

1 KEANE Barry M 89 Senior Waterford A.C. 00:15:49
2 MURPHY Damian M 144 Senior West Waterford A.C. 00:16:19
3 SWABY Brian M 195 Senior Waterford A.C. 00:16:42
35 FORRISTAL Sally F 251 Senior St. Joseph's A.C. 00:19:04
41 ROCHE Aine F 183 Senior Clonmel A.C. 00:19:22
43 DULLAGAHAN Suzanne F 275 O/40 Waterford A.C. 00:19:35

The full results can be seen HERE

1) The organisers have a few HERE

Photos by DC Images

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Results of the Munster Novice, Senior & Masters 4 Mile Road Championships...Sun 3rd Apr 2016

The Munster Novice, Senior & Master 4 Mile Road Championships were held last Sunday the 3rd of April 2016 in Kilnaboy, Co. Clare. There was a modest sized turnout with 91 in the mens race and 55 in the womens.

Michael Harty, Sean Hehir & James McCarthy

1 Sean Hehir Rathfarnham W.S.A.F. A.C. Clare 19:12
2 Michael Harty East Cork A.C. Cork 19:20
3 James McCarthy East Cork A.C. Cork 19:46

In the womens race, it was a case of a 4 mile time trial for Shona Heaslip as she finished almost 3 minutes ahead of the rest of the field.
1 Shona Heaslip An Riocht A.C. Kerry 21:41
2 Niamh O'Sullivan An Riocht A.C. Kerry 24:34
3 Marie Murphy St. Finbarrs A.C. Cork 24:42

The full results can be seen HERE

Looking through the results, there was no one from Co.Waterford in either the mens or womens race. Last year, it was held in Killmallock, Co.Limerick and the numbers were larger...113 men and 74 women....perhaps because it was a more central location? 

Members of Ennis Track AC

Friday, April 8, 2016

Notice...Annual Ger Wyley Sports / SKINS Summer Road Race Series, Waterford - Apr to Aug 2016

The annual Ger Wyley Sports / SKINS Summer Road Race Series will start on Friday the 8th of April and continue until the 19th of August 2016. Organised by West Waterford AC, there are a total of 11 races in the series.



Race 1...Ballinroad 5k...Fri 8th April 2016 (7pm) on WWAC website...

Race 2...Butlerstown 4 mile...Fri 15th April 2016 (7pm) on WWAC website...

Race 3...Waterford to Tramore 7.5 mile...Sat 30th April 2016 (7pm) on WWAC website...

Race 4...Ardmore 5 mile...Fri 20th May 2016 (8pm) on WWAC website...

Race 5...Touraneena 5k...Fri 27th May 2016 (8pm) on WWAC website...

Race 6...Clashmore 5 mile...Fri 10th June 2016 (8pm) on WWAC website...

Race 7...Dromana 5 mile...Fri 17th June 2016 (8pm) on WWAC website...

Race 8...Rás Na Rinne 6 mile (approx)...Fri 1st July 2016 (8pm) on WWAC website...

Race 9...Ballymacarbry 5 mile...Fri 22nd July 2016 (7:30pm) on WWAC website...

Race 10...Marine Climb 6 mile...Fri 5th August 2016 (7:30pm) on WWAC website...

Race 11...GSK 5 mile, Dungarvan...Fri 19th August 2016 (7:30pm) on WWAC website...

From West Waterford AC........The famed Ger Wyley Sports/SKINS Summer Series heads into its 22nd year and is the only 11 race summer race programme in the country. From the off West Waterford AC would sincerely like to thank Ger Wyley of Wyley Sports and Footwear Dungarvan for his continued sponsorship of the Series. This year, the 11 race programme run's throughout the summer months from April to August with a diverse programme of events which holds something in it for everyone distance and terrain wise.

In thanking Ger we must also sincerely thank SKINS for their huge contribution to our series and especially to David McCarthy, the Irish sales manager for SKINS.

The annual Ger Wyley Sports/SKINS Summer Series in West Waterford gets under way on Friday 8th April with the 3rd Annual M T S Broadband Ballinroad 5k road race. There is an 11 race programme during the summer months, culminating in the GSK 5 mile on Friday August 19th.

For further information please contact James 086-8184762 or   info AT westwaterfordathletics DOT org


A few years ago  the club reduced its race entry fee to 5 euro and the results was increased numbers participating in our events, this year once again indeed for the fourth year in succession we have decided to continue this trend with a 5 euro entry fee for club organised races in the series when you enter online.

This you will agree is brilliant value and is not repeated by any other race series anywhere taking into consideration also that our races are chipped timed with no added cost to you the runner.( where else now would you get that value). Please note if you wait to enter any of the series races until the night of the race you will pay 8 euro for our club organised events, so it basically pays to pre enter for the 5 euro.

The overall prize fund for the series will remain the same as last year and this is achievable with thanks to the generosity of our great sponsors. We will continue with the same prize fund for this year also. As a non-profit making club which has always strived to cater for all levels of participants and promoted itself as having events organised for runners by runners, we know from the feedback that runners appreciated the effort’s being made by our club in this matter and participants from far and near came and supported our events . We're really looking forward to seeing runners of all standards back again this coming summer series. But remember save yourself money and get your online race entry in.


We will continue this year with the rewards system where any runner that completes 6 out of the 11 races will once again qualify for a SKINS voucher redeemable at Ger Wyley’s Sports to the value of €30. Best value summer series in the country.

For more information on the race series, visit the West Waterford AC website

Ger Wyley Sports is open Monday to Saturday 9.30am to 6pm. Located in WYLEY SPORTS O'Connell st Dungarvan and Dungarvan Shopping Centre.

Located in the heart of Dungarvan town, Ger Wyley Sports is the largest sports store in the south east stocking name brands such as Nike, Adidas, Umbro, Canterbury, Helly Hanson, Puma, Azzuri, O'Neills, Myrco etc. They have been in business since 1989.

Kerry...Results of the Kerry Road Race Championships - Sun 20th Mar 2016

These results appeared online over the last few days. A total of 20 men and 21 women took part in the Kerry Road Championships on Sunday the 20th of March 2016 in Beaufort.

Kerry Road Race Championships...Beaufort 20th March 2016
1. Tim O’Connor (An Riocht) 15.24
2. A O’Neill (Iveragh) 15.34
3. Donal O’Callaghan (An Riocht) 15.36
6. Shona Heaslip (An Riocht) 16.18 1st Senior Women
19. Niamh O’Sullivan (An Riocht) 18.43 2nd Senior Women
21. Sharon Cahill (An Riocht) 1st O50 Women 

The full results can be seen HERE

Results of the UL Rowing Club 5k...Thurs 31st Mar & 7th Apr 2016

The results of the University of Limerick Rowing Club 5k on Thurs 31st March and 7th of April can be seen HERE

Tipperary...Results of the Clonmel AC 6km race - Wed 6th Apr 2016

The second race of four in the Clonmel AC Morrison BMW 6k race series was held on Wed 6th Apr 2016 and attracted a very large field of 336 runners, just two more than last week.

1 Nigel O Flaherty  Boston Scientific Team A  21:05
2 Andrew Smyth  Individual   21:46
3 Emmett McNamara  The Speed Merchants  22:03
8 Clare Annan   Fantastic Five    22:27
40 Kealey Tideswell  Fun Runners   25:08
41 Aine Roche O Gormans Bakery  25:09

The full results can be seen on the Clonmel AC website HERE

Race report from Clonmel AC HERE

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Kerry...Results of the Kerryhead / Ballyheigue Family Resources 10k run - Sun 3rd Apr 2016

Kerryhead / Ballyheigue 10km Results 03-04-2016

Split 1: 00:35:16 Patrick O connor
Split 2: 00:36:10 Tommy O Brien
Split 3: 00:40:05 Jason Gavin
Split 4: 00:42:03 Kevin Delaney
Split 5: 00:43:18 Gearoid Pierce
Split 6: 00:44:03 Vincent Beagley
Split 7: 00:44:58 Anthony Kennedy
Split 8: 00:44:58 Ann Marie Costello (1st female)
Split 10: 00:45:42 Aaron James (First Local Male)
Split 11: 00:46:01 Denis Naughton
Spilt 12  00: 46:34 Francis flaherty
Split 13: 00:46:35 Diarmuid Walsh
Split 14: 00:46:40
Split 15: 00:48:59 Philip Healy
Split 16: 00:50:02 Thomas Redmond
Split 17: 00:50:03 Sean Kenny
Split 18: 00:50:22 Emer Casey (2nd Female)
Split 19: 00:50:23 Alan Casey
Split 20: 00:50:39 Mick Harkin
Split 21: 00:50:40 Ned Flahive
Split 22: 00:50:41 Chris Treanor
Split 23: 00:50:58 John Leen
Split 24: 00:51:03 Mark Stack
Split 25: 00:52:44 Marian Godley (1st female Local)
Split 26: 00:52:48 Aine Quane (3rd female)
Split 27: 00:52:52 Robert Leen
Split 28: 00:53:31 Marian Mcelligott
Split 29: 00:53:58 Eilin Lioibhead
Split 30: 00:54:21 Anne Lee
Split 31: 00:56:21 Luke Graham / Ger grady
Split 32: 00:57:09 Mike Gavin
Split 34: 01:00:53 Sinead McDonell
Split 35: 01:05:34 Deirdre UI Chonchuir

Donal Leahy     21:40
James Daley     22:36
Tomas Gaynor  25:33
Shannon Quille  27:37
Ursula Barrett    27:37
Sabrina Sprawl   32:06

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Tipperary...Results of the Killea 5k & 10 mile road race - Sun 3rd Apr 2016

This new event in Killea, Tipperary attracted a modest number of numbers...111 in the 10 mile and 112 in the 5k.

Killea 10 Mile Road Race Results             
1    Tony Fogarty    Templemore AC        55:59
2    David Sweeney    Laois        59:59
3    Derrick Leahy    Horse and Jockey      1:00:52
11    Lisa Murphy    Laois      1:06:17
30    Aoife Carroll    Mallow AC      1:11:46

36    Margaret Dooley    Birr AC      1:13:53

Killea 5K Road Race results
1    Michael Murry    Borrisoleigh Track Attack        18:27
3    Tom Butler    Clonmel AC        19:49
4    Brendan Guidera    Templemore        19:59
2    Margaret Danagher    Templemore        19:10
5    Stephanie Johnson    Clonmel        20:42
10    Ruby Carroll    Clonmel AC        22:32

The results for both races can be seen HERE