Friday, August 30, 2013

Waterford...Results of the Genzyme 5 mile road race - Fri 30th Aug 2013

1    HARTY    PHILIP     24:50     4:58/M    SM       
2    O SHEA    ALAN     24:54     4:59/M    SM    Bantry   
3    SHEIL    NIALL     26:07     5:13/M    SM    St Killians   
13    O'DOHERTY    SIOBHAN     28:45    5:45/M    SF       
25    WALSH    ADELE     30:44 6:09/M    F35    St.Senan's AC   
34    FINN    SUSAN     31:18 6:16/M    SF

The full results are HERE

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Assistant Coach Course in Ennis, Co.Clare...Sat 31st Aug 2013

Assistant Coach Course, Ennis, Co. Clare
AAI  by Paul Aug 26
An Assistant Coach course will take place in Lees Rd., Ennis, Co. Clare on Saturday 31st August, from 9.30am to 5.30pm.

Assistant Coach Course
Date: Saturday 31st August
Time: 9.30am to 5.30pm
Venue: Lees Rd., Ennis, Co. Clare
Cost: €60, payable online
Apply: Click here to apply online.
Course backgound: Click here for course background.

Contact: or 0872693675.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Tipperary...Results of the Cty 10 mile race championships - Mon 5th Aug 2013

The Tipperary AAI 10 mile road race championships were held in Ballynonty on Monday, the 5th of August. The results can be seen HERE

Results of the Banna 10k road race...Sun 4th Aug 2013

The results can be seen HERE

Clare...Results of the Riverlodge 10 mile race & 4 mile fun run - Sun 25th Aug 2013

10 mile
1 0:53:25 MICHAEL SHANNON, St Johns (Clare) M
2 1:01:38 OLIVER MC INERNEY, Ennis Triathlon Club M
3 1:01:47 CARL LYONS, Limerick M
1 1:05:00 SHARON RYNNE, Kilmurry Ibrickane/North Clare F
2 1:09:18 TRACEY GUILFOYLE, Kilnaboy A. C. F
3 1:09:25 AISHLING POWER, Ennis Track Club F

The full results of both the 10 mile road race and the 4 mile fun run are HERE

Photos....Some photos can be seen on the Running in Munster Facebook page.

Talk on Women in Sport by Sonia O'Sullivan...Ennis, Co.Clare - Sat 31st Aug 2013

Entry is free. Ring the number as shown to book your place.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Kerry...Results of the Milltown 10k mini-marathon - Sun 25th Aug 2013

A total of 104 people took part in this year's Milltown 10k mini-marathon on Sunday the 25th of August 2013, a drop of about 11% on last years figure of 117.

Deirdre Nagle of Eagle AC...winner of the 2013 Milltown 10k mini-marathon

1 Noel Berekley O35 M 32:11
2 Ed Murphy S M 33:07
3 Arthur Fitzgearld S M 34:23
10 Deirdre Nagle S F 39:01
28 Kathleen Ladden O35 F 44:19
29 Norah Golden S F 44:45

The full results can be seen HERE

Overall view of the size of athletic clubs in Munster...

From the Running in Cork blog.....

Following on from an earlier post about the size of the various athletic clubs in Cork by the number of adult and juvenile members, I had similar posts up on the Running in Munster site about the clubs in Kerry, Limerick, Clare, Tipperary and Waterford.

In this post, we'll look at how the Cork clubs compare to the other various clubs in Munster.

First of all, here is some background info. The chart below from the 2011 census shows the population of each of the six counties in Munster. It would probably be a reasonable expectation that  the number of athletes in each county should roughly match the relative size of each county. i.e Cork will have the most adults in clubs, then Limerick, then Tipperary and so on.

Adults...Seniors and Masters...First, this is how the counties compare based on the number of adults in athletic clubs (July 2013).

By taking the total number of adult members and dividing it by the available population in that county then a percentage of the total can be worked out.  
1) The best performing county is actually Tipperary. For example, about 0.62% of the total population of the county are adult members of an athletic club.

2) Waterford at 0.43% has remained largely unchanged in the last two years.

3) The numbers in Cork have grown in the last two years going from 0.29% to 0.42%. There is plenty of scope there for clubs to grow before they match the performance of the Tipperary clubs. For example, there would be over 3,200 adults in athletic clubs in Cork if they were doing as well as the clubs in Tipperary rather than the 2189 as it is now.

4) Clare are at 0.35% but it's a bit misleading because of the inclusion of Marathon Club Ireland members registered through the Clare County Board. If they were omitted then Clare, Limerick and Kerry are roughly all the same around 0.26%. Over the last two years, Limerick has recorded a small growth while Kerry is the only county in Munster to lose adults in the last year. Looking at the chart above, all of the athletic clubs in Kerry, Clare and Limerick could double the number of adult members and they would still be behind the numbers in the Tipperary clubs. Obviously, there is huge scope for growth in adult membership in athletic clubs in those three counties.

Largest clubs in Munster....These are the 14 largest clubs in Munster in terms of adult membership (100+ members)...(Cork 7 / Limerick 2 / Tipperary 3 / Waterford 2)...
It's no great suprise to see that Clonmel AC in Tipperary is the largest club in Munster in terms of adult members. No clubs in Kerry or Clare have over 100 adult members.

Juniors and Juveniles......This is the breakdown of the number of Juvenile and Juniors in athletic clubs in each county...

Again, by taking the total number of juvenile & junior members and dividing it by the available population in that county then a percentage of the total can be worked out.  
1) Again, Tipperary have the highest percentage at 0.83%.
2) For juveniles and juniors, the clubs in Clare and Kerry are doing well in contrast  to the number of adult members that they have. The stats show strong growth in numbers in Clare in 2013.
3) Waterford are slightly behind at 0.66%. The stats show hardly any growth in the last two years. There is plenty of scope for growth in underage athletics in the Déise.
4) Cork is well behind with 0.53%. One possible factor here is that very large population centres don't seem to translate into huge numbers in clubs. An example of this can be seen in Dublin where the clubs while big are nowhere as big as the population there might suggest. However, it's hard to believe that the clubs in Cork couldn't be bigger even though they recorded huge growth in last two years already.
5) Limerick is frankly dismal with 0.38%. Even looking at the raw stats bears this out. Limerick is the second largest county in Munster in population terms and has 720 juveniles. Waterford is the smallest county and has 743. It was even worse two years ago when there was only 584 in Limerick. Whatever the reason for the low numbers in Limerick, there is huge scope for growth.

Largest clubs in Munster....These are the 29 largest clubs in Munster in terms of juvenile and junior membership (100+ members)...(Cork 9 / Limerick 3 / Tipperary 6 / Waterford 3 / Kerry 5 / Clare 3)...

One to note here is Bandon AC in West Cork, the second largest club in Munster in terms of juveniles and juniors. The population of Bandon was 6,640 back in the 2011 census.

These are some of the other larger towns in Munster by population.....
Ennis Clare      25,360 / Tralee Kerry       23,693 / Clonmel Tipperary & Waterford    17,908 / Carrigaline Cork    14,775 / Killarney   Kerry    14,219 / Cobh    Cork    12,347 / Midleton    Cork    12,001 / Mallow   Cork    11,605 / Tramore   Waterford    10,328 / Shannon   Clare    9,673 / Dungarvan Waterford    9,427 / Nenagh Tipperary    8,439 / Thurles  Tipperary    7,933 / Youghal    Cork    7,794

Why couldn't there be athletic clubs in these towns as big as Bandon AC?

In conclusion.......I started off this post as a quick comparison between the various clubs in Munster and it turned into a monster post ;o) For anyone interested in the stats however, it does show up areas in the province where club membership for adults and for underage athletes is lagging.

Of course, the size of a club doesn't mean a club is better. Some of the clubs with a large adult membership have different priorities with some concentrating on track and field while others are more interested in road running. In general though, the larger a club is then then more dynamic it is. It's no accident that two of the largest clubs in Munster...Clonmel AC and West Waterford AC.....are also the busiest in terms of organising road races.

In terms of juveniles and juniors, it's obvious that there must be areas of Munster and probably the country where there is very little in terms of athletics. Look for example at BMOH AC in Sixmilebridge in Co.Clare. A brand new club and already it has over 100 juveniles. Could that not be repeated in many other towns around the country?

Limerick...Results of the Murroe 5k fun run/walk - Sat 24th Aug 2013

The Murroe 5k fun run/walk was held on Saturday, the 24th of August 2013.

The results can be seen HERE

Tipperary...Results of the Moycarkey Coolroo AC 5k & 7k road races - Fri 23rd Aug 2013

Moycarkey Coolcroo A.C. 5th Annual Road Races...Friday 23rd August 2013, Two Mile Borris, Co. Tipperary

7k results
1 Tony Fogarty Thurles Crokes 24.04
2 Kenny Curran Ballynonty 24.38
3 John Shanahan Dundrum 24.49
1 Madeline Loughnane Thurles Crokes 27.14
2 Aine Roche Clonmel 28.09
3 Marie Fitzgibbon Thurles 28.26

The full results of the 5k and 7k races can be seen HERE

Results of the Galbally 5 mile road race...Sat 24th Aug 2013

A total of 138 people turned out for the inaugural Galbally 5 mile road race in SE Limerick. This was the 6th race of 7 in the Ballyhoura Limerick Series.

1    28:21    MOLONEY, Stuart    Moreabbey Milers    Senior Men
2    28:37    GRIMES, Thomas    East London Runners    Senior Men
3    28:47    REIMER, Michael    Dooneen A C    Senior Men
8    29:53    RYAN, Dympna    Dundrum AC    Senior Women
18    31:44    MC PHAIL, Ann    Dooneen AC    Masters Women O40
19    31:52    CALLAGHAN, Grainne    An Riocht AC    Senior Women

The full results can be seen HERE

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Waterford...Results of the Alan Everett Woodstown 5 mile road race - Fri 23rd Aug 2013

152 people took part in this years Alan Everett Woodstown 5 mile road race in Waterford.

1    SHEIL    NIALL   26:41    5:20/M    SM    St Killians   
2    QUINLAN    FRANK  27:13     5:27/M    SM       
3    ROCHE    PATRICK 28:24   5:41/M    SM       
14    ANNAN    CLAIRE  30:37   6:07/M    SF       
17    O'DWYER    MARTINA  30:55   6:11/M    F35       
27    O KEEFFE MCCARTHY    MARIA 32:05   6:25/M    F35

The full results can be found HERE

Friday, August 23, 2013

Tech tops for the Dingle Half and Full Marathon...

For those of you interested in doing the Dingle Half-Marathon and full Marathon on Saturday the 7th of September, this is the technical top that will be given out on completion of the race...

The closing date for entries is Wednesday, the 28th of August. More info in this earlier post.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Breakdown of athletic clubs in Co.Clare by size...July 2013

After looking at the other counties in Munster, these final charts are for Co.Clare.

This one is for adult membership...
Marathon Club Ireland is the largest club but is a bit unusual in that it has members from all over Ireland but they just happen to be registered with Athletics Ireland through the Clare county board.
Ennis Track AC keep recording strong growth and are up 65% in the last two years.
BMOH AC based in Sixmilebridge are a new club and are already the third largest in the banner county.
Fergus AC have the unique distinction of being the only athletic club in Munster not to have any adult members despite the fact they have 43 underage athletes.

In terms of juveniles and juniors, these are the relative sizes of the various clubs in Clare...

Ennis Track AC are doing great things here with underage athletes and have doubled in size in the last year.
Marian AC who are based in Ennis as well are largely unchanged.
BMOH based in Sixmilebridge are a new club and have impressively come from nowhere to being the 3rd largest club in the county.

Data Source : Athletics Ireland

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Breakdown of athletic clubs in Tipperary by size...July 2013

Athletic clubs in Tipperary have enjoyed a huge surge in adult membership in the last two years. One look at the chart below and comparing the yellow bars for 2011 and the blue bars for 2013 show the obvious difference.
Clonmel AC is one club that has gone under a dramatic transformation in the last two years. In May 2011, they had just 58 members. With a successful beginners programme and an evening series in Clonmel in the winter time, they are now up to 268 members.

In terms of club membership based on the numbers of juveniles and juniors, this is the breakdown...

Nenagh Olympic AC have a steady number of athletes year on year. In second place, Clonmel AC have shown a huge growth in their underage numbers as well. The remainder are mostly up on two years ago but some are down a bit on last year.

Data source : Athletics Ireland

Breakdown of athletic clubs in Limerick by size...July 2013

Since starting the Running in Munster blog back in 2008, it soon became obvious that the county of Limerick was unusual in that there seemed to be a real shortage of road races in comparison to the other counties in the province.

In more recent years however, there has been a sharp increase in the number of races and the interest in road running has grown. The chart below shows the size of the various athletic clubs in Limerick based on their adult membership. As can be seen, the top three clubs have all recorded significant growth in the last two years and a lot of this is no doubt due to the extra number of races. In a sense, the clubs were 'too small' in the past for a county the size of Limerick and are now catching up with clubs in other counties.

This second chart shows the size based on membership by juniors & juvenile members...

It's probably no great suprise to see the three clubs based in Limerick City top the list.

Breakdown of athletic clubs in Kerry by size...July 2013

The chart below shows the size of athletic clubs in Kerry based on the number of adult members...i.e. seniors and masters.

1st...Gneeveguilla AC remain in first place despite losing a number of members this year. They had a very active beginners programme in Killarney in previous years which might account for the large numbers then.
2nd...Star of the Laune AC had a large influx of members last year which resulted in a massive rise in membership. Their numbers have dropped away in 2013.
3rd...An Ríocht AC based in Castleisland are growing steadily and now have 55 adult members, up 28% on last year.
4th...St.Brendan's AC based in Ardfert, N.Kerry make a big jump from 19 to 53 members.
5th...Tralee Harriers AC is a club more associated with track & field events than road races and they remain steady around the 40 mark.
6th...Likewise, Farranfore Maine Valley AC stay roughly the same.

In terms of club size based on the number of juvenile and junior members, this is the breakdown..

1st...Gneeveguilla AC are the largest club for underage athletes as well with 213 members.
2nd...Kenmare AC in the south of the county have a very active membership and are growing year on year.
3rd...Tralee Harriers show modest growth and are moving in the right direction.
4th...Lios Tuathail AC are based in Listowel in N.Kerry and have a significant number of members.

Of the remainder, Farranfore Maine Valley AC stand out as the one gaining new members with 93 underage members in 2013.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Breakdown of athletic clubs in Waterford by size...July 2013

The following graph shows the breakdown of adult membership of athletic clubs in Waterford county. As you can see, there are four main clubs for adults in the county. While some might have more of an emphasis on track and field events, the majority of adult members of clubs tend to be involved in road running.
1st...West Waterford AC based in Dungarvan retain their 1st position as the largest club by adult membership in the county.
2nd...After a dramatic drop in membership numbers in 2012, Waterford AC are up up slightly this year but have some way to go to get back to where they were in 2011.
3rd...Tramore AC are a small club which has grown slightly year on year.
4th...Ferrybank AC is a club perhaps more associated with track and field. Their numbers have remained steady for the past two years.

In terms of club size based on the the number of junior and juvenile members...

1st...This time, the city based club Waterford AC are the largest having made a dramatic jump in membership numbers despite the large drop in 2012.
2nd...Numbers in Ferrybank AC seem to be on the decline.
3rd...West Waterford AC remain more or less the same.

Data source : Athletics Ireland

Limerick...Results of the Pallasgreen 10km road race - Fri 16th Aug 2013

The Pallasgreen 10 km road race in E.Limerick was held on Friday, the 16th of August 2013 and attracted a field of 109 runners. This was the 5th race of 7 in the ongoing Ballyhoura Limerick Series.

1    Michael Shannon    33.27    M/S    St Johns   
2    Julios Cesar    33.38    M/35    Killmurry aibrecan
3    Declan Moore    34.37    M/S    Bilboa AC   
13    Dymphna Ryan     37.40    F/s    Dundrum AC
..     Marie Fitzgibbon   40:19
32    Loretto Duggan    43.13    F/40    Kilmurry ibrician AC

The full results can be seen HERE

Monday, August 19, 2013

Race notice...Galbally 5 mile road race - Sat 24th Aug 2013

The 6th race of 7 in the Ballyhoura Limerick Series is coming up next Saturday, the 24th of August with the Galbally 5 mile road race in SE Limerick.

From the organisers....The Galbally 5mile road race is the 6th run in the Ballyhoura series.The reg will take place in the Galbally Rugby club,from 6pm on 24th August. Walkers €5 & runners €10. The walk starts  at 6.30pm while the run starts at 7pm. There is plenty space for parking at the Rugby Club. There will be refreshments after the race and a prize giving with cash prizes for the first 3men and the first 3 women with prizes in all catagories.The course has been measured by a Jones counter and has an Athletics Ireland permit.

Enquiries to Anne Coughlan 0872234081 or Tom Blackburn 0876994976.

This is the first official running of this race and it is organised by Mooreabbey Milers AC who are based in the Glen of Aherlow. This area has a long history of running and athletics with one of the most famous athletes being Jim Fahey. A monument to him is erected at the southern entrance to the village.

The race is being held on the weekend of the Galbally Gathering from 23rd to the 25th August so there will be loads to do. If people are interested in making a night of it, there is a carnival as well as several other events.

Preview......A full preview of the course with maps, photos and directions can be seen HERE

Jim Fahy...The Irish Kangaroo...1880 to 1958

In the village of Galbally in SE Limerick, there is a monument dedicated to the Irish athlete Jim Fahy.

This short article tells the story of who he was...

Jim Fahy, world champion of the three jumps, was born in Galbally, Co.Limerick in 1880. He lived with his aunt on a farm, an ordinary life until, at the age of 18; he jumped, without shoes, against the renowned champion, Chandler, in Cork and won. His performance was recorded as 37 ft 4 ins. This was the beginning of an athletic career which was to lead him to break the world record at Calumet Park, Chicago and become an Olympic champion. That day he cleared 40 ft 3 ins in three jumps.

After his initial success in Cork, Jim competed as a standing jumper whenever possible and usually won. Jumping from a stationary position and thus transforming concentrated power into action is a natural Celtic gift at which he excelled. It is said that he didn’t formally train in those days, or worry in any way about his diet... he just went along to meetings where the three standing jumps were on the programme and simply jumped further than anyone else.

At the Olympic Games in 1906 in Athens Jim broke the world record for 3 standing broad jumps and won the crown for the single broad jump. He also represented Ireland by taking part in the games in Stockholm, Rome and Paris.

In 1908 Jim moved to Chicago where he continued his athletic success. He was granted membership of the Illinois club and competed for several years without being beaten. Another peak of his career came when he broke the world record in 1923.  In addition to his performances as a jumper he was a lifelong supporter of the G.A.A. and was involved with the organisation of Gaelic games in Chicago. He personally welcomed and hosted the Tipperary Hurlers when they played and won in Chicago in 1926.

In spite of his relocation to Chicago, Jim returned home many times and it is said that his heart always remained in Galbally. He married a lady from North Tipperary and they had one son who joined the priesthood. In addition to his sporting legacy, Jim inspired great affection and respect, and was known as a good family man, friend and Christian.

Waterford...Results of the Liz Hayes Memorial 5 mile fun run - Fri 16th Aug 2013

A total of 99 people took part in this 5 mile fun run in Ballyduff near Kilmeaden in Co.Waterford

Place    Last Name    First Name Gun Time   Pace Category    Club   
1    QUINLAN    TONY  28:57  5:47/M    SM    Waterford Athletic Club   
2    SCOLLARD    PJ  29:09  5:50/M    SM    Waterford Athletic Club   
3    BENNETT    TOM  29:12  5:50/M    SM    Carrick on Suir   
11    MAHONY    JOAN   33:03  6:37/M    SF    Waterford Athletic Club   
18    TIDESWELL    KEELEY   34:46  6:57/M    SF    Clonmel A/C   
22    UI MHUIRTHE    UNA  35:04  7:01/M    F50    None   

The full results can be seen HERE

Tipperary...Results of the Clonmel Half-Marathon - Sun 18th Aug 2013

A record 503 runners took part in this year's Boston Scientific Half-Marathon in Clonmel, Co.Tipperary. After a bumpy start in 2010 which probably resulted in no growth in 2011, the numbers have grown since then with a 27% improvement in 2012 and a 25% jump this year.

1    Raivis Zakis    West Waterford Athletic Club    Men 0/40    01:10:51    01:10:49
2    Michael Shannon    St John's Clare    Senior Men    01:11:02    01:11:01
3    Brian Murphy    Carrick on Suir Road runners    Senior Men    01:12:34    01:12:34
4    Michael Morgan    St Finbarrs Athletic Club    Senior Men    01:13:04    01:13:04
5    Trevor Power    Waterford Athletic Club    Senior Men    01:14:16    01:14:15
18    Angela McCann    Clonmel Athletic Club    Ladies 0/40    01:21:35    01:21:34
27    Martina O'Dwyer    Carrick on Suir Road runners    Ladies 0/40    01:24:27    01:24:24
42    Dymphna Ryan    Dundrum Athletic Club    Ladies 0/35    01:26:12    01:26:09
70    Phyllis Flynn    England    Ladies 0/50    01:29:51    01:29:49
77    Aoife Quigley    Crusaders Athletic Club    Senior Ladies    01:30:29    01:30:27

The full results can be seen HERE

Photos...(Updated 20th Aug)
1) John Coleman has a gallery of photos on his Facebook page HERE
2) Clonmel AC have a gallery on their Facebook page HERE
3) Tipperary Photographs have a gallery HERE

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Kerry...Results of the Rose of Tralee 10k run - Sun 18th Aug 2013

1 Roger BARRETT    32:35      Senior    Male   
2 Arthur FITZGERALD    33:14    Senior    Male    Farranfore A.c.
3 Ed MURPHY    34:19    Senior    Male   
1 Laura CROWE    35:31    Senior    Female   
2 Niamh OSULLIVAN    38:26    50-54    Female   
3 Caitriona BARRY    41:10    40-44    Female     

The full results can be seen HERE

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Limerick...Results of the Curraghchase 10k race - Sat 17th Aug 2013

A total of 296 people took part in this year race, a drop of 21% on last year's figure of 377.

1 Padraig McMorrow male 36:28
2 Eoin Hannon male 37:15
3 Michal Rejmer male 37:40
8 Veronica Colleran female 39:54
31 Liz Glover female 47:09
45 Breeda Lynch female 48:23

The full results can be seen HERE

Clare...Results of the Kilmurry 10k road race & 5k fun run - Fri 9th Aug 2013

The Kilmurry 10 km road race and 5 km fun run/walk was held on Friday, the 9th of August. A total of 118 people took part...66 in the 10 km race and 52 in the 5k fun run.

1  33:15 JULIO CESAR F CASTRO,  Kilmurry Ibrickane/North Clare M
2  35:42 OLIVER MC INERNEY,  Ennis Triathlon Club M
4  39:45 JOHN FERRIS,  Dooneen A. C. M 03:58.5 52 4
3  37:09 SINEAD JENNINGS,  Donore Harriers A. C. F
5  39:59 SHARON RYNNE,  Kilmurry Ibrickane/North Clare F
10  45:45 ANNE MURRAY,  Flagmount F

The full results can be seen HERE

1) A gallery of photos taken by James Sexton can be seen HERE

Clare...Results of the Tulla AC 5 mile road race - Sun 11th Aug 2013

A total of 73 people took part in the Tulla AC 5 mile road race in Co.Clare on Sunday, the 11th of Aug 2013.

1 27.16 James Liddane    Senior    Sixmilebridge
2 28.25 Oliver McInerney    Senior    O'Callaghan's Mills
3 31.00 Brian Sexton    Senior    Lahinch
4 31.17 Veronica Colleran    Senior    Ennis
14 36.00 Carmel MacDomhnaill    O/55    Newcastle West
18 37.28 Claire Cahir    Senior    Ennis

The full results can be seen HERE

Kerry...Results of the Ballyferriter 10k fun run - Sat 17th Aug 2013

80 people took part in this 10k fun run in Ballyferriter on the Dingle Peninsula.

1 Peadar O Cathasaigh     38:10    Senior    Male
2 Donagh MCGRATH     39:17    Senior    Male
3 Derek Waters     40:08    Senior    Male
1 Fionnuala Desmond (ni Chonchuir)     43:24    Senior    Female
2 Niamh Garvey     43:51    Senior    Female
3 Kate Carmody     46:21    Senior    Female

The full results can be seen HERE

Friday, August 16, 2013

Event notice...Dingle Half and full Marathon - Sat 7th Sept 2013

As the summer comes to an end, there is no shortage of Half-Marathons coming up on the race calendar. One of the most scenic is the Dingle Half-Marathon in the far west of Kerry. Starting in Dingle, the route goes through Ventry before making it's way around Slea Head to the finish line in Dunquin. Those doing the full return to Dingle to complete the 26.2 mile loop. Considering that the roads by Slea Head are closed then it really is one of the most spectacular events in the country.

From the organisers........
All participants get a quality finishers top and medal. Goody bag, BBQ, after party. Pasta party the night before.
Entertainment on route.
Race packs including number and chip timing sent direct to your door the week of the race.
Water every 3 miles.
Bananas on mile 9.
Bananas, Lucozade sport and gels on mile 21
Over 2500 participants expected.
Closing date for entry August 28th.
5th year running.
Very well organised and hugely successful event.
Pacers half  1.45, 2.00, 2.15
Pacers full 3.45, 4.00, 4.15

Please note that entries close on the 28th of August. To enter and for more info, go to

Entry limit for Clonmel Half-Marathon extended...

The entry limit for the Clonmel Half-Marathon has now been extended from 500 to 600.

From Clonmel AC...We are delighted with the entries for this year's event. So much so that we have decided that due to the great interest at local level, we have increased the number of entries to this year’s event to 600. We will be taking entries online up until 11 0 clock on Saturday night as well as entries at the Race Headquarters (LIT Campus) on Saturday from 2.30 to 5pm and on Sunday morning from 8 to 10am. All 600 entrants will be guaranteed a top quality Performance T Shirt as well as a Goody Bag of Refreshments.

Once again we are very grateful to Boston Scientific for their generous sponsorship. This year we have put together a great package.
-Customised High Performance Shirt
-Chip Timing
-Water stations at approx every 3 miles
-Post Race Refreshments

You can enter online HERE

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Kerry...Results of the Knocknagoshel 5k fun run - Sun 11th Aug 2013

1 Ed Murphy SM 16:47
2 Arthur Fitzgerald    SM 16:48
3 John Barrett SM 17:34
24 Julie Ann Russell SF 22:27
30 Gillian O Sullivan SF 23:34
34 Tina Donovan O40F 24:10    

The results can be seen HERE

Waterford...Results of the Ardmore 5 mile road race - Fri 9th Aug 2013

The 10th and final race in the Ger Wyley Sports / SKINS series was held on Friday the 9th of August 2013. The An Tobar Ardmore 5 mile road race attracted a field of 157 runners, a 12% increase on last year.

The mens race was won by Philip Harty in a time of 24:30, breaking the old course record by 5 seconds.

Philip Harty            West Waterford AC               24.30
Raivis Zakis            West Waterford AC               25.16
James Ledingham West Waterford AC               25.34
Junior: Alan Slattery   Waterford AC                    30.02

Tony Ryan presents the Veronica Ryan memorial cup to Philip Harty, the winner of the An Tobar sponsored Ardmore 5 mile road race. Also pictured are Brian Murphy 4th  Raivis Zakis 2nd and James Ledingham 3rd
Leo: Brian Murphy / Taurus: Kevin Kenneally / Aquarius: Sean Stilwell / Scorpio: Sean Caulfield / Virgo: Nicky Connolly / Sagittarius: Padraig Healy / Capricorn: Peter Duggan / Cancer: Yevgeniy Chizhikov / Gemini: Alan Cullen / Pisces: Joe Kelly / Aries: Brendan Aspel / Libra: Davie Murphy

Nolliag O’ Neill                Leevale         30.40
Corinna Walsh           West Waterford  31.27
Joan Mahony                     Waterford               32.16
Junior  Sarah Wyley             West Waterford  42.32

Matt Faherty presents the Noel Faherty memorial cup to the Ladies winner of the An Tobar Ardmore 5 last Friday evening Nollaig O'Neill. Also pictured are Joan Mahony 3rd and Corinna Walsh 2nd
Taurus: Moyra Morrissey / Aquarius: Agnes Murphy / Scorpio: Aine Moore / Virgo: Libby McGinn Murphy / Sagittarius: Anna Rogowska / Capricorn: Sandra Prendergast / Cancer: Ger Houlihan / Gemini: Bernie Prendergast / Pisces: Kathleen Quinn / Aries: Onra Power / Libra: Liz Nolan

Results...The full results can be seen HERE

Race notice...Charleville Half-Marathon - Sun 22nd Sept 2013

The Charleville Half-Marathon is coming up on Sunday, the 22nd of September and it is widely recognised as being one of the fastest courses in the country.

It is also the 7th race of 7 in the ongoing Ballyhoura Cork race series.

Please note that the closing date for the cheapest entries is Thursday night, the 15th of August.

The entry fees are as follows…
€35 Early Bird Individual Entry Fee until August 15th
€40 Individual Entry Fee after August 16th until September 9th @ 1pm
€45 Late Entry Fee from Sept 9th @ 1pm until Sept. 21st @ 3pm online

Special Hotel Entry Fee @ Charleville Park Hotel of €40 on Saturday 21st Sept from 3pm to 9pm

No Race Day entry available in 2013.

You can enter online for the Half-Marathon here until the 21st September

You can see a preview of the course HERE

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Race notice...Pallasgreen 10 km road race - Fri 16th Aug 2013

The 5th race of 7 in the current Ballyhoura Limerick Race Series is coming up on Friday, the 16th of August with the Pallasgreen 10 km. The race starts at 8pm.

Pallasgreen is on the N24 road between Limerick City and Tipperary town and is very easy to get to.

Registration and prize giving is at the local community hall...

From the organisers........The Ballyhoura Season continues on Friday night as Pallasgreen is the 5th race in the series this is a 10k road race starting on the main road with one loop and finishes just outside the GAA field. 

The race is known as the Eddie Murphy Memorial and The Paddy Ryan Memorial Run are and combined under the Ballyhoura Limerick Race Series.This is a great course and promises to be a great event on the night.

Registration on the night is in the Community Centre from 6.30pm and the race starts at 8pm.

Entry fee is €10 for Runners and €5 for Walkers. 

Prizes are as follows: The Paddy Ryan memorial cup will be presented to the 1st Male and Female finisher. And then 2nd & 3rd prizes. There will be a prize for the first youngest competitor home and the Eddie Murphy Memorial Plaque will be presented to the first local winner.

There will be changing facilities in the Community Centre for all who wish to use them.

Refreshments will be in the Community Centre after as well as the prize giving, all are welcome.

Preview....More info about the course can be seen HERE

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Race notice...Ardmore 5 mile road race - Fri 9th Aug 2013

The tenth and final race in the Ger Wyley Sports/SKINS Summer Series is coming on Friday, the 9th of August at 7:30pm.

Notes from the organisers...West Waterford AC...
The final race of the summer series is almost upon us with the tenth and final race taking place on Friday night, August 9th at 7.30 pm, the 18th annual “An Tobar” Ardmore 5. Entries for the race will be taken at the GAA centre in Ardmore. The entry fee is just 5 euro (where would you get it) and the presentation of prizes along with refreshments will take place in “An Tobar”, courtesy of our race sponsor. Along with the prizes for the race the overall summer series presentation will take place and the Michael Hogan memorial cup will be presented to this year’s series winner.


At West Waterford AC we like to spread around the prizes as much as possible and so this race has a different prize policy to other races. Prizes will be awarded to the top three male and female athletes and after that prizes will be awarded to the first male and female athletes in each of the star signs. When registering for the race, all athletes will be asked to declare their star sign and when the results are made out, the first female and male in each of the star signs will get a prize. Also on the night the Men’s winner of the race will be presented with the Veronica Ryan memorial cup and the Ladies winner will receive the Noel Faherty memorial cup also.


As Ardmore is the final race in the series, the vouchers for all those that have entered the series and are eligible will be presented on the night.  Anyone who has run any 5 of the ten races will automatically receive a 30 euro voucher and anyone who has run all ten races will be awarded a special gift, thanks to our very generous sponsors Ger Wyley Sports and SKINS

Ardmore is located just off the N25 Cork to Dungarvan road and is within easy easy to runners in both Cork and Waterford. (Just look for the signposts for the R673 road to Ardmore)

Entries will be taken at the local GAA grounds which is just north of Ardmore. Please note that the start line is about 1 km away so leave plenty of time to enter and to get to the start of the race.

Preview...A full preview of the race with maps, directions, photos, etc can be seen HERE

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Limerick...Results of the Knockainey Village Fair 10k fun run - Sat 29th June 2013

Knockainey Village Fair 10K    Village Fair 10K June 29th 2013   
Position    Name    Time    Gender
1    Gary Egan      Kilfinane AC    38.10    M
2    Donnacha Enright    Kilfinane AC    40.35    M
3    Paul Ryan     Kilfinane AC    41.43    M
4    Lorna Davey-Fitzgerald     Mallow AC    41.58    F
5    John Harnett    Knockainey    43.35    M
6    Kevin Barry   Kilballyowen    44.35    M
7    Pat O Connell   Knockainey    45.57    M
8    Stephen Murphy    Bruff    46.04    M
9    John Carew   Lough Gur    47.15    M
10    Shane Hogan   Knockainey    49.40    M
11    Daniel Linehan    49.45    M
12    Lisa Finn    Knockainey    50.50    F
13    Ben Begley   Kilfinane AC    53.13    M
14    Donnacha Cleary   Knockainey    53.32    M
15    Tracey O Sullivan    Kilmallock    53.32    F
16    Fiona Neenan    Athlacca    54.41    F
17    Fiona Burke    Knockainey    54.54    F
18    H. Murphy    Bruff    57.35    F
19    Freda Carr   Hospital    57.38    F

20    Robert Creed   Kilfinane AC    57.48    M

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Kerry...Results of the Annascaul 5k & 10k fun runs - Sat 3rd Aug 2013

Two fun runs over approximately 5 km and 10 km were held in Annascaul, West Kerry on Saturday, the 3rd of August 2013. There were 93 in the 5k fun run with 81 in the 10k.

5k fun run
1    John BARRETT    20:14    1    Male    1
3    Timon CROSSKOPF    26:22    2    Male    2
5    Morgan OREGAN    26:42    3    Male    3
2    Michelle KENNEDY    26:16    1    Female    1
4    Eileen EGAN    26:26    2    Female    2
6    Michelle BARRY    27:04     3    Female    3

10k fun run
1    Louis RYLE    41:06    1    Male    1
2    Mickie REILLY    42:27    2    Male    2
3    A CURRAN    42:58    3    Male    3
23    Kerrie Anne MOONEY    51:50    1    Female    1
30   Julie MAGUIRE    54:16    2    Female    2
34    Neasa MISTEAL    54:36     3    Female    3

The full results can be seen HERE

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Kerry...Results of the Kilgobnet 4 mile road race - Fri 2nd Aug 2013

Kilgobnet 4 mile road race...Organised by Star of the Laune...Report...The 24th Annual Kilgobnet 4 mile roadrace/walk took place on Friday evening 8pm in Kilgobnet Beaufort, up to 80 took part with 55 runners which was down a bit from last year. The race was won by Ed Murphy (G/gullia) in 22:28 with Robert Purcell (G/gullia) 2nd 22:37 and Fiachra Clifford (Star of the Laune)a great 3rd in 23:25(Fiachra is still only a junior). Laura Hallissey (Kenmare) was first Lady in 26:45, 2nd Niamh Clifford (Star of the Laune) in 27:35 ,3rd Michelle Hoare (Tralee) 28:35.

Place   Name                 Club          No   Time
1   Ed Murphy                  Gneevegullia AC   186    22:28
2   Robert Purcell             G/gullia  147    22:37
3   Fiachra Clifford           Star Of The Laune AC    181    23:25
4   Robert Purcell jnr        G/gullia  146    23:35
5   Thomas Bubendorfer  STOL     182   23:42
6   Brendan Lynch            G/gullia  190   23:45
7   Verners Tess               FarranFore Maine Valley AC     189  23:50
8   Gerard Ladden            FFMV     183   24:05
9   Aidan McCarthy           FFMV     187   24:37
10 Declan Murphy            Killorglin  155   24:42
11 Brian Murphy               Beaufort  193   25:02
12 Micheal Mangan          STOL      163   25:08
13 Connor o Keeffe          Killarney  171   25:09
14 Seamus Murphy          G/gullia    179   25:15
15 Niall Thompson            C/town    191   25:37
16 Carlos Bras                  Killorglin  166   25:48
17 Dillan Brennan             Killarney  169   26:02
18 Dennis McCarthy         Killarney  168   26:16
19 Sean Murphy               STOL       160   26:28
20 Laura Hallissey            Kenmare 195    26:45
21 Gellert Kovacs             Romania  165   27:06
22 Niamh Clifford              STOL       180   27:35
23 John Mack                   Kilgobnet  156   28:02
24 Stephen Griffin             STOL       170   28:02
25 Gabrielle Pais               Killorglin   167    28:05
26 Michelle Hoare             Tralee       188    28:35
27 Ann Mangan                 STOL        164   28:40
28 Andrew Purcell              G/gullia    148   29:30
29 Mike o Callaghan          STOL        174   29:34
30 Frank Evans                  Keel          159   29:40
31 Colleen Coffey              Beaufort    175   30:06
32 Niall Carey                     STOL       150   30:35
33 Vivian Juffs                    STOL       185   30:36
34 Michael Dineen              G/gullia    145   30:43
35 Donal Daly                     G/gullia    151   30:49
36 Mark o Neil                     SOTL       161   31:02
37 Claire Noonan                Beaufort   194   32:30
38 Andrea Heffernan           Milltown    149   32:36
39 Siobhan Bennett             STOL       199   33:40
40 Fiona Colllins                  Killarney   198   33:43
41 Siobhan Ladden             FFMV        184   34:58
42 Mary Carey                     STOL        152   35:34
43 Sharon Kelliher               Kilgobnet   265   35:44
44 Kevin Lynch                    KIlgobnet   192   36:10
45 Christina Farrell              Beaufort     177   36:55
46 Bernie Kissane                Kilgobnet   266   37:10
47 Suzanne Foley                Killorglin    162   37:52
48 Paul Farrell                      Beaufort    178   38:24
49 Margaret Foley                STOL FFL 176   38:28
50 Brid Cronin                      Killarney    173   39:22
51 Caroline o Keeffe            Killarney    172   39:27
52 Eileen Sheehan               G/gullia     263   39:28
53 Cynthia Daly                    G/gullia     154   39:30
54 Sinead Leane                  Beaufort    264   43:04
55 Marie O Sullivan              Beaufort    267   43:52