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Limerick...Ballysteen GAA Fun Runs - 14th June 2014

Results of the Ballysteen GAA 5k & 10k fun runs...14th June 2014.

Click HERE

Kerry...Results of the Kilmoyley Tidy Towns 5k & 10k fun runs - Sun 29th June 2014

These two fun runs were held in North Kerry on Sunday the 29th of June 2014. A total of 223 people took part in the 5k run with 29 in the 10k.

Tidy Towns Kilmoyley Fun Run Results 10K   
1    36.03    267    Arthur Fitzgearld    1st MALE
2    36.33    264    John Barrett 2nd MALE
3    37.33    260    Sean O' Sullivan 3rd MALE
4    38.08    261    Maria McCarthy 1st LADY
9    48.37    266    Bernie O' Mahoney 2nd LADY
11    49.37    179    Helen Tansley 3rd LADY

Tidy Towns Kilmoyley Fun Run Results 5K       
1    18.06    1779    Patrick Peters    1st Male
2    19.42    1972    Patrick O' Sullivan    2nd Male
3    20.13    1820    Vincent  O' Leary    3rd Male
6    20.51    1778    Elaine O' Connor    1st lady
8    22.20    1750    Conor Corrigan    1st U16
9    22.22    1856    Ursula Barrett    2nd lady
10    22.25    1985    Ann Kelliher    3rd lady

The full results can be seen HERE

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Waterford...Report on the Waterford Viking Marathon - Sat 28th June 2014

The third Waterford Viking Marathon was held on Saturday the 28th of June 2014. This year saw the introduction of a new quarter marathon option.

A look at the numbers....

First off, you can see that the numbers in the marathon have declined over the three years. It's understandable that the first year would get a lot of entrants as many people from Waterford would want to run a marathon in their home city and it would have had a certain novelty factor. Still though, the numbers in the marathon were down 20% this year on the numbers for 2013. Interestingly enough, the numbers in the full event in the Cork City Marathon were also down this year so maybe it's just a choice of so many events?

In contrast, the half-marathon continues to grow. The numbers this year were up 13% on 2013.

Oddly enough, the percentage of women in each event seems to be dropping. In the marathon, the percentage of women went from 23.7% in 2012 to 17.4% in 2013 to 15.6% this year. In the half-marathon, the percentage of women also dropped....going from 53.3% in 2012 to 48.6% in 2013 to 43.2% in 2014.

The percentage of women in the new Quarter Marathon this year was 67.5% of the field of 576 finishers.

Report on the 2014 Marathon...I ran the full marathon as one of the 3:45 pacers having done it last year as well. This year, the course was changed again for the third time in as many years. It started off by taking in a loop in around the streets of the centre of Waterford City. This was a really nice section and took visitors to the city around historic areas that they may have never seen before.

The next section took in two loops around the south side of the city. I remember thinking at around the 10k mark that it seemed quite hilly as marathons go and I'm not sure if you would consider it as being a fast marathon course. As someone who doesn't really know Waterford City, I still thought it was nice to see various parts of the city like this.

After the 8 mile mark, we began the journey south to Tramore on the coast. Everything seemed fine up until after the 9 mile mark. There were two of us pacing and our group had a constant cushion of about 20-40 seconds over the target time.

Marathon Course Error.......Once we got to the 10 mile mark, our time was way out. Even though we had kept a reasonably even pace, we now had a cushion of about 3 minutes as opposed to something like 30 seconds. Either we had run the last mile in about 6 minutes instead of 8:30...which we hadn't...or the 10 mile mark was in the wrong spot....which it was.

i.e. The 10 mile mark for the half marathon and full marathon was actually at about 9.7 miles.

The graphic below shows the area around the 10 mile mark. On the left is the map that is on the race website. On the right is someones GPS plot of where they actually ran.

I'm a bit reluctant to believe everything that is shown on a MapMyRun map or to have completely blind fate in GPS readings but it does suggest a possible problem.

On the right, the plot shows how we ran towards the roundabout from the city (top).....then out about 200m and back 200m. From here, the half-marathon runners ran back in towards the city while the full marathon runners headed south towards Tramore.

It's important to note that we actually hit the 10 mile sign before we reached the roundabout. The map suggests that it should have been on the out and back section.

The map also suggests that the out and back section should have been about 400-450 metres out and the same back......instead of 200m.

For the subsequent markers...11 miles on....we found that we were out by about 400-500m.

As pacers, it was obvious at that stage that the mile markers were out and all we could do was to hope that a few were put in the wrong spot and they would correct themselves later on the course. This has happened in other marathons so it's not unknown.

In Waterford however, the mile markers were out all of the way to the finish line. i.e. the actual marathon course was at least 400-500 metres short. This seems to be borne out by others with readings of about 26.0 miles on their GPS watches. You would expect to see readings around 26.3-26.4 miles.

What this means for someone running say a 3:30 marathon was that their time was at least 2 minutes faster than it should have been.

I'm not sure what the story was with the half marathon, whether that course was short or not? They did however share the same 10 mile mark which came early for them as well.

For people that trained specifically for a time, having a marathon course that is short is unforgivable. In the 2013 event, the local council had put out some barriers in the wrong spot which resulted in the course being slightly too long. This year, it was too short. The problem is that Waterford will get a reputation as an event where the course is always wrong and one to avoid doing.

In conclusion........I just feel disappointed for the event itself. Just about everything else was really good. It feels kind of strange being able to run around the streets of Waterford and still manage to get to the around Tramore...and back and all in the space of the marathon distance. As a location and course, it's one of the better events in the country. It's a nice event with loads of positives about it and should be getting 9 out of 10. It should have the status as being the premier running event in the south-east of the country. However, the most important thing in any event like this is that the distances of each course has to be correct. Who wants to train for months and run a course that's short by hundreds of metres? Having a accurate course should be a given and it should be the number one priority. This year at least, the organisers failed in that regard.

Results.......The results are available on the Precision Timing website HERE

Comments......Did you run the full marathon or half? What did you think of the course? The measurements? Leave a comment...

Update...Sun 29th June @8pm : Thanks to the comments left here and on other sites, it would seem the following is likely...
1) The Half-Marathon course was accurate and was not short.
2) The 10 mile mark was on the wrong side of the road. It should have been on the other side of the road and would have been the 10 mile mark for half-marathon runners on their way back after the out and back section at the roundabout.
3) The full marathon runners should have been taken out further on the out and back section to make up that extra 0.3 miles or so. Their 10 mile mark would have been on this out and back section. The alternative would have been to make up the distance in Tramore.

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Tipperary...Results of the Ballyneale 5 km road race - Fri 27th June 2014

A total of 167 runners took part in the Champion Kiely 5k road race in Ballyneale, Co.Tipperary.

1 William Maunsell    Clonmel AC    SM    15:13    1st Man
2 Kevin Moore    Dundrum AC    SM    15:17    2nd Man
3 David Ryan    Clonmel AC    SM    15:44    3rd Man
19 Claire Annan    Carrick on Suir A C    SF    17:49    1st Lady
26 Dympha Ryan    Dundrum AC    SF    18:06    2nd Lady
42 Aine Roche    Clonmel AC    SF    19:19    3rd Lady

The full results can be seen HERE

Report from Clonmel AC...The Champion Kiely 5k road race took place in very good conditions last night with an entry of 167 athletes. Competition was very keen over what is a very fast course and on an ideal night for racing four out of the top 5 men as well as the 1st Lady all recorded PBs. The race was won by William Maunsell of Clonmel in 15 mins 13 secs with Claire Annan of Carrick on Suir winning the ladies race in 17 mins 49 secs. Well done to Corneilius, Jim, Sarah and Dave and all their team for organising another great event. The Ladies committee are also to be complimented on providing the Post Race refreshments in the newly restored Community Hall after the race. This was the 16th event of the Joe Grinsell 100K challenge and the response to this Challenge is just brilliant and last night's race was one of Joe's local events.

1) Clonmel AC have a number of photos HERE

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Clare...Results of the Clare 10k - Sat 21st June 2014

A total of 759 turned out for this 10k race in Ennis, Co.Clare....a drop of 7% on last years figure of 818.

Unusually, some 57% of the field were women whereas the 'norm' would usually be around 40%.

1 Kenneth Rodgers     M (30:42)     30:42
2 Jake O'Regan     St johns     M  (31:40)     31:40
3 Paul DALY     St johns     M  (33:40)     33:40
21 Imogen COTTER Ennis Track     F  (38:45)     38:45
29 Grace Shalloo Ennis Track     F (39:55)     39:56
35 Jackie O Connor    F35 (40:10)     40:10

The full results can be seen HERE

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Notice...Bruff 5 mile road race, Limerick - Fri 4th July 2014

An Brú AC are a new club in Co.Limerick and they are hosting the 6th and final race of the 2014 Ballyhoura Limerick Series....

Located in South-East of Co.Limerick, this is within easy reach of a lot of people...

From the organisers........An Brú AC is Limericks newest Athletic Club recently formed in Bruff Co. Limerick in February 2014 and serves the surrounding areas also. We already have over 100 members and have already proven ourselves with large attendances and many wins at the Great Limerick Run , other road races, The Ballyhoura Series and track and field both county and provincial.
We are hosting the final race of 6 in the Ballyhoura Series in Limerick and your support will be greatly appreciated.  Come along for our very flat PB measured course. We have prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd male and female and 1st over 40, 50 and 60. Plenty of food and refreshments will be served after and we will also have spot prizes. See the race poster for more details and follow us on Facebook.  Thank you.

Course Preview.......A full preview of the course with maps and photos can be seen HERE

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Notice...Run Killarney Marathon, Half-Marathon & 10k - Sat 19th July 2014

Since it's inception, this event has evolved from year on year. At first, it was just the 15 mile 'Maxi-Marathon'. Over time, a Half-Marathon event was added and last year, a full Marathon option was  included.

This year, there are some changes again. The half-marathon and 10k follow the same route as previous years but the full marathon now starts near Sneem at 8am. It then follows the quiet R568 road as far as Molls Gap where the half-marathon will start at 8:45am. Both races follow the same route then on what must be one of the most scenic roads in the country to the finish line at the Gleneagle Hotel in Killarney.

The 10k starts and finishes at the Gleneagle Hotel and takes in a loop inside the national park near Muckross House.

Participants in the full and half marathon will be taken by bus from Killarney to the start lines.

Entry for each race includes...Customised finisher medal......T-shirt.....Chip timing......Prizes.......Massage at finish line......Hot tubs.......Post race party.......Officially measured course......Fully Marshalled route......Fully stocked water stops......Medical safety cover throughout course......Postage of your race pack and number to Irish addresses only

Note that the road from Molls Gap to Killarney will be closed to traffic and it's the only time of the year that you can run on this busy road.

The video clip below gives a feel for what the course looks like...

For more info, go to the Run Killarney Website

More info in later posts....

Tipperary...Results of the Dave Fogarty Memorial 4 mile road race, Thurles - Thurs 19th June 2014

 The Dave Fogarty Memorial 4 mile road race was held in Thurles, Co.Tipperary on Thurs 19th of June 2014. Organised by Thurles Crokes Athletic Club, the race attracted a field of 140 runners.
Top 5 men in the club annual Dave Fogarty Road Race...Kevin Moore, Jack Corbett, Liam Shanahan, Shane Mullaney and Jimmy Boland.
Category winners...
1st 0/35 9 MICHAEL RYAN DUNDRUM AC M35 22:57
2nd 0/35 12 MICK CAREY COOLQUILL AC M35 23:30
1st 0/40 15 PETER MADDEN TEMPLEMORE M40 23:56
1st 0/50 16 MICHAEL MOORE DUNDRUM AC M50 24:00
1st 0/45 21 LIAM CASEY CLONMEL AC M45 24:49
2nd 0/50 26 JIM MOLONEY THURLES CROKES M50 25:24
2nd 0/40 28 AUSTIN RYAN THURLES CROKES M40 25:38
2nd 0/45 34 TADGH VAUGHAN COOLQUILL AC M45 26:32
1st Junior 38 JACK MOORE MOYNE AC MJ 26:55
1st 0/60 42 LESLIE SMYTH COOLQUILL AC M60 27:19
1st 0/65 64 EDDIE CAHALAN COOLQUILL AC M65 29:50
1st 0/70 84 MYLES MCHUGH CLONMEL AC M70 32:51


Dymphna Ryan of Dundrum AC...2nd woman home

1st Lady 0/35 40 MARY MOLLOY UNATTACHED F35 27:11
1st Lady 0/45 47 MARTINA RYAN THURLES CROKES F45 27:29
2nd Lady 0/45 61 MARY MOLONEY THURLES CROKES F45 29:32
1st Lady 0/40 65 ANN MAHER CLONMEL AC F40 30:04
1st Lady 0/50 85 DEIRDRE MASON THURLES CROKES F50 32:53
2nd Lady 0/40 86 UNA CROWLEY THURLES CROKES F40 33:10

The full results can be seen HERE

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Tipperary...Results of the MMRA Slievenamon Race - Sun 22nd June 2014

Slievenamon Munster Championship Race - Results 2014
Pos IMRA # First Last Name Time
1 2980 Martin McDonald 39.25
2 1925 Paul Tierney 39.35
3 2582 Tom Blackburn 40.42
4 2690 Brian Flannelly 41.24
5 2928 Sean Quirke 41.43
6 2927 Sean Harte 42.20
7 2685 Sarah McCormack 42.56
8 2594 Mike Cunningham 43.10
9 2990 James Hamm 43.38
10 2729 Kieran Lees 44.46
11 2983 Emma Donlon 45.03
12 2989 Martin Murphy 46.55
13 1557 Kieran Deery 49.00
14 2536 Sean Manning 49.23
15 2823 James Bourke 49.30
16 2602 Mike Haleahan 49.31
17 2610 Laura Schwitz 51.28
18 39 Thomas Galvin 51.35
19 2933 Mary L. Ryan 51.47
20 2726 Kevin Wilkinson 51.53
21 2843 Niamh Hartnett 52.14
22 2930 Barry Williams 52.23
23 2991 Tadgh Vaughan 52.34
24 2504 Damien Holian 52.50
25 2678 Eamon Flannelly 53.04
26 2988 Andreas Wust 53.20
27 2981 Breda McDonald 54.06
28 2592 Justin O'Connor 54.22
29 2982 Kate McDonald 54.31
30 2985 Paul Larkins 54.54
31 2987 Shane Burroughs 55.41
32 2830 Sean O'Neill 56.10
33 2247 Gerrard Ryan 57.29
34 1642 Paul Grant 59.41
35 2821 Pat Cleary 01.01.25
36 2984 Hillary O'Neill 01.01.47
37 2986 Leila Armoush 01.04.15
38 2559 Barry O'Brien 01.04.35
39 2534 Sharon Lucey 01.04.40
40 2728 Ted Feehan 01.08.14
41 2717 Denis Allen 01.11.18

Junior Results
1 2525 Ewan Cunningham 17.50
2 2503 Patrick Holian 19.31

Kerry...Results of the Killarney Lions Club 5k & 10k - Sat 21st June 2014

114 turned out for these 5k and 10k runs in Killarney National Park on Saturday the 21st of June 2014. A total of 52 took part in the 5k of which 60% were women. In the 10k, there were 62 taking part of which 39% were women.

Organised by Killarney Lions Club, proceeds from this event went towards South West Counselling Services.

Stephen Young    5    SM    00:17:58
William Brosnahan    5    SM    00:18:59
Cathal Clifford    5    SM    00:19:51
Niamh Clifford    5    SW    00:20:30
Caroline McCarthy    5    SW    00:21:35
Mary Barrett    5    SW    00:21:48

Conor Kissane    10    JM    00:36:32
Donal Kelly    10    VM    00:37:59
Martin Crowley    10    SM    00:38:02
Carmel Parnell    10    VW    00:41:22
Dorothy Ryan    10    VW    00:45:44
Eileen Cronin    10    SW    00:50:02

The full results can be seen HERE

Limerick...Results of the Ballysteen GAA 10k fun run - Sat 14th June 2014

Waterford...Results of the Dromana 5 mile road race - Fri 20th June 2014

159 runners took part in this years Dromana 5 mile road race with West Waterford club members making up 56% of the field.

Men’s Results
Philip Harty West Waterford AC 26.11
Kevin Kenneally West Waterford AC 27.39
Tom Bennett IND 27.44
John Leahy West Waterford AC 28.23
Damien Murphy West Waterford AC 28.43
Team Prizes
West Waterford AC-A ...Tony Harty, Tom Leahy, Anthony Flynn.
West Waterford AC- B ...Andrew Leary, Mossie Keogh , Martin Mc Carthy
Ladies Results
Martina O Dwyer Carrick AC 30.55
Sinead Mansfield West Waterford AC 31.22
Irene Clarke West Waterford AC 35.08
Sandra Prendergast West Waterford AC 35.21
Niamh O Donovan West Waterford AC 36.23
Ladies Teams
West Waterford AC-A ...Karen Ryan, Orla O’ Mahoney, Ann Dunford
West Waterford AC-B ...Mary Dyer, Brigid Coffey, Anne Massey

The full results can be seen HERE

Kerry...Results of the Tralee Summer Solstice 10k fun run - Sat 21st June 2014

140 turned out for this 10k fun run in Tralee with women making up 57% of the field.

1    Michael O'REGAN  34:56     Senior 
2    Stephen GRIFFIN  35:37     Ages 55-59 
3    Derek GRIFFIN 35:52     Senior
19    Anne KELLIHER 48:06     Senior 
21    Julie PRENDIVILLE 48:39     Senior 
22    Ann MCGLYNN 49:03     Ages 50-54  

The full results can be seen HERE

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Notice...Dromcollogher 4 mile road race, Limerick - Mon 7th July 2014

The Dromcollogher Carnival 4 mile road race is coming up on Monday evening, the 7th of July at 8pm...

As a race, it may not be as high profile as say those located closer to say Limerick or Cork City but it is an event with a lot of character and a long history. The race was originally started back in the time of the original running boom in the late 70's and early 80's by Christy Brosnan and Joe Quaid of North Cork AC. The original idea was for it to be part of the Dromcollogher Carnival which has been going since the 1940's and for the race to take place on Monday evening, a tradition that survives to this day.

In it's heyday, the race used to attract some of the top runners from all over Munster even though the prizes were always modest in comparison to other races at the time. On one occasion, Liam O'Brien from Cork won the race the day after winning the National 3000m steeplechase title! The triangle shaped course started and finished in the main square of the town much to the delight of the crowds. This did however mean that the race was in fact 'slightly' longer than the advertised 4 miles ;o)

One of the other unusual features of the race at the time was that the winner received a small porcelain figurine. One of the biggest employers at that time in the town was Irish Dresden, a German company which made high quality collectable porcelain items in the town which employed over 60 people, a huge number in what was and still is a rural area.

Since becoming part of the Ballyhoura Active Series in 2009, this race has been given a new lease of life. From a figure of just 52 runners in 2009, the numbers were up to 144 in 2011 and 207 in 2012. West Limerick AC are helping out with the organisation of the race and they are putting up a cup in memory of Christy Brosnan who unfortunately has now passed away. This replaces the old cup which was named after Marky O'Shea who used to run in the local races of the late 70's and early 80's barefoot, a long time before minimalist running and Vibram Five Fingers became all the rage ;o)

Getting there.....

Dromcollogher is located to the west of Charleville near the Limerick - Cork border. If you are coming from say Limerick city then the easiest way is probably to head south towards Cork and turn off at Charleville and follow the directions for Newtownshandrum, Milford and Dromcollogher. If you are travelling north from Cork then turn off at Buttevant and go via Liscarroll.

As you enter the town from the east then you should see that the road forks into two where the central square is. Take the right here, drive a few hundred metres on what is a very straight road and you will pass the start line just opposite a service station. The GAA hall where the entries will be taken is just beyond this on the left.

Course Preview.......A full preview of the course with maps, directions, photos, etc can be seen HERE

Clare...Results of the Shannon 5k fun run - Fri 20th June 2014

296 Gary Egan 17.13 1 1 1 40-49 Male
321 Paul Tierney 17.47 2 2 1 30-39 Male
320 Declan Murphy 18.26 3 3 2 30-39 Male
327 Carolyn Hayes 18.41 4 1 1 20-29 Female
310 Neil Bradley 18.54 5 4 1 20-29 Male
319 Alan Webb 18.55 6 5 3 30-39 Male
303 Tony Fitzgerald 18.58 7 6 2 40-49 Male
330 John Ryan 19.08 8 7 4 30-39 Male
333 Ray Hickey 19.34 9 8 5 30-39 Male
297 Peter Cantwell 19.52 10 9 3 40-49 Male
311 Domhnall Roche 19.54 11 10 2 20-29 Male
313 Mike Heaney 19.58 12 11 6 30-39 Male
304 Ian Kenny 20.27 13 12 7 30-39 Male
Junior Jamie Kelly 20.28 14 13 1 Under 15 Male
322 Jason Keane 20.45 15 14 Male
325 Sarah Boland 21.08 16 2 Female
332 Mark Keane 21.36 17 15 4 40-49 Male
326 Kieran Boland 21.43 18 16 5 40-49 Male
309 Neil Harrington 22.08 19 17 8 30-39 Male
312 Loren Harnett 22.19 20 18 9 30-39 Male
299 Michael Mackessy 22.25 21 19 10 30-39 Male
308 Conor O'Brien 22.40 22 20 3 20-29 Male
328 Maired Elliott 22.41 23 3 1 30-39 Female
315 Dave Coleman 23.32 24 21 11 30-39 Male
329 Andy Crowley 24.28 25 22 12 30-39 Male
335 Anthony Coman 24.51 26 23 13 30-39 Male
323 Serica Jege 25.02 27 4 2 20-29 Female
295 Laura O'Shea 25.22 28 5 2 30-39 Female
324 Emma Duane 25.29 29 6 3 20-29 Female
307 John Cooling 25.50 30 24 6 40-49 Male
306 Hazel NiChathasaigh 27.14 31 7 1 16-19 Female
334 Linda McCullough 28.21 32 8 3 30-39 Female
305 Anne Quinlan 29.07 33 9 4 20-29 Female
301 John Murphy 30.21 34 25 7 40-49 Male
302 Stephen Murphy 30.21 35 26 2 Under 15 Male
318 Barry Murphy 30.25 36 27 Male
317 Annette Murphy 30.25 37 10 Female
316 Aisling Browne 30.59 38 11 5 20-29 Female
300 Avril Clancy 31.56 39 12 4 30-39 Female
298 Louise Craig 32.17 40 13 5 30-39 Female
314 Mags Jones 32.30 41 14 6 30-39 Female

Friday, June 20, 2014

Limerick...Results of the Kilfinane 5 mile road race - Fri 20th June 2014

This was the 5th race of 6 in the ongoing Ballyhoura Limerick race series and it attracted a field of 183 runners.

1 25:58    CARMODY, Michael    Individual    Men
2 26:37    CESAR, Julio    Kilmurry/Ibricken A C    Men
3 26:38    SMITH, Danny    Ballynonty AC    Men
41 32:56    AHERNE, Noelle    West Limerick A C    Ladies
43 33:10    SCHWIRZ, Laura    Crusaders AC    Ladies
44 33:20    ENNIS, Joan    Grange Fermoy A C Masters Women O40 

The full results can be seen HERE

1) Paudie Birmingham has a gallery of photos HERE 

1) Finish line...26 to 33 mins...

2) Finish line...33 to 42 mins

3) Race video with aerial views of the start and out along the course...

Notice...Ballynonty 10 mile road race, Tipperary - Sun 27th July 2014

This 10 mile road race is coming up on Sunday the 27th of July 2014 at 11am. It could probably be best described as a 'back to basics, no frills' 10 mile race. No chip timing, no dry fit tops, no medals, no goodie bags and all of the other stuff. Just a good quality 10 mile road race over an accurately measured course for a very modest price with a great spread afterwards.

The village of Ballynonty is in South Tipperary and is just a few miles off the M8 motorway.

The race is organised by Ballynonty AC who have a new website HERE.

Course Preview....A full preview of the course with maps, profile, directions, photos, etc can be seen HERE

Clare...Results of the Kildysart NS 5k - Thurs 19th June 2014

188 people took part in this race/walk

1 16:59    SEAMUS POWER,     Kilmurry Ibrickane North Clare M
2 17:44    JOHN MOLONEY,     Ennis Track  A. C.    M
3 19:17    SEAMUS CASEY,     Kildysart    M
1 23:17    ROSIE MC MAHON,     Ballynacally/Lissycasey M & T F
 2 23:49    SHEILA  CLEARY,     Kildysart    F O/40
 3 25:25    MEADBH CHAMBERS,     Kilrush    F 

The full results can be seen HERE

1) A small selection of photos from James Sexton can be seen HERE

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Reminder...Races this evening - Thurs 19th June 2014

Just a reminder of two races on this evening for those that want to make the most of the current spell of fine weather.

First off, there is the Cork BHAA Mount Oval Bar 6 mile race. Located just to the south-east of Cork City, this is really easy to get to and is only a few hundred metres or so off the road to Carrigaline.

One unique feature of this race is of course the free BBQ afterwards for all runners and stewards. If you are not running and can help out on the evening then let Gregg More know. There are plenty of road junctions that need to be manned. More info in this earlier post.

Thurles 4 mile...For those of you further up the country, there is a 4 mile race in Thurles. Organised by Thurles Crokes AC, this is their main race of the year and is only a few miles off the M8 motorway. More details on the Running in Munster site.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Notice...Coillte 10k road race, Dundrum, Tipperary - Wed 2nd July 2014

This popular 10k race in coming up in the village of Dundrum, Co.Tipperary on Wednesday the 2nd of July 2014. In terms of fast 10k courses, this must surely be one of the fastest in Munster if not the country.

Dundrum is a small village just 9 miles or so west of Cashel in the south of Tipperary...

Organised by Dundrum Athletic Club, this race is noted for being a flat fast course. As well of there being no hills, the course consists of multiple long straight sections rather than the more usual twists and turns. I've previewed many courses on this site but this one is really fast.

Entries......The entry fee is €15 and you can pre-enter online at Precision Timing. You can also enter on the night.

The map below shows where everything is. For spectators...note the points A, B and C. If you move between these points which are just over 100m apart you can see the athletes at approx. 0.25miles , 2.4miles, 3.2miles and again at 5.4miles.

Course Preview......The 10k course is essentially two laps of a 5k loop. A full preview of the course with maps, description, photos, etc can be seen HERE

Many races have different traditions. Some give out t-shirts, some mugs. In the case of the Coillte 10k, they give out a quality embroidered hand towel given to every finisher. and they have been doing this for over 20 years. Even on years where they had run out of towels on the night, they hand delivered them to these people in the following weeks.

The Tim Crowe Trophy is presented on the night to the first Tipperary Athlete in honour of his 24 national titles won in the early 1900s, who was from the village of Dundrum.

Useful links...
Enter online @

Updates on club Facebook page

and on the club Twitter page

5 Fastest Times

29:45 Daniel Gidumbanda Tanzania 1997
30:51 Pat Bryne Tinryland 2002
30:58 Tom Carey Limerick A.C. 2006
31:21 Tommy Evans Gowran 2009
31:22 Seamus Power Kilmurray Ibrickane 2010

34:28 Rosemary Ryan Bilboa 2003
34:43 Siobhan O’Doherty Borrisokane 2010
34:54 Rosemary Ryan Bilboa 2011
35:07 Siobhan O’Doherty Borrisokane 2012
35:31 Siobhan O’Doherty Borrisokane 2014

Course Record Holders
Senior Men Daniel Gidumbanda Tanzania 1997 29:45,
O/40 Men Gerard Mullane Limerick 1996 32:41,
O/45 Men Eugene Moynihan Marian 2004 34:24,
O/50 Men Myles McHugh Clonmel 1996 35:18,
O/55 Men John Joe Harty Thurles Crokes2005 37:58,
O/60 Men Billy O’Neill St. Abbans 2008 40:36,
Junior Men 5k Jason Fahy Olympic Harriers 2004 15:20,
Senior Women Rosemary Ryan Bilboa 2003 34:28,
O/35 Women Angela Mc Cann Clonmel 2008 39:08,
O/40 Women Mary Sheehan Grange 2003 39:24,
O/45 Women Mary Moloney Thurles Crokes 2010 43:37,
O/50 Women Rita Kierce St. Marys Clare 2012 42:29,
Junior Women 5k Siobhan O'Doherty Clodagh Harriers 2001 19:08,
Wheelchair Gerry Ford Blarney 2003 42:38.

List of Previous Winners
1986 John O'Halloran Tipp Town, Kathleen Maher Ballytrasna,
1987 John Fitzgerald Clonmel, Mary Lonergan Reenavana,
1988 Toddy Finn Raheny Shamrocks, Kay O'Sullivan Upperchurch,
1989 Bernard Feery Clonmel, Martina Dorney Thurles Crokes,
1990 Robert Costello Limerick, Kay O'Sullivan Upperchurch,
1991 Michael Hassett Thurles Crokes, Mary Sheehan East Cork,
1992 Robert Costello Limerick, Mary Sheehan East Cork,
1993 Michael Hassett St. Catherines, Mary Sheehan East Cork,
1994 Michael Hassett St. Catherines, Gaile Culleton Thurles Crokes,
1995 Michael Hassett St. Catherines, Marcella Moloney Tullamore Harriers,
1996 Michael Hassett St. Catherines, Siobhan McCormack Emerald A.C.,
1997 Daniel Gidumbanda Tanzania, Mary Sheehan Grange Fermoy,
1998 Michae1 Hassett St. Catherines, Mary Sheehan East Cork,
1999 Colm Burke St. Abbans, Mary Sheehan Grange Fermoy,
2000 William Harty K.C.K., Mary Sheehan Grange Fermoy,
2001 Robert Wade Waterford A.C., Mary Sheehan Grange Fermoy,
2002 Pat Byrne Tinryland, Mary Sheehan Grange Fermoy,
2003 Tom Carey Limerick A.C., Rosemary Ryan Bilboa,
2004 Mick Kelly Gowran A.C., Siobhan O'Doherty Borrisokane,
2005 Sandis Bralitis Ballynonty A.C., Siobhan O'Doherty Borrisokane,
2006 Tom Carey Limerick A.C., Rosemary Ryan Bilboa,
2007 Dermot Kearns West Limerick, Madeline Dorney Thurles Crokes,
2008 Jason Fahey Olympic Harriers, Rosemary Ryan Bilboa,
2009 Tommy Evans Gowran, Siobhan O'Doherty Borrisokane,
2010 Seamus Power Kilmurray Ibrickane, Siobhan O’Doherty Borrisokane,
2011 Kenneth Rogers St John’s, Rosemary Ryan Bilboa,
2012 Michael Shannon Kilnaboy, Siobhan O’Doherty Borrisokane,
2013 Chris Bracken Thurles Crokes, Siobhan O’Doherty Borrisokane.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Waterford...Results of the Fenor 15k race - Sun 15th June 2014

117 runners took part in this years Fenor 15 km race. That's quite a drop on the numbers last year when they got 173. The entry fee this year was €10 for pre-entries and €13 on the day which seems pretty reasonable.

1    HARTY    PHILIP 53:05 5:42/M    Top Fin    West Waterford  
2    MURPHY    BRIAN 53:18    5:43/M    Top Fin    Carrick-on-Suir AC  
3    QUINLAN    FRANK 56:30 6:04/M    Top Fin    WATERFORD AC  
31    FITZGERALD    ANNE 1:08:53 7:23/M    Top Fin    Waterford AC  
32    MAHONY    JOAN 1:10:00 7:31/M    Top Fin    Waterford AC  
33    QUINLAN    JANET 1:10:28 7:34/M    Top Fin   

The full results can be seen HERE

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Tipperary...Results of the Walls of Fethard 4m road race - Thurs 29th May 2014

Another set of results to catch up on. The Walls of Fethard 4 mile race got a turnout of 91 runners this year, well down on the 142 of 2013.

1    Tony Fogarty    Templemore    SM    21:57
2    Kenny Curran    Ballynonty A C    M40    22:23
3    John Fitzgibbon    Thurles Crokes A C    SM    22:26
11    Clare Annan    Carrick on Suir A C    SW    24:12
18    Carmel Fitzgibbon    Thurles Crokes A C    SW    25:14
29    Eileen McCullough    Thurles Crokes A C    SW    26:28

The full results can be seen HERE

Waterford...Results of the Clashmore 5m road race - Fri 13th June 2014

 Men’s Results
John Meade UCC AC 27.09
Brian Byrne West Waterford AC 28.00
Kevin Kenneally West Waterford AC 28.03
0/40 Peter Duggan St. Joseph’s AC 29.41
0/45 Jim Baldwin Waterford AC 30.13
0/50 Ray Hahesy West Waterford AC 31.05
0/55 Colin Lyona West Waterford AC 33.40
Junior Liam O Reilly West Waterford AC 31.29

Ladies Results
Martina O Dwyer Carrick AC 30.57
Sinead Mansfield West Waterford AC 31.49
Gillian Cotter UCC AC 33.20
0/35 Mary Dyer West Waterford AC 38.46
0/40 Brigid Coffey West Waterford AC 39.39
0/45 Irene Clarke West Waterford AC 35.54
0/50 Josie Uí Chuirrin West Waterford AC 39.53
Junior Ciara Burke 38.20

The full results can be seen HERE

Tipperary...Results of the Moyne 10k - Mon 2nd June 2014

Another old result. This time from the 2nd of June....559 took part in the Moyne 10k

1 Moore Kevin Dundrum 33:23
2 Smith Danny Ballynonty AC 33:44
3 Turner Colm Limerick Tri Club 34:44
14 Dympna Dundrum 38:58 1st Female
26 McCullagh Eileen Thurles 41:54 2nd Female
40 Ryan Phil Killenaule 43:55 3rd Female

The full results can be seen HERE

Tipperary...Results of the Cappawhite 10k race & 6k fun run/walk - Sun 8th June 2014

Catching up on some older results....The Cappawhite 10k road race was held on Sunday the 8th of June 2014 with a small field of 54 runners taking part. There were 92 in the associated 6k fun run/walk.

1 Danny Smyth 34:20
2 Declan Moore 34:50
3 Michael Ryan 37:17
6 Angela McCann 39:05
9 Dymphna Ryan 40:19
11 Linda Grogan 42:47

The results can be seen HERE

Kerry...Results of the Kerryhead Half-Marthon & 10k - Sat 14th June 2014

156 took part in the Half-Marathon while there were 123 in the 10k. The percentage of women in the half was 45% which is slightly above usual while the percentage of women in the 10k was a very high 62%.

1 Gerard GUINA  01:17:39     01:17:38     Senior  (1)     Male  (1)
2 Billy OBRIEN  01:20:32     01:20:32     Ages 40-44  (1)     Male  (2)
3 Martin DINEEN  01:24:16     01:24:14     Senior  (2)     Male  (3)
7 Annamaria COSTELLO  01:29:22     01:29:22     Senior  (1)     Female  (1)
11 Catherine CAMPBELL  01:31:05     01:31:02     Senior  (2)     Female  (2)
13 Caitriona BARRY  01:31:25     01:31:25     Ages 40-44  (1)     Female  (3)

1 Tommy Obrien   00:39:32     00:39:31     Senior  (1)     Male  (1)
2 Anthony KISSANE  00:43:16     00:43:14     Senior  (2)     Male  (2)
5 Paddy Harty  00:45:33     00:45:29     Ages 45-49  (1)     Male  (3)
3 Brigid HARTNETT 00:44:25     00:44:24     Senior  (1)     Female  (1)
4 Michelle O HALLORAN GUERIN  00:44:45     00:44:43     Senior  (2)     Female  (2)
6 Mary Lenehan   00:46:15     00:46:13     Ages 45-49  (1)     Female  (3)

The full results can be seen HERE

1) Ballyheigue Town have a gallery of photos HERE

Tipperary...Results of the Michael Cahill 5k road race, Ballingarry - Fri 13th June 2014

1 Kevin Moore    Dundrum    MS    15:50    1st Senior Man
2 David Mansfield    Clonmel    MS    15:58    2nd Senior Man
3 Patrick Hughes    Thurles Crokes    MS    16:06    3rd Senior Man
26 Carmel Fitzgibbon    Thurles Crokes    FS    18    42    1st Senior Lady
30 Aine Roche    Clonmel    FS    19:26    2nd Senior Lady
42 Mary Molloy    Clonmel    F35    20:12    1st Lady 0/35

The full results can be seen HERE

Report from Niall O'Sullivan of Clonmel AC...
Kevin Moore wins the Michael Cahill 5K...The Michael Cahill 5k road race took place in good conditions last night with 109 athletes participating up from 73 from last year. Competition was very keen with Kevin Moore of Dundrum AC coming through strongly over the final 2k to hold off David Mansfield of Clonmel. Kevin’s winning time was 15 mins 50 secs with David 8 sec adrift. Patrick Hughes of Thurles Crokes was 3rd in 16 mins 6 secs.

The Ladies race was won by Carmel Fitzgibbon of Thurles Crokes in 18 mins 42 secs with Aine Roche of Clonmel 2nd in 19 mins 26 secs and Laura Carey of Coolquill 3rd in 20 mins 42 secs.

The various category winners were Men – 0/35 1st Dermot Logue Coolquill 17:06 and 2nd Pakie Ryan Ballynonty 17:19, 040 – 1st Declan Doherty Thurles Crokes 17:21and 2nd Peter madden Templemore 17:25, 0/45 1st Niall O Ceallaigh Clonmel 17:49 and 2nd Pat O Connor Clonmel 19:35, 0/50 1st Michael Moore Dundrum 18:17and 2nd John Walsh Clonmel 18:26, 0/55 1st Jack Alexander Coolquill 20:10 and 2nd Billy Prout Clonmel 20:46, 0/60 1st Matt Alexander Coolquill 21:27 and 2nd Eamon Crowley Clonmel 26:01, 0/65 1st Eddie Cahalan Coolquill 22:20 and 2nd Paddy Shelley Ballynonty 23:19 and 0/70 Myles McHugh Clonmel 25:10. The Junior man prize was won by Jack Anderson Clonmel 19:16

Ladies winners were: 1st 0/35 Mary Molloy Clonmel 20:12, 1st 0/40 Anne Maher Clonmel 22:37, 1st 0/45 Martina Ryan Thurles Crokes 20:45, 1st 0/50 Anne Cronin Carrick on Suir 24:18 and 1st 0/55 Hilary Collins Coolquill 25:18.

Limerick...Results of the Bilboa AC 10k road race - Fri 13th June 2014

The Ger Mullane Memorial 10k road race attracted a field of 130 runners, up 12% on the numbers for 2013. This race organised by Bilboa AC was the 4th race of 6 in the ongoing Ballyhoura Limerick Series.

1 34:30    CESAR, Julio    Kilmurry/Ibricken A C    Men
2 34:39    MOORE, Declan    Bilboa A C    Men
3 35:27    CUNNINGHAM, Mike Curley    Mooreabbey Milers    Masters Men O40
19 41:49    WOODS, Sharon    Mallow AC    Masters Women O35
25 42:36    GEARY, Fiona    North Cork A C    Ladies
38 43:24    FARRELL, Caitriona    An Bru AC    Ladies

The full results can be seen HERE

Julio Cesar...winner of the 2014 Bilboa 10k

Friday, June 13, 2014

Notice...Dave Fogarty Memorial 4 mile race, Thurles, Tipperary - Thurs 19th June 2014

This 4 mile road race organised by Thurles Crokes AC is coming up on Thursday the 19th of June 2014 at 8pm.

Race registration is at the Thurles Crokes AC grounds which are on the north-west edge of the town of Thurles. The race starts and finishes at the edge of the town and takes in a loop in the countryside to the north-west.

Thurles Crokes AC are one of the main athletic clubs in mid-Tipperary with roughly 80+ members. They are currently developing facilities at their grounds to help them further promote athletics. Funds raised from the race will go towards these facilities. The photo below shows the recently opened club house and the new adjacent hall under construction...

Course preview.........A full preview of the course with maps, directions, photos, etc can be seen HERE

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Clare...Results of the Clare Athletics 4m race, Kilnaboy - Thurs 12th June 2014

148 runners turned out for this 4 mile race in Kilnaboy, Co.Clare.

1 21:40    PAUL DALY,     St Johns    M35
2 22:48    JOHN HANNON,     B.M.O.H.    M35
3 23:04    DAVID LYONS,     Ennis Track    M
1 25:02    JACKIE O CONNOR,     Ennis Track    F
2 26:05    CLAIRE MADIGAN,     St Johns    F
3 26:12    GRACE SHALLOO,     Ennis Track    F

The full results can be seen HERE

1) A gallery of photos from James Sexton can be seen HERE

Notice...The Champion Kiely 5k road race, Ballyneale, Tipperary - Fri 27th June 2014

This 5 km road race is coming up in Ballyneale, South Tipperary on Friday, the 27th of June 2014 at 7:30pm.

Location...Ballyneale is about 3 miles / 5 kms to the north-west of Carrick-on-Suir.
If you are coming from Clonmel then take the N24 for Carrick-on-Suir. Look for the turn off left about 4 kms east of Kilsheelan.
From Carrick-on-Suir, take the R696 and look for the turn off left.

The village is well sign posted from the N24, N76 and R696 roads. Unusually however, the signs on the N76 and R696 refer to it as 'Ballyneill' while the sign posts on the N24 say 'Ballyneale'. Either way, it's one and the same village.

Ballyneale itself is a very small village consisting of a church, pub, school and several houses.

From the organisers.....Race registration will be from 6pm at the school. Parking is available at the community sports field, 800 metres from the school. The race starts 200 metres from the school and includes one full circuit of the village and finishing at the community sports field. Tea and refreshments will be served at the sportsfield.

Course Preview.........A full preview of the course with maps, directions, photos, description, etc can be seen HERE