Saturday, December 26, 2009

Kerry & Tipperary...Races on St.Stephens Day cancelled!!

Kerry..........Sat 10:15am.......I have received a text saying that the 4 mile road race today in Faranfore has been cancelled. There is no info yet as to whether it will be on at a later date.

Tipperary.......the 4 mile road race in Clonmel has been cancelled. The provisional new date for the race is now the 10th of Jan.....which is the date for the Mallow 10 race!


Thomas said...

The Farranfore race was cancelled but just over 20 of us, who hadn't received the notice, ran the race anyway. The roads were just fine, and a perfectly good time was had by the few of us.

hawkwing said...

No word on Tipp FM news at 10 today saying Clonmel was cancelled,wasted journey.