Sunday, September 4, 2011

Waterford...Results of the National Half-Marathon - Sat 3rd Sept 2011

A total of 690 runners turned out for the National Half-Marathon on the Waterford to Tramore route. The last time the national half was held here in 2008, they got 430 runners (60% increase). The standards seemed to be very high with the top 3 men faster than 67 minutes and the top 3 women faster than 79 mins. In get into the top 100 runners, a time of under 80 minutes was required.

The full individual results can be seen HERE

The top 100 women finishers can be seen HERE

The team results and prizewinners can be seen in Excel format HERE or PDF format HERE

1) Link to to some commercial photos HERE

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

If one knew there was a ham-salad blaa and a cup of tea at the end, everyone would run faster.
Great day, very enthusiastic and warm welcome from organisers and stewards.

For 20euro a technical t-shirt, chip times, a well marshalled course, I am surprised the crowd was not even bigger. Best value event of the year.

I enjoyed the day and well done to all concerned