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Limerick...Results of the Kilmeedy 5 mile road race - Fri 3rd Aug 2012

A record 128 runners turned out for this years Kilmeedy 5 mile road race in Co.Limerick. This was the 8th race in the ongoing Ballyhoura Active Series. The first man home was Mike Cunningham of Bilboa AC in a time of 27:35 while the first woman was Breeda Lynch in 31:56.

Race report from the organisers.....
Mike Curly Cunningham from Bilboa Athletic Club wound his way to victory in the annual Kilmeedy 5 mile held on August 3rd. His winning time of 27 minutes 35 seconds was just three ahead of clubmate Declan Moore. They set a ferocious pace at the race start, reaching the mile mark at Gilbournes gates in 4.55 along with Ennis Track runner Patrick Quinn. By  three miles at Belville, the Ennis runner had been dropped and turning by Kilmeedy church Cunningham had the narrowest of leads which he held to the line in front of the Glen Bar.

Our ladies title this year went to Breeda Lynch from Doneen in Limerick a clear winner in 31.56 over a minute ahead of Clare's Loretto Duggan with Orla Power in third. The junior womens race also went to Limerick as Saoirse Callaghan Herrity of Limerick Athletic Club won her section and Patrick Hayes took the boys title.

In the over forty section, Edward McDonnell of Mallow was victorious and Verena Tarpey, Doneen Athletic Club won her women's race. Kieran O'Connor from North Cork lifted the mens over fifty title and Berna Egan from Newcastle West won the womens section. John Brady an old friend of this writer took the over fifty five honours for North Cork. Carmel MacDomhnaill of the host club West Limerick won her section here. Now I must pay tribute to West Limerick Athletic Club. Kilmeedy is their fourth road race to organise in the last month in the area and they do trojan work to promote athletics. Once again their help is invaluable at the Kilmeedy race. We had one hundred and twenty eight runners this year, a new record with over forty walkers. Being involved with the Ballyhoura Series of Road Races had been of huge help this year. . We appreciate
also the assistance by Kilmeedy Community Development and their excellent facility in Arás Íde. 

Place    Time    Name    Team    Category
1    0:27:35    CUNNINGHAM, Mike Curly    Bilboa A C    Men O/45
2    0:27:38    MOORE, Declan    Bilboa A C    Junior Men
3    0:28:11    QUINN, Patrick    Ennis Track    Senior Men
4    0:28:44    O BRIEN, Vincent        Men O/35
5    0:30:43    O DONNELL, Richie       
6    0:30:49    LYNCH, Brendan        Men O/35
7    0:31:02    MC DONNELL, Edward    Mallow    Men O/40
8    0:31:12    BUCKLEY, Aidan    Mallow    Men O/35
9    0:31:15    GUBBINS, James    Kilfinnane    Men O/35
10    0:31:42    COLLINS, Shane    Bridge Milers    Men O/40
11    0:31:54    BUTLER, Graham        Senior Men
12    0:31:56    LYNCH, Breeda        Women O/35
13    0:32:03    MOLONEY, Nicholas    North Cork A C    Senior Men
14    0:32:10    HOURIGAN, Seamus    Kolfinnane A C    Men O/40
15    0:32:16    RICHARDSON, James        Senior Men
16    0:32:31    MULLINS, Mike    North Cork A C    Men O/45
17    0:32:41    O CONNOR, Kieran    North Cork A C    Men O/50
18    0:32:45    O CONNELL, Gerard        Senior Men
19    0:32:47    HAYES, Patrick        Junior Men
20    0:32:51    O BRIEN, Joe    Kolfinnane A C    Senior Men
21    0:33:01    BUCKLEY, Maurice    North Cork A C    Men O/45
22    0:33:03    O CONNOR, Michael        Junior Men
23    0:33:07    BUTLER, Liam    Tipp Town    Men O/50
24    0:33:12    DUGGAN, Lorretto        Women O/35
25    0:33:48    KENNEDY, Brian        Men O/35
26    0:34:11    CARROLL, Denis    Eagle A C    Men O/50
27    0:34:26    BAKER, Mick        Men O/40
28    0:34:29    BRADY, John    North Cork A C    Men O/55
29    0:34:38    WATSON, John        Senior Men
30    0:34:41    ENRIGHT, John    B M O H    Men O/35
31    0:34:45    SHANAHAN, Sean    Galtee Runners    Men O/40
32    0:34:47    STUTTE, Garry        Men O/55
33    0:34:48    POWER, Orla        Women O/35
34    0:34:49    ENRIGHT, John    B M O H    Men O/35
35    0:34:51    MULLINS, Aofaine    North Cork A C    Senior Women
36    0:34:54    DALY, Johnny    North Cork A C    Men O/40
37    0:34:55    CREMIN, Patrick        Senior Men
38    0:35:06    TARPEY, Verena        Women O/40
39    0:35:08    ENRIGHT, Donnacha        Senior Men
40    0:35:10    BROSNAN, Donnacha        Men O/50
41    0:35:13    COLLINS, John    B M O H    Senior Men
42    0:35:15    QUINLAN, Neil    Galtee Runners    Senior Men
43    0:35:16    O MEARA, Richard    Galtee Runners    Senior Men
44    0:35:18    CARROLL, Aoife    Mallow    Senior Women
45    0:35:26    DELANEY, John        Men O/45
46    0:35:41    DOODY, Breeda        Women O/40
47    0:35:50    QUILLIGAN, Kein    Mallow    Men O/40
48    0:35:56    LENIHAN, Richard    West Limerick A C    Men O/55
49    0:36:10    BUCKLEY, Mark    North Cork A C    Junior Men
50    0:36:31    MAC DOMHNAILL, Carmel    West Limerick A C    Women O/55
51    0:36:51    SCULLY, Bernard        Men O/40
52    0:37:00    BUCKLEY, Patrick    Mallow    Senior Men
53    0:37:03    LONG, Michael    North Cork A C    Men O/40
54    0:37:17    DAVERN, Denis    Galtee Runners    Men O/45
55    0:37:18    NELLIGAN, Frank        Men O/50
56    0:37:20    MAC CURTAIN, Coireall        Men O/60
57    0:37:22    MURRIHY, John       
58    0:37:24    MACKESSY, Mikey        Senior Men
59    0:37:25    O BRIEN, Barry    Kilfinnane A C    Senior Men
60    0:37:26    AHERNE, Paul    Kolfinnane A C    Men O/35
61    0:37:52    FENTON, Michael        Men O/35
62    0:38:43    BUCKLEY, Sinead    North Cork A C    Senior Women
63    0:38:45    MURPHY, Barry        Senior Men
64    0:38:54    FOLEY, Maureen        Women O/40
65    0:39:09    MULLINS, Darragh    North Cork A C    Junior Men
66    0:39:20    CALLAGHAN HERRITY, Saoirse    L A C    Junior Women
67    0:39:21    MASSEY, Daniel    West Limerick A C    Men O/50
68    0:39:30    O CONNELL, Vinny        Senior Men
69    0:39:31    O CONNOR, Kieran    North Cork A C    Men O/40
70    0:39:35    LIDDANE, Olive        Women O/35
71    0:39:39    WHELAN, Rita        Women O/35
72    0:39:47    FOLAN RYAN, Mary        Women O/35
73    0:39:49    O BRIEN, Gerry        Men O/35
74    0:40:11    SHEEHY, Niall        Men O/35
75    0:40:23    LENIHAN, Eimear    North Cork A C    Junior Women
76    0:40:49    O SULLIVAN, Catherine    Galtee Runners    Men O/35
77    0:40:52    MULLINS, Mark    North Cork A C    Men O/45
78    0:41:27    BROWNE, Caitriona        Women O/35
79    0:41:58    BARRETT, Sinead    Mooreabbey Milers    Senior Women
80    0:42:03    O KEEFFE, Seamus    Mallow    Men O/40
81    0:42:05    BULYCEVA, Agne        Senior Women
82    0:42:07    BUCKLEY, Linda    Kilmallock A C    Women O/55
83    0:42:08    CAREY, Aisling    Kilmallock A C    Senior Women
84    0:42:18    GALVIN, Kate        Women O/40
85    0:42:33    GALVIN, Grace    North Cork A C   
86    0:42:34    O CONNOR, Una    North Cork A C    Junior Women
87    0:42:47    MOORE, Ber    Kilmallock A C    Women O/35
88    0:43:00    SUGRUE, Mary    Mallow    Senior Women
89    0:43:21    O CONNOR, Timmy    Liscarroll A C    Junior Men
90    0:43:37    O CONNOR, Jack        Men O/45
91    0:43:54    RIORDAN, Jilie    North Cork A C    Women O/45
92    0:43:55    DOWLING, Grace    North Cork A C   
93    0:43:59    EGAN, Beera        Women O/50
94    0:44:09    CASEY, Mike    Galtee Runners    Men O/45
95    0:44:12    O REILLY, Eddie        Men O/35
96    0:44:14    O CONNELL, Ger    Liscarroll A C    Senior Men
97    0:44:45    O REILLY, Bernie        Men O/35
98    0:44:46    CONWAY, Mary        Women O/45
99    0:44:50    NORRIS, Elaine    Mallow    Women O/35
100    0:44:52    RYAN, Catriona    Mallow    Senior Women
101    0:44:59    CALLAGHAN, Orla        Women O/40
102    0:45:37    GALVIN, Fiona        Women O/40
103    0:45:45    MURPHY, Kevin        Senior Men
104    0:45:46    HENNESSEY, Paul        Men O/40
105    0:45:53    VILLIERS, John        Senior Men
106    0:45:59    O CONNELL, Gerard    Liscarroll A C    Men O/55
107    0:46:15    LENIHAN, Megan    North Cork A C   
108    0:46:17    BARRETT, John    West Limerick A C    Men O/60
109    0:46:59    BEHAN, Breda        Senior Women
110    0:47:04    POWER, Carol    North Cork A C    Senior Women
111    0:48:00    SAVAGE, Nicola    Kilmallock A C    Women O/35
112    0:48:01    MC CARTHY, Susan    Galtee Runners    Women O/40
113    0:48:38    DOWNES, Caroline        Women O/40
114    0:48:45    RIORDAN, Mags        Women O/35
115    0:48:51    DELANEY, Mary        Women O/45
116    0:48:57    IMRAY, Joan        Women O/40
117    0:49:20    KELLY, Catriona        Senior Women
118    0:49:30    BREEN, Noreen    Mallow    Senior Women
119    0:49:55    O SULLIVAN, Valerie    North Cork A C    Women O/35
120    0:51:21    HOGAN, Anne    Gneeveguilla A C    Senior Women
121    0:51:33    LYNCH, Killian        Men O/40
122    0:52:04    CUNNINGHAM, Breeda        Women O/35
123    0:52:06    ENRIGHT, Michael        Men O/45
124    0:52:45    CUNNINGHAM, Rosie    Galtee Runners    Senior Men
125    0:52:47    LOWNEY, Deirdre        Men O/40
126    0:53:30    HEALY, Emma       
127    0:54:38    WILLIS, Margaret    Mallow    Senior Women
128    0:55:48    O RIORDAN, Eamon        Men O/60

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