Saturday, March 30, 2013

Kerry...Results of the Ballybunion Half-Marathon and 10k - Sat 30th Mar 2013

Almost 750 people turned out for these two races in Ballybunion in North Kerry. On what was a cold but dry day, there were 545 in the 10k race and 202 in the Half-Marathon. These numbers are down on last year so it looks as if the new Tralee Marathon which was on in mid-March most likely had an impact.

In 2011, the 10k had 506 finishers. That increased to 686 in 2012 but this year, it has dropped back by about 20% to 545.

In the Half-Marathon, the drop has been even more dramatic. In 2011, it was 319. That went up to 378 in 2012 but this year, the numbers have dropped by 47% to 202. Considering that the Tralee Marathon had the option of doing a Half-Marathon then it's probably safe to assume that a lot of local people did that one instead.

In terms of hard cash, that means that this race took in about €11,600 less than last year, a drop of about 36%.

1 Matthew Horrigan Rathfarnham AC     M     MS  (34:33)     34:33
2 Robert PURCELL  M     M40 (35:56)     35:56
3 Tim FORDE  M     MS (38:15)     38:15
10 Selenia NOLAN  F     F40  (40:09)     40:09
21 Joanne HANNAN  F     FS  (43:16)     43:24
28 Cliona O'Conner      F     FS  (43:47)     43:57

The results of the 10k race can be seen HERE

1 Phil DAVIESPEERLESS        Wirral AC     M     MS (1:16:17)     1:16:17
2 Donal WHITE        Kerry Crusaders     M     MS (1:18:55)     1:18:55
3 Joe WALSH  M     M40 (1:20:36)     1:20:36
19 Sheila BUCKLEY Midleton AC     F     FS (1:31:44)     1:31:46
31 Helen GILROY  Midleton ac     F     F40 (1:36:49)     1:36:52
38 Niamh KELLY   F     FS (1:39:12)     1:39:15

The results of the Half-Marathon can be seen HERE 

1) Some commercial photos from Hartney Photographics HERE


Anonymous said...

Tough half marathon but worth it for de scenery & fabulous organised race.

Anonymous said...

The food was a huge improvement on last year's burgers.

I thought it was very unfair that overall winners got an age category prize also. In most other races, if you win an overall prize you don't get an age prize.

Anonymous said...

A very hefty €50 euro entry fee is also a major turn off. Why is it so many races seem to think putting the words half marathon in their title that it is a licence to charge anyting they wish. Compare the average charge of a 10miler to a half marathon and the gap is unjustified.

Mike said...

Looking at a selection of Half Marathons, the average Entry Price is 38 Euro, with the lowest 25 and the highest 50. Other factors to consider are Scenery, Organisation, Give-Away's, Food, Flat/Fast Course, Prize Money, Road Closure, Charitable Vs For Profit etc So, the good news for us runners is that we have the power to ensure the Best Races survive and this does not necessarily mean the one with the Cheapest Entry Price. Vote with your feet !

Anonymous said...

Well done Ballybunion for starting on time. Beef Stroganoff & Chicken Curry were delicious. The hotel provided great hospitality and a very relaxed atmosphere.

Anonymous said...

I ran the race was sceptical about the entry fee but a few of us doing it meant I was in.
Tough course, brutal headwind miles 4 to 8. Thats the end of the negatives.
Very friendly people, the town embraced the occassion, no bother getting race number or parking. Race started on time, stewards at every crossroad, water station with small bottles where they said they would be. A nice finish area with a clear clock and a crowd to cheer you home. Medal, T-Shirt and hot food provided, no queues and as much water bananas and energise drink that you wanted.
The results were online a few minutes after you finished.
€50 is dear for a race but I feel I got value for my money. No quibbles if it is done as well as this race was.

Donal Cashin said...

Congrats to Ballybunnion,good course. 2 negatives would be €50 entry fee, too expensive for a half marathon plus while i left my bag in hotel headquarters, there was no official drop area or place to change, especially after travelling a long ways. But overall keep up the good work and remember runners will always travel to a well run event on a good course.

Anonymous said...

Likewise I think that prizes given for overall and age category was ridiculous. I have never seen this before and also it would appear that the first 3 women past the post were not correct in the 10k race? Apart from that, I enjoyed the race, will most definitely run again next year.

Anonymous said...

I am one of the organisers and I want to thank all of the participants for braving the elements on a bitterly cold day.

Yes, our numbers were down probably due to Tralee, and for that reason it was more important than ever for us to look after our runners and stage a good event......and I believe we did that.

On the issue of prizes, we decided to allow multiple winners as a result of an athlete in a previous year taking serious offense on not being awarded both age category and senior prizes.

Your feedback is most appreciated and if you enjoyed the run tell your fellow runners and clubmates and consider coming back next year.

Finally, our event is not about the money. Any surplus is donated to worthy local charities.

John Desmond said...

Just a note for the organisers...

One prize per athlete is the case at most road races as it's the fairest policy.

Nora Barry said...

fAs one of the many people who chose not to participate in the event this year I can only give my personal reasons for doing so. Last year three young local girls (13 years old) took part in the event and paid 20 euro a head to do so. They waited in line for a burger (45 mins) like everyone else but were refused a burger because they were "children".They were embarrased and humilated in front of everyone. The organisers had no problem taking their money upfront and when one of the mothers complained they were given one burger between the 3.
This year a little girl took part in the "fun run" and despite being the first girl home was told there was no prize for girls. The first boy home got a large easter egg and two further large eggs were given to two boys with special needs but nothing for the girls.
When asked the organisers explained it was a "fun run" and therefore they chose who to give prizes to and they chose to exclude the girls at the expense of the special needs boys and expected the little girl to understand. After much protest an egg was bought and the organiser refused to present the little girl with the egg at the finish line. She was asked to come to the pub and given her prize inside the pub away from her friends and peers.
I hope other participants had a good day, women especially but just be aware that for one little girl it was not a pleasent experience.

Anonymous said...

One of the organisers back again.

Yes we did have a FREE children's fun run the where all children received a FREE tech tshirt and an easter egg. We make no apologies for discriminating in favor of children less fortunate than our own when giving out larger easter eggs.

99.99% of parents of children who took part were extremely complimentary on involving the children. You can please some of the people some of the time.......

Anonymous said...

Just wondering if any pictures of the race are up on the website, or where can i find them?