Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Kerry...Results of the Carers Association 10k Charity fun run - Sun 13th Oct 2013

1    Arthur    Fitzgerald    0:34:10
2    Stephen    Griffin    0:34:18
3    Derek    Griffin    0:35:12
25    Elaine    O'Keeffe    0:44:09
29    Kathleen    Shannon    0:45:58
30    Fatima    O Connor    0:46:01 

The full results can be seen HERE


Anonymous said...

A cause well worth supporting & I've no issue supporting it in the future either. However,I hope that going forward that they will change a few things, plastic cups at a water station are a no no,surely someone would sponsor the small bottles of water-€50 would nearly cover it.They could definitely do with more stewards,people went on the wrong route at various points & not a steward in sight to point them in the right direction.I ran for fun with a friend of mine & timed it on my Garmin, for some reason I didn't get a time & her's was approx 3 minutes out??Its all going to a good cause but people wont come back if its not right & theres plenty competition out there.A decent crowd & fun morning though.

Anonymous said...

yeah, certainly a few stewarding problems down around the Spa road / Strand Road area - lots of people didnt know where to go. My time ended up being allocated to someone else & I think that I got theirs, no issue really as it was done to support the cause & not break any records.