Sunday, December 1, 2013

Results of the Waterford Half-Marathon...Sun 1st Dec 2013

Place    Last Name    First Name Gun Time    Chip Time    Pace    Category    Club
1    Mac Mahon    Brian 1:06:37    1:06:37    5:05/M    SM    Clonliffe Harriers AC
2    O'Shea    Alan  1:06:44    1:06:44    5:06/M    SM    Bantry AC
3    O'Hanlon    Gary 1:07:40    1:07:40    5:10/M    SM   
18    Kelly    Elish 1:18:03    1:18:02    5:57/M    SF    Raheny Shamrocks
20    Curley    Pauline  1:18:17    1:18:16    5:59/M    F40  Tullamore Harriers
28    Hodgins    Jill 1:19:05    1:19:05    6:02/M    F35   

The full results can be seen HERE


Aidan said...

As always a fantastic event, so well organised and supported. Great weather and they even took out the hill. Will be back again next year.

Anonymous said...

Great route guys, lovely and winding and only a few pulls. Congrats to all. Keep on the good work.

Raheny Shamrock Men said...

Except for the male team prize. Website stated 3 to score before the event. This means in other events (all IAAF events, all AAI events, all the best road races all over Ireland, Ballycotton, Tinryland, Rathfarnham, Raheny 5, Streets of Galway etc.) that the first 3 across the line score for the team prize regardless of individual prizes. Yesterday the team prize was given to the home club at the expense of Raheny as one of the Raheny team got an individual prize. This would be like Fionnuala Britton not being allowed score on the Irish Euro Cross team last year as she had already been given a medal. It smacked of moving the goal posts to favour the local team after the event had been run. If Waterford AC have a rule that means 3 to score actually means something totally out of the norm from other events then they should state this on their website before the event and there would be no problem. If Waterford want their event to become one of the best events in the country there needs to be total transparency in the rules.

Anonymous said...

In fairness your comment about “moving the goal posts to favour the local team” is a pretty disparaging remark. This would suggest Waterford AC did this on a whim yesterday when in actual fact they have awarded the team prizes this way in all the previous years of this race and in the other races the organise. Please don’t try to make this about underhanded tactics or cheating by implying so with those comments.
As with your examples of where the team prize included award winners there are also examples of where the team prize excluded individual winners. A quick Google search of “team prizes road race” showed 2 on the first page of results alone that specifically mention omitting individual winners, the Dungarvan 10 is one of them and that is a big race.
If WAC’s only fault here was not to specifically stipulate that individual winners would not be included in team prizes then I am sure they can add that comment to their website for next year if you let them know that you would like to see it there before competing. They also didn’t stipulate individual winners would not get age category prizes so I guess with all the stuff there is to remember it is easy to omit something’s which have been the norm for them for years.

Anonymous said...

Any photos yet? Apart from DC Images.

Pat said...

Yes I agree with above, it has always been the case that individual winners are excluded from team or age category prizes. Maybe it should have been clearer but definitely not a case of moving the goalposts which is a very unfair accusation to make about any sporting club. Personally I prefer this way of prizewinning as it gives more guys a chance to get a prize especially in the team events

Keith said...

There are more albums from this event on Noel Browne and john colemans page