Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Limerick...Results of the Caherdavin 5m & 10m road race - Sun 2nd Feb 2014

These two race were held on Sunday the 2nd of February. A total of 90 runners took part in the 10 mile race with 59 in the 5 mile event.

There was however a problem with the 5 mile race. See this statement from Limerick Athletics...
"In the 5 mile event there was a major error when all except 2 of the runners  were directed onto the wrong route and we apologise to the athletes that had to run a greater distance that they were supposed to. The race organisers accept responsibility for this and we will ensure that such an error will not occur in any of our events in 2014 and beyond."

Results 10 Mile Competitors in finish order.           
1 56:47    DOODY, Martin    Limerick AC    Senior Men
2 57:08    CUNNINGHAM, Mike Curley    Moore Abbey Milers A C    Masters Men O40
3 57:23    FITZGERALD, Paul    Limerick AC    Senior Men
23 1:09:27    CROSBIE, Orla    St Finbarr's AC    Masters Women O40
25 1:10:21    SHINNERS, Aideen    Individual    Senior Women
30 1:12:30    DUGGAN, Loretto    Kilmurry Ibricken AC    Masters Women O40

Caherdavin 5 Mile
1 LIDDANE, James    Bridge Milers Olympic Harriers    Senior Men
2 LYNCH, Keith    Limerick AC    Senior Men
3 SHORTEN, Conor    Individual    Senior Men
5 CULLIGAN, Stephanie    Individual    Masters Women O40
8 HOUGH, Geraldine    Individual    Senior Women
19 HASTINGS, Sarah Louise    Individual    Senior Women

The full results can be seen HERE


Mike Cremin Midleton AC said...

Travelled from east cork to take part in what i believed was going to be a well organised 5 mile road race from start to finish it was a farce. Start pt was changed just before the race which caused awful confusion and a 10 min delay. Watch beeped for mile 5 out in the middle of no where with not a steward or finish line in sight not a great feeling on a tired body havin raced a ten mile race the week before. The route course ended up being over 7miles came to finish line there was 6 stewards to be seen laughing and joking. When i confronted the stewards about the whole mess i was told sure didnt you get to run over 7 miles. This would have been fine if we were made aware before the start then we could have paced ourselves for a 7 mile road race. Having taken part in the Dungarvan 10 the week before which only cost €5 more and was by far a better organised race. This race was nothing more than a money making scheme definately not a run for runners. €10 online and €15 on the day is day light robbery for a 5 mile road race. Compare this to cork bhaa races which only cost €5 for an accurately measured course correct mile markers and plenty of helpful stewards.

Anonymous said...

ran the 5 or ??? mile road what a nightmare bad experience.

Anonymous said...

Joke of a race from start to finish the 5 mile went the wrong way because they had no stewards. 5 mile results are wrong as people had stopped when they went the wrong way and walked back to the start

Pat Reid said...

Also ran the 5 mile.
My Garmin only showed 10.85k's though whilst the steward said it was 7.2 miles ?
Would just like to know why there are no finish times for the 5 mile regrdless of the distance, the actual distance run (far less likely, I know) and where are the 2runners that did take the right course shown in the results ?
Things happen but it feels a bit cavalier at time of writing.

Anonymous said...

The worst race i have ever ran. Start pt was late and changed. No stewards anywhere except at the end there was a group of them. Stewards were rude and never apologised no money refunded. I dont understand 5 mile results, people were lost, stopped and were talking to stewards before they arrived at the line. To produce results seems to be a cover up. Anyone of authority in munster athletics should investigate this race.

Anonymous said...

The Caherdavin race has been a disaster year after year. Ask any runners who did it the last couple of years and they all have similar stories to tell

Anonymous said...

I ran the ten mile and was quite happy with my time. But only for the runners in front of me I could of ended up anywhere. I followed the group in front of me as I didn't know where else to go. There were from what I could see very few stewards and the stewards that were there were grouped together. A lot of lessons need to be learned from this poorly organised run.

GearoidMC said...

Seriously considered doing the rescheduled 10 mile but couldn't due to work committments...sounds like I dodged a bullet.
Travelled up from East Cork on St. Stephens Day for the original race only to have it cancelled due to ice on the road a mere 5 mins before scheduled start. All the while entries at 15 euro a head were being taken right up to that point. I held off on paying the entry fee myself as it was clear from an hour out that the roads were in a shocking state and were not going to improve. The right decision in the end of course but the organisers were far too relaxed about the whole thing...obviously the norm for them as opposed to the exception.