Sunday, November 22, 2015

Kerry...Results of the Puck Warrioirs 5k & 10k in Killorglin - Sat 21st Nov 2015

The annual Puck Warriors 5k & 10k race in Killorglin was held on Saturday the 21st of November 2015. The numbers this year were way down with only 44 in the 10k and 21 in the 5k. You can see how this compares to previous years below.

As you can see, the peak was in 2013 and it has been on the way down since then. The drop this year has been pretty dramatic with the lowest number ever being recorded.

1. 74 Mr Tony Harty m 0:00:35.1
2. 97 Mr Damien Foley m 0:00:37.0
3. 82 Mr George McCarthy m 0:00:37.0
1. 85 Ms Siobhan Daly w 0:00:40.4
2. 94 Ms Alison Kirwan w 0:00:42.4
3. 63 Ms Mary O'Shea w 0:00:43.5

The full results can be seen HERE

As for why the big drop? One obvious reason was the entry fee. €20 for a 10k and €15 for a 5k is expensive, especially when there is a free 5k parkrun in Killarney. The quality of the results also leave a lot to be desired with times accurate only to the nearest 10 seconds. What time time did the winner do? 35:10? 35:19? For €20, it's not good enough. 


Aine Fitzgerald said...

All feedback and advise is welcome as we are always trying to improve our service.

However in terms of this review We knew with events in the run up to the race this year that our numbers would be badly hit, but we made the decision to continue with the original date rather than cancelling or postponing. factors outside of our control did have a huge impact

Our entry price was early bird for 5km & 10km, €7 and €10, this increased to €10 & €15 and then to €15 & €20 for on the day registration, to encourage people to pre register.

In this event, its not a fair comparison to the park runs, as this is a chipped event, participants get medals and dry flo running tops as well as water during race and hot refreshments post race

Anonymous said...

" as this is a chipped event"... then where are the proper results?

AFitBody said...

The Proper results are on our website
However we are having technical problems with the timing software and when generating the results in PDF, Excel or CSV file it is cutting decimal points
So for example 30.22 is displayed as 30.2
We know this is an issue and are waiting on a fix from Race Result
Updated times will be posted as soon as this has been resolved
In the interim is you want any specific details on times, contact me on and I will be happy to provide same

AFitBody said...

Updated results have now been posted

Brian said...

Great event. Excellently organised! Pity there was not more of a crowd but that was due to circumstances out of the organisers control. €20 and you get a great run, t shirt, medal, dressing rooms to change, chipped timing and plenty of refreshments after. I am from Clare but I was down in Kerry for the weekend. Delighted I went to Killorglin for it. Have no hesitation in heading to another event and recommending this event to anyone. Organisers and runners were super friendly. Top class all round event.