Monday, March 28, 2016

Notice...Ballyhoura Mountain Trail Marathon, Half-Marathon & Ultra - Sat 30th Apr 2016

This 26.2 mile mountain marathon takes place on Saturday the 30th of April 2016 on the Ballyhoura Mountains on the Cork - Limerick border. The race starts and finishes in the town of Kilfinane and weaves it's way through narrow country roads and up forest trails as it takes in a large loop. Runners usually finish from 4-6 hours, and the walkers coming in anything up to 9 hours.

Also included this year for the first time is a 13.1 mile half-marathon and a 36 mile Ultra option.

Registration...Please follow steps:
1. Go to
2. Create a myimra id password etc. (This is what allows access to purchase area). If you have one already, log in.
3. Register as a 2016 member of imra. (If you aren't already)
4. Go to purchase IMRA products and buy from the Half, Full or Ultra.

"You must have race number or know your race number to collect race pack on the morning. We will not be able to look for your race number online. If you do not have a physical number with you on the day, please bring the print out of membership confirmation and we will write you one"....Thanks - Ballyhoura Race Team

Online only entry....Sat 30th April... Half Marathon €35, Full Marathon €55, Ultra €65

All runners will have: Aid stations, dri fit tee shirt, hot meal & dessert, showers, and commemorative mug.

All runners must be IMRA members 2016 to reg.

From the IMRA...."There is a mandatory kit for those running on the mountains in any IMRA race. The list comprises of a rain proof Jacket which is compulsory, Map of the event and compass, a whistle, a foil blanket, some food and water and in some cases a phone. Everyone should have these items with them but the race director on the day will decide the kit depending on conditions on  the day and that may only be the Jacket.  "

Details on the IMRA website.....Marathon ... Half-Marathon ... Ultra Marathon

This is the route and info for 2016.

Marathon and Ultra.....The full marathon will start at 8am in Kilfinane. The Ultra will start an hour or two earlier. This is the route for the first 13 miles...

The first 6 miles are a mixture of forest trails and quiet country roads. The hardest part is after 6 miles where you gradually climb up to Seefin which is the highest point in the Ballyhouras (~10 mile mark).

The is the profile for the first 13 miles...

Half-Marathon.....Anyone taking part in the half will be taken by bus from Kilfinane to the start line at Ballyorgan which is at the half way mark in the full marathon. The half will start at 10am.

The two highest points are around miles 4 and 9. This equates to miles 17 and 22 in the full marathon.

The profile is shown below. Note that the gradient is exaggerated somewhat. The first ascent is about 800ft / 250m.

The full and the half will finish in Kilfinane. There will be a cut off time for the Ultra runners who will need to complete a 10 mile loop to the east of Kilfinane.

Ultra...The extra 10 miles of the Ultra are shown below...

Profile.......A pretty gradual climb of about 1000ft / 300m.

Start of the 2016 Ballyhoura Trail Marathon


Anonymous said...

I see that there are to be meals afterwards. How does that work out, with three events?


Ultra 6.30am, marathon 8.30am, half 10.30am