Sunday, June 19, 2016

Limerick...Results of the Ger Mullane Memorial 5k & 10k, Bilboa - Fri 17th June 2016

The big change this year was the inclusion of a 5k race in additional to the traditional 10k one. It probably took a few runners from the 10k race but probably attracted a few more that wouldn't have done the 10k anyway.

The chart below shows the breakdown in numbers. There were 107 in the 10k, down from 117 last year. 34 turned out for the new 5k which helped to boost the overall total to 141.

As you can see, there was a big drop in numbers in 2013 and it has never really recovered. With a €15 entry fee for the 10k and €10 for the 5k, perhaps the price is putting off some runners?

Limerick...Results of the Bilboa 5k & 10k - Fri 17th June 2016

1 Declan Moore         Bilboa AC     32:36
2 Martin Doody         Limerick AC    32:47
3 Keith Lynch         BMOH AC    34:50
1 Laura Buckley         Dunboyne    40:03
2 Mairead Bradshaw    Bilboa AC    42:57
3 Ailbhe Healy        West Limerick AC    43:50

The full results can be seen HERE

1) Bilboa AC have a gallery of photos HERE

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Anonymous said...

Last two years have clashed with the Shannon Airport Midnight run. Probably the biggest reason for the drop in numbers.