Saturday, June 24, 2017

Limerick...Results of the Mungret St.Pauls 10k - Sun 14th May 2017

This year, there was only timing for the 10k race while the 5k run walk was changed into a 6km walk.

A total of 333 people took part in the 10k race, a drop of 16% on last year. As you can see from the chart above, the numbers in the 10k have been constantly dropping since 2013. This is a pretty typical pattern for a lot of races in Munster which seem to have had their peaks back around 2012/13. It's probably not a case of there being less runners around now but that there are now a lot more events to choose from.

As races go, 333 is still a very good number for Co.Limerick. Most races in the county are much smaller than this.

1 Colm Turner    00:33:49 Male    1
2 Keith Lynch    00:34:21 Male    2
3 Niall Shanahan    00:34:27 Male    3
4 Grace Lynch    00:36:19 Female    1
17 Donna Hayes    00:41:48 Female    2
19 Maeve Flannery    00:42:10 Female    3

Full results

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