Friday, August 23, 2019

A look at the 2019 Waterford Viking Marathon numbers

The Waterford Viking Marathon started in 2012 and the numbers for each of the events so far are shown above.

Marathon.... As a new marathon in the county, a lot of Waterford natives did it the first year. In 2018, the full marathon had to be cancelled due to the heat. In 2019, it had its lowest ever number of finishers. Perhaps a sign that the flagship event is in decline?

Half-Marathon... This reached a peak in 2017. It has declined since then but at nearly 1,000 finishers is still a very healthy number.

Quarter..... This started in 2014 and the 6.05 mile option has proved to be popular. Like the half, it peaked in 2917 and has declined since. Still a respectable number of finishers in 2019.

The 2019 results can be found HERE

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S McD said...

Waterford City is not big enough to have a marathon within the city limits. This means that a large amount of the route goes out into the countryside which is not possible for supporters to cover. The organisers DO try to make the route as interesting as possible, taking in many local points of interest, however this can come at the detriment of the participants. Not an easy task to address.