Friday, August 20, 2021

Notice: Glen of Aherlow Trail Half-Marathon - Sat 18th Sept 2021

This trail half-marathon is coming up on Saturday the 18th of September 2021 at 11am and it might be if interest to anyone looking for an event to enter. 

From a Cork point of view, this one is very easy to get to as it's just a case of going up the M8 as far as Mitchelstown and then heading for Galbally. It's shouldn't be more than an hours drive.

This 21.1km trail race is organised by the IMRA (Irish Mountain Running Association). Many of their races involve running up to the tops of mountains and back down again where as they one is more of an elevated trail run.

The route is shown below...

I've run this route before and it has some pretty spectacular views of the Galtees to the south and the Tipperary countryside to the north. Pretty much all of the course is elevated above the valley floor.

From what I remember, there is one section between 2.5 and 3.5 kms that is reasonably steep and might require people to walk. Other than that, the route undulates a bit and really isn't too demanding. It might be a different story if you're racing though! 

According to the event page, it has 300 metres of climbing and most of that will be in the first km and from 2.5 to 3.5kms.

The entry fee is €35 and an annual IMRA membership of €10 is required. There is also a special t-shirt for finishers...details soon.

Entries... See the event page HERE

If you want to try something different without jumping in at the deep end then I think most people should find this one interesting. 

50k... For the more hardy, there is also a 50km option starting at 8am which takes in a lot more of the trails. See HERE

View of the Galtees from the race route

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