Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Clare...A quick look at the Kilnaboy numbers

With the record turnout this year for the Kilnaboy 10 mile road race, it might be an idea to look back and compare this year with previous years.

As you can see from the graph above, the numbers were pretty small before 2003. The numbers were growing from the mid-90's but very slowly.

In 2003, the John Buckley Sports Munster Ten-Mile Spring Classics Series started off with the Mallow 10 in January, the Dungarvan 10 in February, the Ballycotton 10 in March and the Kilnaboy 10 in April. There was a surge that year as more people went to Kilnaboy to complete the 4th race in the series. In 2004 there was another surge and since then, the numbers have been pretty steady. That is until 2009! It's easy to say that there were an extra 90 or so runners compared to last year but when you look at the graph, it really shows how dramatic the increase was.

The question is why? Is it mainly due to the increased popularity of the Series? Or is it because more people are just running? More publicity? A combination of these factors?



vincent said...

John, its probably a combination, although a lot more publicity was done this year for the 25th year of the event. The spring classic series has definately increased our numbers since 2003 i think the number that completed the four races this year is around 135 just to be confirmed.Also john if you look at the age profile of the athletes taking part in Kilnaboy
we get a lot of master athletes perhaps catering for the first three in all catagories helps. On behalf of Kilnaboy A.C I would like to thank everyone for their support and hope they enjoyed the experience roll on the second sunday in april 2010. Vincent

Anonymous said...

Final results ?