Saturday, April 24, 2010

Kerry...Preview of the Jack+Jill 10k Kenmare - Sat 24th Apr 2010

This is a charity fundraiser, organized by Kenmare Tri, taking place in Kenmare on Saturday at 3pm.

This race has it's own web-site.

I did this last year, and I can assure you the picture at the left hand side is an indication of the steep gradient !

The race starts in the town centre, and heads north. very soon, you encounter a steep hill. In fact a 650 foot high hill ! There's a great view and some refreshements at the top.

Full details on MapMyRun. Tick the "Show Elevation" box on the right ;o)

Last year over 1000 people entered. €29,000 was raised for a deserving cause. The Jack and Jill is a family friendly event and kids, buggies, grannies and doggies (on a lead) are welcome 'Monies' raised in the event for 2010 are to be donated to The Jack and Jill Children’s Foundation and Kenmare Branch Kerry Mental Health Jack and Jill provide respite care for severely ill children, up to the age of four, and their families, in the Republic of Ireland, Including many in Kerry and surrounds.

Kenmare Branch Kerry Mental Health provides Mental Health Day-care facilities for people of the surrounding district and aspires to open a facility in Kenmare. Jack and Jill Run up The Hill 2010 is open to runners and walkers of all ages.

The entry fee is €30.00 and € 2.00 euro for a timing chip (optional)

Under 16’s must be accompanied and can enter for a minimum of € 5.00

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