Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Waterford...Results of the Colligan Cup 5 mile - Sun 22nd Jan 2012

The 5 mile race in Colligan Wood attracted 144 runners.
From the West Waterford website.....The 24th annual Colligan Cup sponsored by David Kiely of Kiely Monumentals took place last Sunday at the well-known Colligan Wood. The juvenile race got underway at 1 p.m. and at 2 p.m. the clock was started and worked in reverse until all the runners were on the course. It was the usual case of watching all those in front of you, trying to maintain as even a pace as possible and deciding whether to stay with those in your group or to move it on. Of course no watches were allowed and there was great camaraderie and fun as the runners covered the 5 mile course and as like all the previous 23 years, it was over the last lap that it got tricky. All the runners were at this stage within 200-300 metres of each other and all edging closer and closer to the finishing line and despite everyone’s best intentions to stick to an even pace throughout, it’s always the case that when other runners are so close in front of you, the natural thing to do is to pick up the pace which so many did but not Conor Blackwell who stuck to his guns despite the huge crowd of runners around him and just as the clock struck 0.00 it was Conor who crossed the line and the loud cheer that erupted for Conor alerted all the other runners to get to the finish line pronto but for Conor the job was done and the title was his and his name will now be on the plaque in the wood along with all the previous winners.

The results are HERE

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