Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Kerry...Results of the Tralee Marathon - Sun 15th Mar 2015

The annual Tralee Marathon was held on Sunday the 15th of March 2015. The top 3 in the marathon and half-marathon are shown below...

1 Senior    Gary OHANLON    02:31:48
2 Senior    Michael OREGAN    02:46:37
3 Senior    Derek GRIFFIN    02:53:19
1 Senior    Anna Meria COSTELLOE    02:58:39
2 Ages 40-44    Ann Marie HOLLAND    03:02:37
3 Senior    Ruthann SHEAHAN    03:09:35


1 Senior    David MANSFIELD    01:10:04
2 Senior    Michael OREGAN    01:13:56
3 Senior    Julio Cesar CASTRO    01:16:06

1 Senior    Sharon WOODS    01:30:36
2 Senior    Alison Kirwan    01:31:41
3 Ages 40-44    Susan MURNANE    01:33:14

 The full results can be found HERE

Photos......(Updated Thurs 9pm)
1) K.Connolly has 1000+ photos HERE 
2) Kerry Eye have some commercial photos HERE

These are some stats for the Tralee event over the last 3 years.....

This was first held in 2013 and attracted a lot of interest. It did very well that year with about 1300 runners between the full marathon and the half.

In 2014, the full numbers dropped off as might be expected as it was no longer a novel event. The Half numbers held up very well. In total, about 1100 runners took part.

In 2015 however, the numbers have really dropped off. The marathon is down about 15% but getting 300 plus people to enter a full marathon is still no mean achievement. The half marathon numbers however dropped just over 30% resulting in about 850 runners overall.

The entry fee for the event was €60 for the full and €50 for the half which is pretty normal for events like this. It's no different from previous years when the price was the same.

As for the exact reason why it dropped so much? There was an adventure race in Killarney the same weekend so maybe that was a factor? Maybe it's because there are so many other races on the calendar?

There's no doubt that 800 plus runners still makes it a pretty large event and it generates welcome  business for the town of Tralee in terms of accommodation, meals and associated spending. Maybe the figures for 2015 represents the natural level for an event like this? Only time will tell.

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Gerard Donohue said...

I really think they should run this on St Patricks Day. I know this would be logistically hard with Parade etc but it would be douable.

Anonymous said...

This was my third year taking part in the marathon and I don't know would I return for a forth. The expo on Saturday was a laugh; we got our number and a t shirt, gone was the goody bag. The new route was fine, it was nice to run straight back into town without doing loops to make up miles. The support was awful; no gels or energy drinks. The traffic from Fenit to Spa was dangerous. One positive, a lovely group of people at mile 24 who got local fruit company to sponsor oranges.

Anonymous said...

Overall this was an enjoyable event with some spectacular scenic views along the way. However it wasn't without its flaws:
1. The mile markers en route were not accurate. This can be a source of much confusion & frustration for runners.
2. There didn't appear to be any sports drinks en route. If there were, the stations where these drinks were were not not clearly marked.
3. There was no timing clock at the finish line. Granted, most runners will be aware of their own time, the spectators at the finish line had no idea of the runners' finishing times.

These issues need to be addressed as part of next year's event. As was pointed out in the blog post, €60 fee is standard nowadays, however we expect the basics to be right.

Anonymous said...

This is undoubtedly an excellent course, with great scenery throughout the course and something different around every corner. I think it COULD be an unbeatable marathon and imagine it would be hard to surpass.

BUT, in spite of I'm sure the tremendous amount of work, effort and expense put into organizing this event, there were some basic fundamentals which seemed to have been ignored and what might seem as small items in the overall context certainly played a massive part in the very disappointing result I achieved and excruciating few miles from Fenit where I had being relying on taking on a sports drink based on my 2013 experience wherein there was choice of fruit, sports drinks, gels etc on a couple of points along the marathon. However in Fenit water and gels were all that was on offer this year and as someone who doesn't take gels and barely water there was nothing else.

The lack of any sports drinks, fruit or even some jellies along the route was not acceptable for this race. Granted there were ample water stops but the opportunity to take on sugar in form of jellies or sports drinks or bananas along route would have made such a difference to obtaining a targeted time rather than such a defeating result. It was so infuriating that having done this marathon in 2013 and again this year, I would be unwilling to promote or participate in this again as it was organized Sunday. This is despite everything else being perfect ie. on course support, stewarding, atmosphere etc.

If costs are to bear on the decision not to provide requirements on route such as sports drinks, fruit etc, perhaps cutbacks in other areas could be looked at, eg the need for a dj at the finish line etc.

It is without doubt a great route in a great location at a good time of the year, well stewarded, well supported with a great atmosphere. It has the fundamentals of a great marathon but cut backs on what might seem small and simple things made it a nightmare race for me, which I am unlikely to repeat unless things are rectified.

Anonymous said...

This was the third year with the third different route for full marathon. Feedback suggests that full was the best route yet,which is positive. However, on the negative side, there does seem to be a serious lack of attention to detail in organising the event. First year we got draw string goodie bags upon number collection. Last year we got a shopping bag upon number collection. This year just number, not even envelope. The "expo" would suggest organisers don't know the meaning of the word as there was only a stand selling gels. Considering the price to enter this event is up there with the best of them, the additional extras are not up there up with the best of them. There were no sports drinks on the route or no bananas despite this being mentioned last year. The lack of a clock at the finishing line was another example of lack of attention to detail. There was no atmosphere at the start line - a DJ playing music to lead up to the event would have been appreciated.
Good atmosphere as usual in Ardfert and good marshalling on the route.
However, this marathon does not live up to its hype and organisers do need to take note of the feedback if numbers are to increase or at least stay as they are.

Ted said...

Second time doing Tralee full.
A few Positives:
Great weather
Got a Pb , great course
Able to Collect number that morning
Many Negatives:
Asked a few stewards where the start was , they didnt know .
Mile markers , just stuck up on the nearest pole
missed the nice finish from last year
Tee shirt available only small /extra large when i collected my number (even though small fits perfectly )
Lack of signs at junctions
No atmosphere in the Brandon
So overall it was excellent ,as getting the course right is very important

Cathal Daly said...

I ran this on Sunday and the event has a lot of potential but it's still very rough around the edges. The route is tough but fair but at times had the feel of a BHAA race. Stewarding was good in some parts but they nearly misdirected runners. I had to ask what direction we were going in a few times. Got no t shirt either and the mile markers were out of place. A lot of litter problems as well which looked very bad along the course. No timing mat at halfway or clock at finish line either. As I say the race has potential but needs to be sorted in a lot of areas

Anonymous said...

This is my 2nd year running the event I ran the first event and found it to be a tremendous experience. I missed the 2014 Marathon through injury. The 2015 Marathon while being a far better route failed in a number of areas, the support along the route was very poor apart from the group around the oyster tavern. The expo was a joke and the lack of a goodie bag was a turn off. The lack of a clock at the finish line was shambolic to be honest. Also the lack of isotonic drinks and the cutting back on gels wasnt good for customer satisfaction. If this event is to survive they need to listen to customer feedback. The fall off suggests something isnt going right.

Anonymous said...

The original post on here states that the 2013 Tralee Marathon was the first major marathon in Kerry. This is not the case, the Dingle Marathon has being operating since at least 2009. A lot of negatives in the Tralee Marathon not lest the dangerous levels of traffic in particular leaving Fenit village, full road closures should be considered for this event in future.

Anonymous said...

Bottom line - if you're charging big bucks, you've got to get things right. No clock and then the times for the half marathon are wrong : the times for the first 3 were 24-25 seconds faster than those posted on here; this timing company are constantly getting the timings wrong and this, frankly, isn't acceptable when people are paying top dollar for badly organised races.)

I don't think greed is the motivation or the reason for the aforementioned fiascos; ignorance/a lack of understanding of what it takes to organise a race are at the heart of the issue. The race organisers would do well to actually seek help from experienced runners.

It would be a shame to see these races go but if the organisers keep burying their heads in the sand when they get things wrong (there have been several problems with these races, ranging from race distance, timing, marshalls, drinks etc) then ultimately, people will start demanding refunds and going elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

Was my first marathon and was very impressed with the Route.

Was annoyed I had to roar at stewards as to which direction I had to go in at one point (at the U turn).

Lack of fruit or drinks or anything (other than water) was a bit of a downer.

No clock was disappointing.

Some cars were dangerously close to the runners- you shouldn't really have to feel like an inconvenience when you are in the middle of a tough marathon.

There was one small child outside of her house with her family and god bless her, the 2 jelly babies I got from her were absolute life savers.

The organisers should really take note of all the comments written here. You can tell that they are trying to make the effort but are falling short in places. Really needs to sort these to make it.

Anonymous said...

i have posted about this event before a couple of weeks ago before the ballycotton 10. I said at the time charging nearly 20 euro for a 10k road race in Tralee organised by the same company!!! that orgaised the Tralee marathon was very dear. As Ballycotton could run a 10 mile event for 15 euro, post out number, booklet included etc.....i made the point that events like this are organised for one reason and one reason only, to make a profit!!! fun runners and club runners should really try and support events organised by clubs.

Martin o sullivan said...

The route this year was fantastic beautiful views of the Kingdom. The organisers are hard working people who do this for the love of running. All the milemarkers were correct. They may be some small points that need rectifying and I am sure every effort will be made to make sure that will be done.Fair play to Marcus Howlett he really has help running grow in the kingdom

Anonymous said...

This was my third year to do the half & I enjoyed it as always. The organiser should take note of all the valid points mentioned in the comments before me. He should also be aware that the 1.45 hour & 2 hour pacers both went out too fast. I was with the 1.45. First mile was 7.17 then 2nd mile was 7.36.
My friend reported same for 2hour pacer.
Overall it was fun & I hope it continues to have success every year. Many thanks.

John Desmond said...

Updated post to remove the piece about it being the first major marathon in Kerry. I forgot about Dingle. I just remembered that when Tralee was first announced, there did seem to be a buzz about it being new.