Friday, March 20, 2015

New Interfirm Race League in Kerry...& comparing it to Cork & Dublin

In Cork and Dublin the Business Houses Athletic Association (BHAA) operate successful inter-firm race leagues which attract a huge number of runners. A new inter-firm series has now been announced for Co.Kerry.

First off, a quick look at the BHAA in Cork and Dublin.
Cork BHAA....It costs €10 to register with them for the year and then registered runners pay €5 per race with non-reg runners paying €8. All in all, very good value.

BHAA....The BHAA in Dublin charge €15 to register for the year. Registered runners pay €10 per race while non-reg pay €15. Obviously not as good as the Cork BHAA rates but cheaper than many of the other races in the Dublin area.

Both the BHAA and Cork BHAA are independent of Athletics Ireland although many of the people in the BHAA may well be members of athletic clubs as well.

Kerry...The new inter-firm league in Kerry is different in that it is organised by the Kerry County Athletics Board in partnership with Run the Kingdom, a commercial company which operates the Tralee Marathon as well as as several other races in the North Kerry area.

It will cost €15 to register for this new Kerry league and for each race, registered runners pay €10  while non-reg pay €20. Companies can pay an annual registration fee of €500 that will entitle their employees to avail of a discounted rate of €5 per race.

This is the provisional calendar...
Tralee Inter-Firms 10K - Wed. 22nd April - 7.30pm
Dingle Inter-Firms 5k - Wed – 13th May - 8.00pm
Listowel Inter-Firm 4 miles - Fri. 19th June - 8.00pm
Cahersiveen Inter-Firms 4 miles - Wed. 8th July - 8.00pm
Killarney Inter-Firms 5 miles - Wed. 29th July - 8.00pm
Kenmare Inter-Firms 5K - Wed. 12th August - 8.00pm
Killorglin Inter-Firms 5K - Sun. 27th September -
Tralee Inter-Firms 10K  - Sat. 4th October - 10.30am

Some points......
1) It just goes to show what good value the Cork BHAA races are! €5 for registered runners per race, just half of what it is in Dublin and Kerry. For that you get a proper road race with results and usually refreshments after the race.

2) The Kerry races are on a par with the prices with the Dublin prices although the entry fee for non-reg runners is expensive at €20.

3) It might be worth mentioning that the leagues in Cork and Dublin are in large population centres and hold most of their races near each city. The events in Kerry are spread out over the county and the population density is lower. I'm not sure if there will be many runners traveling from say North Kerry all the way down to Cahersiveen for a race or vice versa?

4) On the plus side, there aren't that many races in South Kerry.....Kenmare, Caherciveen, it might encourage more activity in that area?



Anonymous said...

lets hope they have a finishing clock this time unlike the Tralee Marathon and that the mile/km markers are in correct place.
I cant see this working for the following reasons:

1 - population base of the county isnt high enough to make enough funds for the county board once Run The Kingdom have been paid for their services.

2 - alot of business have cut back support to their social/sports fund in the work place, so cannot see alot of businesses coming up with that kind of money.

3 - It is far far 2 dear
4 - Killarney is full of 5km races all year round so cannot see people travelling down to South Kerry when a race in Killarney is closer and cheaper & also would be in Cork in the same time frame for a cheaper event.
5 - cant see many club athletes supporting this as they can see its a money making racket once again. The County Board tried something simliar a number of years ago in Killarney and it didnt get the support.

Anonymous said...

Another silly idea. there is plenty of races to choose from in kerry besides doing run the kingdom events ive spoken to a lot of top club runners who boycott these races because they are too expensive its about principle more than just the money. the stats dont lie just look how bad the numbers have gone in the tralee marathon

John Desmond said...

Just to play devil's advocate regarding the Run the Kingdom events...

People do races for lots of different reasons. Some might like the medal and dry fit top for races that charge €20 plus, especially if it's on their doorstep.

The main thing is that there should be plenty of choice and people are free to choose whatever event they want.

It's a bit like a shop, if a product is too expensive then people won't buy it.

Anonymous said...


I pose the question: Is the entrance fee so high because a commercial outfit "run the kingdom" are taking a nice slice of the cake from the profits of this event.

surely the Kerry County Board could run this event themselves if its money for running athletics in the County for the year. Cannot understand why they need an outside company to run,organise the event.

This is the very same reason why i didnt run last years national half marathon. As Athletics Ireland could hear the tills ringing if they got a company called "rock & roll" on board.

While i understand they need funds also i think its a very cheap shot at going after joggers to compete in a national event to get extra money.

The National Championship should be a stand alone event for registered club athletes.

Before anyone asks the questions i will answer them>

- yes i am a club athlete.
- yes i am a good club runner sub 74 ( but not elite club)
- yes fun runners, joggers should take part in running events but not in a national club event in order for athletics ireland to cream money off them.

Rant over :-)

John can you please start a discussion forum in the coming days please about such events as i know alot of elite, top club and club athletes are sick of the way athletics is going in Ireland. Companies making a crazy profit and local clubs funds decreasing because of the influx in commercial events.

can you please take this request for a discussion seriously.

I am signing this without my name as i dont wish my club to be slatted for my above views.

just looking for a discussion