Friday, May 8, 2015

New 5k parkrun to start in Killarney in June 2015

It was announced recently that a new 5k parkrun will be starting in Killarney on Saturday the 6th of June 2015. The 5km route will be in the Killarney Demense and will start at 9:30am every Saturday morning.

Slowly but surely there are more parkruns being rolled out across the country. On the 23rd of May, a new one will be starting in New Ross in Co.Wexford.

Parkruns are free timed 5k runs and are held in numerous locations. To take part, you just need to be registered first and then you print out a bar code which you take to all future events.

You can register by going to the parkrun website.

You can see the list of parkruns in Munster by looking at the race calendar.


Anonymous said...

Anyone know if it's the same route as the Feet First Series?

stbrendansac said...

Details on Parkrun website: