Friday, April 20, 2012

Tipperary...Results of Clonmel Inter-Firm 6k - Wed 18th Apr 2012

A total of 254 runners turned out for this 6k road race in Clonmel this week, down slightly on the record of 267 last week. This was the third race in the Morrison BMW 6k road race series.

The first man home was David Shelly in a time of 20:58 with a comfortable 22 second gap to the second man. The first woman home was Angela McCann in a time of 22:25.

The full results can be seen HERE


Graeme said...

Where could I find the results of the 6k Clonmel 25th April, 2012 please?

John Desmond said...

Not out yet Graeme. I have the race still up on the calendar as a reminder. As soon as they appear, I'll put them up.

Graeme said...

Sound, Thanks a million! g!