Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Clare...Results of races in Clare - Mon 9th Apr 2012

There were two charity races in Co.Clare on Easter Monday, the 9th of April 2012. There are however only limited results available...

1) Clare Camogie Charity 10k...
Men...1. Thomas Grimes 34.10, 2. Kieran Towey 38.11, 3. John Neylon 42.11
Women...1. Rose Enright 42.11, 2. Liz & Mags Murphy 47.02, 3. Anna Geoghegan 48.01

Photos HERE

2. Broadford Charity 10k...
Mike Cunningham won the men’s race for the third year in a row in a time of 38.49. Keith Lynch was second in a time of 44.50.
The first lady home was local Loretto Duggan in a time of 48.37 and second was Lorna O’Neill in a time of 51.29.

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