Saturday, June 30, 2012

Waterford...Results of the Waterford Viking Marathon - Sat 30th June 2012

The inaugural Waterford Viking Marathon got off to a great start with 688 runners taking part in the full event. Considering the size of Waterford City and it's catchment area, that's probably more than might have been expected. By comparison, the Cork City Marathon got around 1400 runners from a much bigger population base.

The Half-Marathon numbers attracted 487 runners. Of these, 54% were women!

Overall, a great start to the Waterford Viking Marathon and the challenge in the future for the organisers will be to keep the numbers as high as they are, especially in the Marathon.

Marathon winners...
Pl.    Name    Club/City/Country    Cat.    Subcat.    #    Net    Gross
1    Brian Murphy  Carrick AC MS  (2:38:36)     2:38:36
2    Frank Quinlan   Waterford AC MS  (2:42:08)     2:42:08
3    Peter Mooney MS (2:44:32)     2:44:32
4    Michael Morgan   St Finbarrs Cork MS  (2:46:52)     2:46:52
5    Thomas Kelly  North Sligo AC M40   (2:47:32)     2:47:34
6    George Brady  Donore Harriers MS   (2:49:33)     2:49:33
7    Myles Gibbons  sbr ferns MS  (2:55:09)     2:55:09
8    Simon Mangan   Gneeveguilla ac MS (2:57:13)     2:57:13
9    Enda Lynam MS (2:57:22)     2:57:23
10    Raymond Lanigan  Marathon Club Ireland MS   (2:57:45)     2:57:46
1    Angela McCann   Clonmel AC F40 (2:57:14)     2:57:16
2    Mags Kirwanbolger  Waterford AC F45 (3:01:20)     3:01:23
3    Annmarie Holland   Eagle AC F35 (3:04:06)     3:04:11
4    Esther Murphy  St.Finbarrs AC F35 (3:15:35)     3:15:48
5    Ann Marie O'Grady  Kilkenny City Harriers FS (3:22:59)     3:23:09
6    Diane Behan  Waterford A/C F40 (3:24:08)     3:24:10
7    Sharon Daw   East Cornwall Harriers F45 (3:26:45)     3:26:50
8    Marina Hayes   Brightlight F35 (3:28:41)     3:29:16
9    Mary Burke   Waterford AC F35 (3:32:13)     3:32:20
10    Mary Jennings   Waterford AC F55 (3:32:56)     3:33:05

Half-Marathon winners...
Pl.    Name   Club/City/Country    Cat.    Subcat.    #    Net    Gross
1    Aidan Thompson             M     MS    1486     (1:17:41)     1:17:41
2    Frank Walsh        Waterford AC     M     MS    1518     (1:18:01)     1:18:02
3    Aubrey Storey        Waterford AC     M     MS    1483     (1:21:29)     1:21:29
1    Theresa Cunningham        Carrick on Suir     F     F40    1096     (1:31:59)     1:32:04
2    Johanna Lacy             F     F35    1280     (1:34:35)     1:34:52
3    Liz Nyhan        west waterford     F     F35    1370     (1:35:57)     1:36:03

The full results of the Marathon can be seen HERE

The results of the Half-Marathon can be seen HERE 

1) A slideshow by Joe Murphy of some runners mainly from Cork....HERE
2) A large slideshow of photos by Joe Murphy HERE


Anonymous said...

The Marathon was very well run and organised well done to everybody who helped out .Looking forward to next year . John

Pat Reid said...

Well done and thank you to all involved.
Excellent and friendly event, brilliantly organised and fantastic turnout.
Special thanks to the pacers (wish I could have kept up with them though !) and the post-race medical care.
Crowd support was also tremendous.

Pat Reid

Anonymous said...

Thanks to all the public - the people of waterford were a great support - very kind and encouraging

Owen C said...

Brilliantly organised, and the finish in the stadium was a great buzz. Thanks to the 4:30 pacers, they were fantastic :-)

Anonymous said...

Good Event and the crowd and steward's were great. Nice ditches to have a quick lie down in :)

Unknown said...

Hi All,
At first I was unsure it was a good idea to post a blog with regard to something that has been biting at me now since 30 Jun 12, the day of the Waterford Viking Marathon.
Let me start by mentioning the great work, organisation, and not to forget the amount of time put-in to make an event like this happen. The course was great and there was more than the average amount of marshal not only directing you but also lending support. Great work done.!
Here’s what’s been biting away at me no for nearly a month. Due to other goals later in the year I decided to run the half marathon and not the full at this time. I was very surprised to learn that race entry for the half was the same for the full. €60 for a marathon in its first year and €60 for a half marathon, quite expensive I do think. Is there a reason for this? Nevertheless I completed the half marathon on the day and had great day until I witnessed the prize giving, firsthand. I crossed the line in 77minutes and 40seconds for the half and in 1st place. The delight and immense pride I felt in crossing the line in first place was absolutely great. In the scheme of things I know 77minutes would not win a half if some of the big runners were present but nonetheless I was the winner on the day. I was quite excited as to what prize was coming my way to mark this big milestone in my running life especially when I heard that 1’st place in the full marathon was to receive €600 prize money and a Waterford Crystal perpetual trophy. Roll on the prize giving.
I cut straight to the point from here: When all the full marathon prizes were presented next up was the turn of the half prizes. Not only did I receive the wrong piece of crystal, (2,nd place received a different piece to 1’st and 3’rd) which disappointed me a lot and regret I said nothing on the day, but to learn that there was no prize money for the half marathon was like a kick in the teeth. For half the distance I think it only fair to at the very least to have received half the prize but to pay the same entry fee then the prize should be equal. I understand that this was the first year running but somebody made a conscious decision to exclude the half marathon from the money prizes, was there a particular reason, can anybody offer a valid explanation… I don’t think so.
A very poor decision in my opinion which is why I’ll choose to spend my €60 entry fee elsewhere in 2013.