Monday, May 20, 2013

Limerick...Results of the Mungret St Pauls 10 km - Sun 19th May 2013

Results of the Mungret St Pauls 10 km in Limerick...

1 Michael Shannon MO 31:27
2 Sandis Bralitis MO 31:33
3 Julio    Cesar Castro MO 33:24
18 Margaret Danagher FO 38:42
21 Tracey Johnson FO 39:13
22 Veronica Colleran F40 39:19

The full results can be seen HERE

1) Gallery on the event website HERE

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Mike said...

Great Race. Well organized. Credit to the club. Fantastic support from the crowd. Lots of stewards. Chip Timing worked well. A bit tight in places between foothpath & cones. Great to see events like this draw big crowds. Will race again next year.