Monday, July 22, 2013

Results of the Run Killarney Marathon...Sat 20th July 2013

In terms of scenery, conditions were perfect for the Run Killarney Marathon which was held on Saturday, the 20th of July. From the high point at Molls Gap, some of the highest mountains in Ireland were clearly visible and made for a great backdrop on the way down to Killarney itself.

From a running point of view, the temperature which later climbed into the mid 20's made conditions tough for many. A problem with the delivery of enough water to the stations on the Half-Marathon route meant that those who were running about 1:55 or slower had no water available to them. As a result, hydration and staying cool was an issue. This was of course important for the Marathon runners as well early on although they did have enough in the second half even if the gaps for it were a bit long in sections.

211 took part in the full Marathon...
1    Simon MANGAN    02:49:56    02:49:56    Senior    Male Gneeveguila
2    George WAUGH    02:52:04    02:52:02    Senior    Male Bandon AC
3    Jacek LATALA    02:56:40    02:56:38    Senior    Male Polishrunteam
4    Andrzej FIEDOREK    02:58:53    02:58:15    Senior    Male
5    Eddie HICKEY    03:04:37    03:03:58    40-49    Male
9    Anna Meria COSTELLOE    03:14:12    03:14:08    Senior    Female 1 Gnneveguilla
22    Alison KIRWAN    03:30:43    03:30:19    Senior    Female 2 Star of the Laune AC
25    Caroline KELLY    03:31:45    03:31:42    40-49    Female   3 MARATHON CLUB IRELAND
37    Aoife O'DONNELL    03:43:36    03:43:30    Senior    Female    4   
58    Lily DYU    03:53:25    03:53:14    40-49    Female    5    Hay Hot Footers

The results of the full Marathon can be seen HERE

646 took part in the Half-Marathon...

1    Ciaran CARR    01:14:53    01:14:51    Senior    Male    1    Newbridge Ac
2    Stephen GRIFFIN    01:17:50    01:17:45    50-59    Male    2   
3    Donal WHITE    01:18:42    01:18:39    Senior    Male    3   
24    Theresa LOWRY    01:25:10    01:25:05    Senior    Female    1   
34    Siobhan DEMPSEY    01:29:17    01:29:02    40-49    Female    2   
39    Caitriona BARRY    01:30:22    01:30:18    40-49    Female    3    Farranfore Maine Valley

 The results of the Half-Marathon can be seen HERE

 693 took part in the 10k...
1    Arthur FITZGERALD    00:35:02    00:34:57    Senior    Male    1    Farranfore / Maine Valley
2    Matthias SCHONENBERGER    00:35:33    00:35:30    Senior    Male    2    Ktv Wil
3    Tommy PAYNE    00:35:49    00:35:45    50-59    Male    3    Tinryland
12    Aoife JOYCE    00:41:25    00:41:22    40-49    Female    1   
19    Tara SHIRLEY    00:43:34    00:43:26    Senior    Female    2   
22    Deirdre ENRIGHT    00:44:19    00:44:17    Senior    Female    3    An Riocht

The full results of the 10k can be seen HERE

Photos...(Updated 6pm 22nd July)
1) Kerry Through a Lens have 600+ photos HERE  ...and loads of finish line photos HERE

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Anonymous said...

So disgusted with this race, 20th july 2013 scorching hot day and no water until mile 8 first two water stops had no water and medical assistance was not available anyone we stopped and looked for water they told us they had none we asked that they contact someone to get water to us but they said it wasn't their job..... what a joke.... would not recommend this race under health grounds never again....

Anonymous said...

Ran this, no water at first two water stations, disgraceful. I was only doing half, felt sorry for those going doing the full marathon after so much preparation messed up by tight wad organisers. For 55 euro this was a minimum as was sending out the race number. Had to travel to killarney on previous eveing to get it and back down again following day. Clubs should not promote these races until they match the standard of races that athlethic clubs provide for so much cheaper.

Anonymous said...

I was disappointed with the way the race was organised. They ran out of water at the 3 mile and 6 mile water stations. I was not handed a bottle of water until mile 9. This resulted in a very unpleasant experience.

Anonymous said...

was wondering when this would be highlighted. absolutely shocking and very dangerous. there was nothing there at mile 3 as it was all gone and i was in front of the 3.45 pacers for the marathon...... a friend of mine told me after she had to pick up a bottle from the ground.....its such a shame that they could get something as importanat as this so wrong......

Anonymous said...

Couple of photos from the race

Anonymous said...

Ran the full marathon and I too have to conqur with previous comments regarding water. While i was fortunate enough to be in the top 1/4 of the field that recieve water at mile 3 and 6, miles 18 to 22 were quite difficult as there was no water, no people and extreme here during this section of the Marathon. Compliments for the sponges thou, these were a god sent. But as previously mentions i was in the first 1/4 so im not sure if the pple behind me recieved these. Most marathon times for the marathon were about 10-15 mins off what they should be due to the heat. Fear of heat exhaustion was major factor for alot of club athletes running at max.

Anonymous said...

As I said last year - this is a totally commercial venture - profit before runners only. I was there supporting a friend of mine on Saturday and was shocked as standards had dropped even further than last year! My friend still has headaches today - totally down to dehydration - told him to go to the doctor and send the bill to run killarney - NO WATER FOR 8 MILES - come on!

Anonymous said...

The lack of water which people experienced was a pity and potentially very dangerous because this event has such potential.Absolutely stunning setting and to let something as essential as water mess it up is a shame.Personally I didn't experience the lack of water like others.I ran the marathon and finished in the top 40.Organisers need to take note.For the cost of the entry you should want for nothing especially water.

Anonymous said...

I am so disappointed and disgusted with how the race turned out on Saturday. I was running at a comfortable pace looking forward to my first water station, to discover there was no water and further to my disgust no one to tell us there was no water!! we continued on to 6 miles again to our horror no water, at this stage panic set in, out of desperation we had to take water bottles which were thrown onto the side of the road by the full marathon runners, this is not what I paid for, I never reached the 9 mile mark as I unfortunately had to pull out due to overheating and dehydration. Absolutely devastated.

Unknown said...

ok right..............I ran the full... ya massive, massive mistake with the water, a bit of common sence, we were in the middle of a dry spell HELLO.........I did carry 2 litres on my back just in case.... lads the abuse sum of the HELPERS got was a disgrace it wasn't their fault with the water .no large t shirts and no means of getting 1 in the post ??????????????.. actually I enjoyed the race after that I will come back next year but lads get it right next year ..3 rd time lucky yaah p.s make sum kind of small gester to the people u upset

Anonymous said...

I did the full. Its a fantastic course, really scenic with plenty to keep you occupied. The first few miles are downhill, after that its the usual ups and downs in a Marathon. The only real problem with this race is the timing. Being in July it can be hot. Based on the conditions this year in Killarney I will never run a Summer Marathon again. Took too much out of me, and in the end I was reduced to a walk run from the heat.
Beautiful Course, Terrible time of the year.