Saturday, September 14, 2013

Kerry...Results of the Dingle Marathon - Sat 7th Sept 2013

Just catching up on some more results. The Dingle Marathon was held on Saturday the 7th of Sept 2013 and attracted 1,869 runners in total...60 in the 50 mile Ultra-Marathon, 340 in the full Marathon and 1469 in the Half-Marathon. That's down somewhat on last year but is probably no great suprise considering the number of people that traveled from Cork to Dublin for the All-Ireland hurling final.

Maura Regan of Eagle AC...winner of the 2013 Dingle Half-Marathon

1 Eoin Sugrue 2:44:02
2 Pat Dunworth 2:47:30
3 Michal Rejmer 2:51:22
28 Aideen Shinners 3:19:38 
30 Jo Reeve 3:21:24
31 Fionnuala Desmond 3:22:1

1 Paul Stephenson     1:14:14   
2 John Meade 1:14:24   
3 Gary Hynes 1:17:05   
40  Maura Regan 1:30:15   
41 Suzanne Quinn     1:30:28
43 Gillian Cotter 1:30:42

50 Mile Ultra-Marathon...
1) Sean Brosnan, 6:38:54
2) Rory Campbell, 6:47:57
3) Daibhi O'Leary, 6:49:28
6) Amy Masner, 7:10:47
9) Col Conway, 7:25:32
14) Caroline Kelly, 7:42:45

Note that Amy Masner broke the Ultra course record (set in 2012) by 25 minutes (and Ruthann Sheahan's time in 2010 by 40 minutes).

The full results can be seen HERE

1) Dingle Photo have a gallery HERE
2) Dingle Peninsula have a gallery HERE
3) The organisers have their own gallery HERE


Anonymous said...

Were there no cat.prizes

Anonymous said...

what is going on with the results of the womens marathon? the results here are not the same as the people who were given prizes on the day? the lady given second place on the day had not even entered the full marathon, she had only entered the half marathon and decided to carry on. Are you allowed a prize for a race you haven't even entered?
Can the organizers please comment?