Saturday, September 14, 2013

Kerry...Results of the Killarney 10km mini-marathon - Sat 25th Sept 2013

1 Niamh OSULLIVAN 50+  37:11
2 Siobhan DALY An Riocht     18-39  40:53
3 Mary OCONNOR 45+ 41:38
4 Orla GORMLEY Raheny Shamrocks     45+   42:11
5 Sheila CRONIN 18-39  43:42

The full results can be seen HERE


Anonymous said...

what was going on with the pacers today ???? the 40 min pacer arrived in ( very much alone ) at 38:30?
The 45 min pacers arrived in at 43:40?

Peter Bellew said...

I was a pacer and it was very tricky to pace the race today. The tree cover for most of the last three KM was heavy and I know my Garmin was giving very conflicting readings - always high. We did our best!

Anonymous said...

that makes sense ! And based on that a lot of woman had P.B's !! Also pacers a great addition this year , overall a great event and will be back.. thanks to all involved.

Thomas said...

I was the 40 minutes pacer and I arrived in 38:40 because the course was about 250 meters short. On a correct course I would have come home in about 39:40.

In my case it didn't really matter because the first lady was 2 minutes ahead and the second lady about 2 minutes behind me (ah well).

Anonymous said...

Thank you to the 55 minute pacer, he really kept me going at the end. And such a nice surprise running up to finish and seeing 54 when I expected 55, better a minute early than a minute late :)

jason said...

i was the 55 min pacer, as above on the watch it came up bit short, i was set for 54-45, but on last 2k the women running with me had lots left in the tank