Monday, March 17, 2014

Kerry...Results of the Tralee Half & Full Marathon - Sun 16th Mar 2014

This was the second year of the Tralee Marathon and the numbers in the full were well down this year. From 542 finishers in the full marathon in 2013, the numbers were down 32% this year with 370 crossing the finish line.

In the half-marathon, the numbers were up 8% with 802 finishers compared to 741 last year. 

Gender balance...In the full, women made up 32% of the field while in the half-marathon, they were 49.5%.

1 Gary OHANLON  02:26:53     02:26:52     Senior 18-39  (1)     Male  (1)
2 Julio Cesar CASTRO 02:38:34     02:38:33     Senior 18-39  (2)     Male  (2)
3 James DORAN  02:45:28     02:45:27     Senior 18-39  (3)     Male  (3)
5 Ann Marie HOLLAND 02:55:22 Senior 18-39  (1)     Female  (1)
35 Col CONWAY   03:22:12     03:22:06     Ages 40-44  (1)     Female  (2)
45 Nora BARRY  03:27:21     03:27:18     Ages 50-54  (1)     Female  (3)

The full results can be seen HERE

1 David MANSFIELD  01:13:38     01:13:36     Senior 18-39  (1)     Male  (1)
2 Simon MANGAN 01:14:31     01:14:28     Senior 18-39  (2)     Male  (2)
3 Robert PURCELL 01:15:39     01:15:36     Ages 45-49  (1)     Male  (3)
8 Maria MCCARTHY 01:22:11     01:22:09     Senior 18-39  (1)     Female  (1)
21 Deirdre NAGLE 01:27:22     01:27:20     Senior 18-39  (2)     Female  (2)
30 Caitriona BARRY  01:28:14     01:28:11     Ages 40-44  (1)     Female  (3)

The results of the Half-Marathon can be seen HERE

1) Maura Miller has 103 photos HERE 
2) Francis Foley has 553 photos HERE


Anonymous said...

Really enjoyed this marathon. Even though there were small numbers, it didn't feel like that going around course. Plenty of water and supporters were great with sweets, biscuits and fruit. Big improvement with final few miles too. The stony walk way was taken out. That was tough on tired feet last year. Well done Tralee.

Anonymous said...

They ran out of correct sized t-shirts during the expo on Saturday afternoon. Poor organisation in my opinion and a poor expo. I have sympathy for anyone from outside of Kerry having to be down a day early due to the expo.

John Kissane said...

Enjoyable run again this year, I think the route change was a good idea as means the finish is much more in town. Well organised and pretty good support.

It's a challenging course which a few people (myself included) see as great preparation for Conn in a few weeks.

Surprised the numbers dropped so much this year.

Luckily a friend of mine collected my race pack on Sat as that's the one part that's annoying as otherwise would have meant a 240k round trip just to pick up a number. Personally couldn't care less about the t-shirt!