Sunday, May 11, 2014

Kerry...Results of the Castleisland 5k & 10 mile road race - Sun 11th May 2014

These two races were organised by An Ríocht AC who are based in Castleisland, Co.Kerry. The 5k race attracted the larger field of 326 runners while there were 150 in the 10 mile event.

10 mile
1 Tim O’Connor
2 Simon Mangan
3 Pat Dunworth
1 Catriona Barry
2 Alison Kirwan
3 Michelle Hoare

O40 MEN...1 Gerard O’Sullivan, 2 Verners Tess, 3 Willie Reidy
O50 MEN...1 Gerard Ladden, 2 Willie Guiney, 3    Eamonn Groves   
O40 WOMEN...1 Eileen Egan, 2 Miriam Beasley, 3 Suzanne O’Sullivan
O50 WOMEN...1 Geraldine O’Sullivan, 2 Ann Mc Glynn, 3 Catherine Mc Carthy

1 David Comber
2 Arthur Fitzgerald
3 Michael O’Regan
1    Michelle Kenny
2    Niamh O’Sullivan
3    Siobhan Daly

O40 MEN...1 Fred Browne, 2 P.J. Fitzgerald
O50 MEN...1 Matt O’Sullivan    , 2 Michael Dineen   
O60 MEN...1 Mike Bowler, 2 Ger Power   
O40 WOMEN...1 Aine Culloty, 2 Geraldine Histon
O50 WOMEN...1 Norín Uí Cathasaigh, 2 Anne O’Sullivan

JUNIOR MEN...1 Gavin Dillon, 2 Cian O’Brien, 3 John O’Connor   
JUNIOR WOMEN...1 Kayla Whooley, 2 Ava Kelliher, 3 Ellie Daly    

The full results can be seen HERE


Anonymous said...

well done to an riocht. Top class organisation, great athmosphere with chariots of fire-like feel to the finish! fab day out

Seamus said...

I'd like to agree, really I would but there were several flaws in the 10 mile event that need to be sorted before someone gets hurt in the future. 1 - The 5k and the 10 mile event started at the same time with all runners flowing thru a small starting gantry. I was amazed by this, seeing a lot of young children lined up at the front and deep in the crowd of runners. Something serious could have happened to them very easily.
2 - No water on the course ( you seriously cannot have a water stops around 2/3 miles ( when its not needed, and the other and last one at 7/8 miles, handing out a cup of water to runners going at full belt, sufficient.No way !!
An ambulance had to go around the course handing bottles out the window !!
3 - Very few marshalls at important spots. I had to shout at a few for directions as it was my first time doing this and was unsure of the turns. And No marshalls or cones or outriders on the very busy and dangerous dual carriageway. I was gobsmacked at this. The hardhoulder was only a foot wide for long stretches and we had 18 wheelers passing us by - crazy, crazy, crazy !!!
4 - The price of 25e is over the odds - drop it to 20e or under to attract more competitors.

I was wondering why it attracted a very small crowd as its a great looking setup An Riocht have, and now I know why - dangerous course with no water on a very hot day.
I won't be back until I see vast improvements.

Anonymous said...

I wish to reply on Seamus's comments:

I only spotted elite runners at the front not children. we were all told that we needed to pass under the gantry in order to get a time I think most people understood what that meant and we were advised of the narrow gantry.

1. the 1st water station was at the end of mile 3 after a hard climb, the 2nd water station was at mile 7 to me this is plenty for anyone running 10 miles. ( I have ran plenty of 10 mile races & half marathons with 2 water stations no problem at all).

2. if you needed water that badly why were you going at "full belt" people taking on water tend to practice this during their training runs.

3. very few marshalls? I couldn't disagree more with you plenty of marshalls on show. " The hardhoulder was only a foot wide for long stretches" I'm sure how you can say that the bybass road hard shoulder than we ran in was only a foot wide??

4. price - the price to me was in line with most events and the food after was well received.

5. I wouldn't consider around 500 people a small crowd.

my answer to you Seamus is maybe try a different event next year if your sense of direction, lack of running without water every 2 miles and unable to drink water at full belt.

all best in your training as you practice your water in take