Sunday, May 4, 2014

Limerick...Results of the Limerick Marathon - Sun 4th May 2014

Looking at the numbers and comparing them to last year, it seems as if every event attracted roughly the same numbers. In 2013, there were 684 in the full marathon and this year that was down slightly to 675. The Half-Marathon was also slightly down from 1836 in 2013 to 1811 this year. The 6 mile event again attracted a huge 5696 people, up slightly from the 5665 of last year. In the relay event, there were 46 teams, down from the 55 of last year.

The full marathon are HERE
The half-marathon are HERE
The 6 mile event are HERE

1) Dooneen AC have galleries HERE and HERE
2) Clonmel AC have 88 photos HERE
3) The organisers have some on their Tumblr account HERE

Did you take part in any of the races? Thoughts & comments???


John Kissane said...

My first time running the marathon there, you get a good tour around the city with a brief venture into the countryside thrown is as well! 2nd half of the course has a few nice climbs which you need something in the tank for. Nice finish on O'Connell St.

Organisation was good & very friendly volunteers, no problems parking literally 5 mins from the bag drop off.

Like lots of marathons wish they didn't force people to collect numbers the day before & offer to post them out instead. Luckily someone was able to collect mine to avoid a pointless drive to Limerick.

frankeee said...

First time running the full after pacing the half a few years back. Great support all round the course in fairness. The volunteers were great but in a few places it was tricky enough to figure out where to go next,so if they had been told to point it would have helped (A lot of them did in fairness) after leaving UL I thought I was gone off course for a while! The mile markers on the ground were grand if you were alone but I can imagine were impossible to see if you were in a big group. Course a lot hillier than I expected , the hill by Thomond Park and through the housing estate after were murder! A great day out though and fantastic atmosphere afterwards! Well done!!

Anonymous said...

Very enjoyable race. I did the half and i have to say i have never seen so much support on the route, i was suffering for a bit and the people along the route really helped get me along.
The only quibble i would have would be the cones, when running in groups people were tripping over these and this led to them being knocked into the race route making it even more hazardous.
Other than that the route was good, the support excellent and volunteers very helpful

Anonymous said...

An article on this website last year said it was like an obstacle course with all the cones. It was right and it was the same this year as well. The channel for running should have been twice as wide. If Limerick is embracing these races, they've got to provide more space for runners. Ran the half yesterday. Did the same in Tralee a few weeks back and I've got to say Tralee was a more enjoyable route despite being tougher. Bit embarrassing to hear they hadn't enough t-shirts and medals for all runners. Agree fully with a previous comment of the complete ridiculousness of having to collect race numbers the day before when a charge could be applied to post them out. Websites like this great running website should use it's influence for runners to have the option of race numbers being posted out rather than being forced to go to an expo. It should definitely be the case where a runner's address is outside the county. There was a sweet stand at the expo, I think last year it was a cup cake stand! Where's the relevance there to running?

Anonymous said...


I ran it on Sunday and also found the cones dangerous, but this was more down to the numbers with the 3:30 pacers and not the cones, they were sufficient for the size of the road, i found myself ahead of th e group more down to the numbers rather than wanting to be as we came into limerick city centre and i just went for it then and finished a few minutes ahead of them. it was a great race, well run, plenty of water and toilets etc. Nice route, got to see a lot of Limerick and the atmosphere as you came into the city centre and finishing line was amazing. the only think that disappointed me was no goody bag or isotonic drinks at the finish line, and just water and banana's. but thats just a small thing. Well done to Limerick for a great race. may do it again next year