Friday, August 29, 2014

Waterford...Results of the Genzyme 5 mile race - Fri 29th Aug 2014

There was a big turnout for this race...281 runners. For whatever reason, it was down a fair bit on the 389 of 2013.

1 HARTLEY    PHILIP     25:30 5:06/M    Top Fin
2 POWER    TREVOR     25:53 5:11/M    Top Fin
3 MURPHY    BRIAN     26:02 5:12/M    Top Fin
19 FINN    SUSAN     30:54 6:11/M    Top Fin
22 MALONE    SYLVIA     31:06 6:13/M    Top Fin
41 HALLEY    MARIA     33:37 6:43/M    Top Fin

Updated...The full results can be seen HERE


Anonymous said...

The results linked are for the 2013 race

John Desmond said...

Sorry, I had both results open for comparison and linked to the wrong one. 2014 results up now.