Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Pre-Season Track & Field Meet...Castleisland, Co.Kerry - Sat 29th Nov 2014

Pre-Indoor Season Track & Field Meet in Castleisland...Sat 29th Nov 2014

Meet start time will be 12 noon , Saturday 29th November at Riocht AC Facility in Castleisland Co.Kerry.

Events...150m, 600m, 3000m, Long Jump, Shot Putt

Entries by email to

From the organisers......Simply drop us an email with your name , age, club . ( you don't need to be in a club)
State Your event or events . If you are entering the 150m sprint state your 100 or 200 Pb. for the 600 state your 400 or 800 pb. for the 3000 state your 1500, or 5k pb . Or indeed if you have a Pb for 150, 600 or 3000 feel free to state. long jump or shot Putt state PB. We will use the PB's to grade the meet. If you do not have a Pb then that's fine too we will grade you in a race to achieve a first Pb.
€5 entry fee can be paid the day of the Track meet. First event will be the 150s . meet will be concluded by 2pm.

Saturdays Track meet starts at 12 noon this coming 29th , first races will be the 150 sprints , from 12 to 12 :20 , followed by 3000 at 12:30 and 12:45 , the 600s will be on track at 1 :30 so plenty recovery for any long sprinters that wish to double up . Long Jump at 1 pm and Shot at 1:30 . Please register and collect numbers from 11 to 11:30


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