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Results of the Limerick Senior Cross Country Championships...Sun 16th Nov 2014

Report from Verena Tarpey of Dooneen AC...

University of Limerick
The County Seniors is always a fantastic race and attracts runners from all levels out to compete for the coveted title. The University of Limerick was the location for this year’s final. We must thank Limerick AC for hosting the event and providing hospitality afterwards and also to Mossie Woulfe and Ann Cullinane who are hard working volunteers that compile results and work in the background on all these events. Their work does not go unnoticed.

Senior Ladies
The ladies ran 8k over difficult terrain including mud and hills. Carolyn Hayes, West Limerick AC lead from the start and was the winner over Tracey Johnson of Dooneen AC in second and Noelle Fitzgerald of West Limerick AC in third. Caroline Conroy of West Limerick was fourth, her clubmate Fiona Bourke in 5th, Niamh Harnett and Orla Downes both of Dooneen AC in 6th  and 7th, Carmel Mac Domhnaill and Edel Henriques of West Limerick were 8th and 9th and Karen Raine of Dooneen AC made 10th spot. It was great to see An Bru field a team in one of their first cross country seasons and Helen Hartigan, Breda Bridges, Lousie Lynch and Ann Byrnes flew the flag for An Bru. Karen O’Brien, Norma Brosnahan and Audrey O’Dwyer also ran for West Limerick. A huge congratulations to West Limerick AC for collecting the much coveted first placed Senior Team, Dooneen and second and An Bru in third.

Senior Men
The men’s contest turned out to be just that and for those who were cheering them along, it was a terrific event. It was a tough 10k route around the fields of UL. Colm Turner of Limerick AC proved to be the winner, staying behind for the first couple of kilometres but gradually taking the lead and moving ahead. Niall O’Callaghan of West Limerick is an amazing runner as well and came a worthy second with Declan Moore of Bilboa in thurd. Ger Guina of West Limerick was 4th and proved on Sunday that he is definitely back on form, his club mate Mike O’Brien not far behind in 5th. in 6th, 7th and 8th were 3 Limerick AC runners, Paul Fitzgerald, Martin Doody and Mark Guerin. Fiachra McDomhnaill was 9th and Sean Quirke 10th.  It was great to see such strong teams including Dermot Kearns, Dermot Power, Brian Flannelly and Sean Harte of Dooneen work together as a team as they did during this race. West Limerick AC had other strong runner such as John O’Shea, Mike Brosnahan, Declan O’Keefe and Paul Crotty.

Limerick AC had large numbers in this event including Keith Ryan, Vincent O’Brien, David Beary, Keith Daly, Mike Lynch, Brian O’Sullivan, Tony O’Donovan and Pat O’Riordan. Bilboa AC also fielded a team consisting of James Bourke, Kevin Wilkinson and Barry O’Brien. Dooneen also had a large group of men running – Kevin Johnson, Joe Chawke, Shane Larkin, Darragh Maguire, Sean Hudson, Niall Lynch and Frank O’Sullivan. An Bru also had Paul Ryan and Brendan Hennessy competing.

Once again, the much anticipated title was at stake and club officials were all tallying the numbers on each lap to predict where the title would go. At one stage, the points were even but West Limerick moved away to clinch the title in first place, Limerick AC in second, Dooneen in third and Bilboa in fourth.

Full Results of Cross Country Men
1 Colm Turner Limerick AC
2 Niall O’Callaghan West Limerick
3 Declan Moore Bilboa
4 Ger Guina West Limerick
5 Mike O’Brien West Limerick
6 Paul Fitzgerald Limerick AC
7 Martin Doody Limerick AC
8 Mark Guerin Limerick AC
9 Fiachra Mac Domhnaill West Limerick
10 Sean Quirke Bilboa
11 Dermot Kearns Dooneen
12 Dermot Power Dooneen
13 Brian Flannelly Dooneen
14 Aaron O’Brien West Limerick
15 Keith Ryan Limerick AC
16 Vincent O’Brien Limerick AC
17 Sean Harte Dooneen
18 Dave Beary Limerick AC
19 Kevin Johnson Dooneen
20 Keith Daly Limerick AC
21 Mike Lynch Limerick AC
22 Joe Chawke Dooneen
23 Shane Larkin Dooneen
24 Darragh McGuire Dooneen
25 Sean Hudson Dooneen
26 John O'Shea West Limerick
27 Brian O’Sullivan Limerick AC
28 Tony O Donovan Limerick AC
29 Pat O’Riordan Limerick AC
30 Mike Brosnahan West Limerick
31 Paul Ryan An Bru
32 Niall Lynch Dooneen
33 James Bourke Bilboa
34 Declan O’Keefe West Limerick
35 Kevin Wilkinson Bilboa
36 Barry O Brien Bilboa
37 Frank O'Sullivan Dooneen
38 Brendan Hennessy An Bru
39 Paul Crotty West Limerick

Club Team Points
Place Club Positions
1 West Limerick 2, 4, 5, 9
2 Limerick AC 1, 6, 7, 8
3 Dooneen 11, 12, 13, 17
4 Bilboa 3, 10, 33, 35

1 Carolyn Hayes West Limerick
2 Tracey Johnson Dooneen
3 Noelle Fitzgerald West Limerick
4 Caroline Conroy West Limerick
5 Fiona Bourke West Limerick
6 Niamh Hartnett Dooneen
7 Orla Downes Dooneen
8 Carmel Mac Domhnaill West Limerick
9 Edel Henriques West Limerick
10 Karen Raine Dooneen
11 Helen Hartigan An Bru
12 Breda Bridges An Bru
13 Karen O’Brien West Limerick
14 Louise Lynch An Bru
15 Ann Byrnes An Bru
16 Norma Brosnahan West Limerick
17 Audrey O’Dwyer West Limerick

Club Team Points
Place Club Positions
1 West Limerick 1, 3, 4, 5
2 Dooneen 2, 6, 7, 10
3 An Bru 11, 12, 14, 15

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Joe Coffey,Limerick AC finished between Aaron O'Brien Wst Limerick and
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